Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Merlinscopes February 2013

Merlinscopes                 February 2013                       by Kay

Aries……You may be thinking about far off places in the same way you did as you stared out the classroom window on a beautiful day while the teacher did his or her best to make the lesson interesting. Keep yourself grounded in a practical way this month. Those lessons are important and valuable. Force your imagination to focus on the issues at hand. Find a creative and interesting way to find a simple solution. Your creative daydreams are more powerful than you think and this month may show tangible and unyielding proof of this. What is it that you really truly would like to have or achieve in your life? You have the power to make a difference although you sometimes think you lack the talent or natural gifts you recognize in others. If only you could see the qualities that others see in you. No two gifts are exactly alike and we would like to recommend you take time to see absolutely nothing. Yes, nothing. Remember that prayer is when you communicate with God and meditation is when you listen which requires the joy of “nothingness”. Go there often to receive and rejuvenate. Let yourself relax and assimilate this information in whatever way suits your individuality best. Then start creating your truth in daydreams. Work from the inside out to attract what you desire and long for. We suspect your wishes are more in the form of being rather than acquiring material things and in this you are correct. Seek first the treasure within and all good things will follow you. In matters of the heart begin by forgiving and healing your relationship with your family. Take time to think about the first relationship experience that you hold in your heart for this set the tempo for your relationships with others. We are not talking about your first love although this was heavily influenced by this. We speak of your parents or the first romantic relationship that you recall as an observer. Review this memory. Is it kind and loving? If this is not as healthy as you would choose, know that you can use your day dreaming skills to go back with the intention of healing this interaction. Past as well as future generations will benefit from this. Wash away and clear your energy and the energy of the situation on a physical and cellular level. Just ask and we will guide you through the process. Spend time near water if possible and use your power of intention and visualization. Your Rock for this month is Goethite. Look for it and information in your local rock shop. Even gazing at a picture on line as well as looking up the properties for this stone will help you as this is the stone associated with the energies that you are working with.

Taurus…   This is a time of great independence. You have been counting on your own strength, wit, knowledge and abilities to create a better plan for others. We are here to release you from this heavy load and responsibility. Our definition of independence may be somewhat different than what you have come to know in your physical existence and in your society. You have prayed and prayed and we have heard you. Now we ask you to surrender and allow us to step in and relieve you of the heavy load. Forgiveness is a small word but a large part of releasing this matter. Trust that you have done all that you can. Now step out of the way and observe the power of your faith. We recommend taking time to care for yourself and rejuvenate. This could be time spent alone away from electronics and the needs of others. This can be as simple as a walk in the park or lying down on the couch with headphones and listening to crystal bowls, chanting or relaxing music that has words that really don’t have any significance to the issues that you have been so determined in resolving. Simple Om’s and bowls are wonderful for that. Make some space in your mind so new energies and spiritual truths may become apparent and part of your belief system. This does not have to be anyone’s religion or belief system. In fact we prefer that you allow your higher self the freedom to choose the belief system that is appropriate for you at this time in your development. There are many things that you feel responsible for but this is simply untrue. We ask you to lovingly detach emotionally from others’ problems. We are not recommending you abandon them. We are asking you to be as one with the person or persons but not become one with their problems. To do this is overstepping your boundaries and in the long run this only adds to the weight of the problem and to the burden that the individual is carrying.  It will increase your wellbeing to go to a rock shop or metaphysical store and find a small piece of Basalt to assist you at this time. You can wear it in jewelry or simply hold it when you feel the need. You love life is improving this month and you may be more committed to a union than ever before. You see each other with new eyes. This may be lasting or not. The choice is yours. For those who are single a new commitment is on the horizon. This can be a commitment and love for yourself or new love from another. Just know that if you love yourself so will others.

Gemini…You are always focused on service and we know how passionate you are in your beliefs and values. We respect you for your enthusiasm. Your mind processes and assimilates information even faster this month than usual. This may leave you feeling a bit impatient with those who you are trying to communicate with. Your message this month is to be conscious and tactful when telling others what they should consider appropriate and why they should bend to your way of thinking. You do this out of great compassion and concern, but others need to find their own way traveling on their own path and at their own speed to experience a meaningful journey. What seems redundant to you may seem important and monumental to another. Not everyone shares you lightning fast Mercury understanding and intellectual insight in the same way as you. Allow for others to learn it in the most appropriate way for their mind, body and soul to accept. Step back and release them to their highest good. When you become troubled or confused about this, rely on your music. Listen to instrumental music and practice mindful meditation. Focus on something other than your concerns about others and the way they perceive things. Use this time to receive love, and support from those people and resources around you. Receiving has not always come easily to you. You may have experienced early in life that sometimes receiving comes with a price and you may have used this same tactic unconsciously when dealing with others. Some may think this is a form of manipulation, but for you, this was a survival tool. You have the opportunity to release the dynamics of past love relationships that prevent you from moving forward and may create self-sabotaging behaviors. Pay attention to your reactions and thoughts. Correcting this can only be good. Only you can break this cycle. You have asked and we have answered. Write, relax and receive. Avoid caffeinated foods and beverages as your system is highly sensitive this month and may be quite reactive to healthy as well as unhealthy practices. Tune into your body often so you can tell the difference. The guides have given you two minerals to work with Gmelinite and Natural glass. You can find them on line or at your local rock shop.

Cancer…   Have emergencies and responsibilities been running downhill from the top of a seemingly endless source and landing right in your lap? Take time to step back aand retreat into a quiet space so that you may re-evaluate and replenish your body, mind, and spirit. This is especially important for your body or you may be forced to slow down with some sort of flu or cough and runny nose. You may feel like a psychic sponge right now and you are correct in this assumption. You are very susceptible to other people’s emotional traumas and dramas. This can be a combination of amazingly wonderful things paired with some heartbreaking or legal situations. Most of it is not yours. You have gone through what we will call an emotional and spiritual recalibration and need some time to adjust .We suggest taking salt water baths and soaking as often as possible. The key to handling this is to delegate and handle each situation individually with great care. Try to avoid confrontations and big decisions right now. Issues from the past may once again be coming up for a clearing and need a second look. Ask for guidance in this. Ask to be shown the true meaning of this situation and how to proceed. This is also a double edged sword. It is for you to ask for the help in recognizing the power in this. Sometimes it is a muddy line between the light and the dark. Do not act out of emotionally as this will only make you more vulnerable and slow your assimilation process. This can only result in this resurfacing in another way. Retreat as much as possible and recuperate emotionally and physically. This quiet time will allow your guides and teachers to assist you in amazing ways that you would have never noticed before. This is a time of clearing and letting go. We recommend finding an Alexandrite to wear or hold which will assist you through this process. Children may be an influence on your love life this month and those of you with children may be influenced in some way by them this month. Children at any age are still your children. Even if you don’t have children perhaps it is time for you to start recognizing the beautiful child that still lives within you and the best way to heal and nurture a relationship with a child is through play. Do you remember how?

Leo…   Leo needs a bit of persuasion and encouragement. In the future you will have come full circle be it in a relationship, a job, or in your spiritual growth. In reality all of these things are connected. Make time to just be. Just be who you are. You have been wearing many hats and walking in moccasins that don’t quite seem to fit your feet. There are many ways of achieving what and where you want to be. The problem is that you must decide what that is. You are a wonderful hunter and protector who has the ability to blend in with the landscape and go unnoticed. This is a wonderful gift if you use it to your advantage and not to your detriment. You can be who you are and use your gift of blending into the landscape to observe and use your powerful six senses to size up a situation of an opponent or to find an opportunity. Letting go of past perceptions and ideas of who you believe to be successful is optional but inevitable. Carve your own success. Carve your own personal path to happiness. As you spend time observing instead of trying to become those whom you want to assimilate into your person you see below the surface and it will look much different then it so seemed. Ask us for help as a healing is what is needed and we are here to provide you with all that you need. You may also need to be conscious of your own health or the health of someone close to you. Trust your intuitive feelings. You own body is a good guide to the illness of others some times. Ask your body if a pain or illness is yours or if it is to make you aware of someone else who may be subjected to this. We know that you have learned many harsh lessons but transformational experiences of epic proportions are possible. You only need to change your mind. You are making life far more complicated than need be. There are new opportunities for you and it would be beneficial for you try something new and listen to you guides and your higher self rather than those around you. You are a leader not a follower. It is time to break new ground.  Romance and travel could be a delightful diversion this month. This could be a romantic weekend with someone special or a trip that offers the opportunity for a romantic encounter. We recommend Bavenite crystals to help you embrace your highest qualities. You can find them at your local rock shop or on line.

Virgo…   This month you have chosen to limit or end the drama in your life. Some part of your life which could be social, community or perhaps political, which gave you great enjoyment in the past now is something that you will gladly release. This is all part of the plan and you have been listening to the whispers of your guides and your higher self. Some of you may have been subjected to a cold or flu which forced you into a receptive state. You are always wired so tight and need to intentionally force yourself to slow down enough to receive valuable information from your guides and your body. This anxiety may be hidden in your DNA and part of your ancestral belief that you may have unconsciously accepted. This was handed down through a parent or social value imprinted early in life. This may make you believe that in order to be valuable or worthy that you must always be doing something. The truth is actually the opposite. Your value is increased when you take the time to center yourself and ask your guides and support system for assistance each and every day. Perhaps you should do this many times a day, especially in these times. You have been alienating yourself from certain people and situations in an attempt to take a step back into anonymity. This is not working is it? You can only move forward. This is a new energy with new rules and you can no longer move back into unproductive ways. These ways did work well in the past but now is the time to release your tightly gripped hand and allow yourself the gift of transformation. Now is the time to start purposely manifesting whether it is by using affirmations, chanting, visualization, vision boards, story writing or by singing the words to your new life. Ask for our help. Listen for our guidance and trust that it is time. Your chances of finding love this month are good. You have asked and we can only do so much from where we stand. Listen to your intuition and follow guidance and any urges to attend certain parties or events. Be open for the opportunity. Let you gaze softly move about the room. Go to places where unfamiliar people will be. You need to step out of your shadow and be seen. You can seek out the properties and merit of a Faden Quartz Crystal to improve your ability to manifest, to center yourself, and align your central nervous system.
Libra…   Do not take your gifts of intuition lightly. You have many helpers around you who await your every request. The teachers and guides from the four corners are available and waiting for you to ask for their guidance especially those such as Mother Mary, Quan Yin and those who are connected with music, healing and art. We encourage you to go deep within by using physically moving meditations to get the answers that you seek. This will also help you to move energy and detoxify your being on every level. You can do this through Yoga, dance, walking or just sitting and mindfully, moving your body and conversing with each part as you would a loved one or good friend who has carried you through the many miles of your life. This work is truly detoxifying, healing and will clear the pathways for receiving downloads of new energies and wisdom at the cellular level. We ask you to breathe in these energies in a loving and nurturing manner just as a new mother would care for a newborn, gently and with grace. Your conscious ability to handle social and business situations with integrity and detachment has not gone unnoticed. You may feel like you are in a bit of a holding pattern right now but this is far from the truth. Your dedication to service and complete reliance on the power of intuition are going to help you in the future. Yes, you are once again shifting and making yourself ready for new people, wisdom and experiences. Your light will shine brightly and this will bring those who resonate with this new shade of light closer and perhaps send others seeking a new path.  We encourage you to help yourself in this process of change by changing the way you view your world. See a world with no limits or walls. Start taking steps in the preparation to receive joy and fulfillment. In matters of love, this would be a good time to spend some time alone with the special person in your life. Spend time away from the distractions of others and focus on each other. If you are single this may be a good time to spend loving yourself. Simply allow and trust your intuition. Clear crystal quartz will be beneficial during this time.  Balance the crystal energy by placing one in each of the four directions as you actively speak to the energies or deities of each direction and give gratitude for the healing, balance, harmony and new wisdom they are providing.

Scorpio…    You are very much like a radio and you know how to tune in when you choose to do so. It seems you have forgotten about that until this month. Your mind is sharp and ready to receive new information. Even learning something that you are not that keen on will come as a blessing and be a welcoming change for you. You have been somewhat stuck lately but now we see new challenges and opportunities opening up for you. It doesn’t matter which ones you choose as you can blaze a trail wherever you go. There is not too much that you can’t accomplish when you have your motivation selected to the proper channel. You know how to keep your eye on the prize and this month you will be able to practice this skill which has not been available to you for some time. It is more a matter of remembering where to access this rather than something new. The simple definition is passion. Tap into your passion whether it is about a relationship, career, hobby or creative enjoyment. You may be changing your direction, passion or split it up into three directions. The number three is key for you this month. Be sure to get enough sleep this month as this is when you tap into your higher self and create a relaxed and welcoming playing field for deep ancient healing energies to take place. This is when you allow yourself to surrender and spark memories of gifts, skills and talents of past lives and connect with the wise ones to assist you in creating opportunities to use these best. The best way to consciously tap into this is to use prayer and conversation with the Divine before sleeping. Use your own words but always focus on your heart and find your place of unconditional love and remember that these gifts will flourish if you intend to use them in service or for the highest good. It is best to forgive and forget past associations and relationships that have left scars on your heart as these things also leave scars on your entire being. This includes your physical body. You may have some attachments that don’t belong to you. Fear attracts fear. Let go of destructive and obsessive behaviors and thoughts as these are remnants of these past associations.  Salt bath soaks, massage, and visits to an energy healer will help release these as well as just being aware and asking for help from you guides and higher self with this. Just have faith and follow the instructions. The energy of the child plays a part in your love life this month. This may be someone from your younger years coming forward or an issue with the children in your life. For those of you who are looking for love, it is time to dress your best and let you hair down. Remember that you want to attract your perfect match so set the intention, and act like you already have that person. If you want to wait or avoid becoming a parent at this time we suggest using common sense in birth control. We recommend the qualities of three gifts from the mineral kingdom to assist you this month. The first is Baculites; the second is Basinite; and the third is Kaolinite.

Sagittarius…   Internal changes are taking place in the deepest parts of your mind, body and soul. You may feel like your endurance is being tested and as if you are not moving forward but moving in circles like a pony providing rides to children at a carnival. Feeling a bit like a beast of burden?  The load is not that heavy but that doesn’t mean you would not like to shake it off and run through the pasture free from the saddle and bridle.  Keep steady we say. The movement is happening on an inner level and you are expanding inwardly. Soon this inward expansion will begin to glow outwardly and into your physical world. You may find yourself around children or younger people as well as animals. Embrace this time and these situations. Let your spirit and conscious mind be refreshed and allow yourself to see the world through their eyes. Find that expression of freedom you are so longing for and live through these interactions. Soon enough you will be free to run and kick up your heels with wild abandonment of the old responsibilities of the past few years. This will be coming into play in the summer. But for the time being, we assure you that you are right where you are supposed to be and doing just what you are supposed to do. It is time to speak out as this will allow you to release yourself from the burdens that hold you to a person or situation that has caused you great pain or anger. You have a tendency to be quick to speak before thinking things through and being aware of how this may impact the whole scheme of things. We suggest writing out your feeling and taking great care in the words that you choose and the emotional power behind what you are saying. Your words hold great power right now and you can use them in a way that will help others and heal not only those involved but send a wave of healing throughout the universe that will return to you .As you know, words that harm, no matter what was done to you, will only result in repeating this energy rather than releasing it to the highest good. We know that this is a difficult yet huge part of your growth right now. No one said it would be easy but it is the highest reward one can achieve. We suggest stillness and centering yourself through contemplation and music to assist in this process. Let your voice bring about sounds of healing and grace and that is just what will be given to you. This will also help in making new friends and alliances as you may have felt somewhat on the outside and longing to feel like a part of something again. Be patient my dear ones. Others will be attracted to the person they see and the way you carry yourself. Let that be with grace, forgiveness and love. In matters of love this month we say… Be love and you will attract love. Go to art galleries, concerts and perhaps create some art or music of your own. Watch for the number 44 and think of us when you see it. Obsidian, especially Apache Tear, is a good stone to carry in your medicine bag this month and throughout the season.

Capricorn…   It has been a wonderful ride in retrospect as you have been spending time reflecting on some situations that seemed worn-out and undeniably unbearable at times. You may have been in so deep that you that you forgot to examine the merits of the whole thing. Do not worry about the past and this has a way of working itself out. New ideas and ways of marketing your talents and abilities are coming forward.  This is a new world for all of us and particularly for you. This is a brand new start. This is a time of self-examination and re-evaluation on all levels of being. How will you use your time? What will you put your energy into? These are all questions that you may be asking yourself. Don’t get caught up in nostalgia. You have the opportunity to forge ahead with a new version of who you are becoming. How exciting! On every level of your being your heart is telling you to define yourself by going inward on a journey of self-discovery. You haven’t got a choice in making this change as the world around you is changed and you may feel a bit like a duck out of water right now. You may have been feeling a bit sorry for yourself and sometimes like you didn’t even want to get out of bed. This is a natural reaction in  the grieving process but the pity party is about over so you can pull the covers away from your face, take a deep breath and realize that this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. You can write your own ticket now and start a new chapter. This is the perfect time to become aware and start correcting some of the habits or attitudes that have blocked you from being the best version of who you aspire to be. Don’t fall into eating unhealthy foods or excessive behavior of any kind. Avoid smoking, use of alcohol, gambling, online games, shopping or any kind of excess. This also includes unhealthy relationships with those who seem to consume your energy. Realize that your wiliness to give your life force to all of these things is born of fear of the unknown and robs you of moving closer to the desires of your higher self. We expect you to feel somewhat intimidated and hope you realize this is the perfect time to ask us for help. We know you better than you know yourself. Avoid people who seem to be stuck in the old ways of thinking and bring your spirits down. Run; do not walk away from these people. They will find what they need elsewhere. In matters of romance we advise you to work on letting go of past relationships as it is unwise to carry these feelings and expectations into a new relationship. This may be a good time to be with friends who you can talk freely with and sort things out. These should be people you have no romantic feelings about. If you are in a relationship, do something a bit special to spice up the romance. We recommend an alliance with a fossil and Fourmarierite for your medicine bag to assist you this month.

Aquarius…   You are not going to take too much to heart this month.  The previous months have been disappointing and disheartening on a societal scale. You are not going to change the world. You can only change yourself. We know this is something you already know but need to be reminded of. Complaining will not solve the world’s problems. We have heard you and hope that you will give your concerns to us in the form of a prayer. The prayer would be for yourself, to help you see the bigger picture and how important your words and actions are to these situations. Shifting your own perception of them will help. You of all signs know that the change starts with you. There are many horrific acts that need the world’s attention but don’t take yourself down that sorrowful road as the world needs you to help find solutions and reasons to carry on. Focus on what can be done rather than what isn’t being done. Release the world’s pain and take a step back so that you can find a positive solution. Do not immerse yourself in the wave of negativity and feelings of hopelessness. Your words are powerful. Let them be solutions and words of encouragement. It is time to release the masses to their own devises and put all of the limelight on yourself! Take a breath of fresh air and walk through the crowd knowing that they will all get where they need to be in their own good time. Talk to interesting people and recognize the divinity in each one. Touch someone’s heart with a kind word or act. Forgive the faults and feed the virtues of each one. Buy something special for yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Just something to give thanks to yourself for all of the inner and outer work you have been doing for humanity. Even if you haven’t physically or financially contributed to a cause, you held your intention for solutions to difficult problems in your mind. In love let your intuition be your guide. If someone new has entered your life keep a watchful eye and ear open for inconsistencies or missing parts in a story. There could be addictive behaviors or hidden agendas. There may be secrets. If you are in a relationship it may be time to have a heart-to-heart talk and sort some things out. Seek out a stone of the Chlorite mineral family. Perhaps a Chlorocalcite to help you in your growth this month

Pisces…   Your popularity is sky rocketing and you are completely capable of stepping up to the plate. Your organizational skills are at their peak right now. We only suggest that you allow a bit more time to sleep as you are receiving downloads of information and achieving emotional and spiritual growth in your deepest cycles of sleep. We also encourage you to add healthier green foods to your diet. Just like any good athlete you need to take special care of your body and use a holistic approach to living.  If there is someone who is not so pleased with you at the moment, know this comes from a bit of envy and we ask you to not take this personally. Wish this person love and self-fulfillment. In fact we ask you to offer your assistance to this person and see how the energy shifts. Your nerves are a bit on edge and you might want to tone it down a bit. More time in nature and less time with computers and electronic devises will make you feel more centered and revive your energy. Try to move more even if it is within your own house preferably with music. Dancing or yoga would be good. Walking a labyrinth would be even better. The circular spiral motion would be very beneficial to your journey right now. It will teach your mind and body to connect in different ways and open avenues for you. Even something as simple as using your left hand for something when you usually use your right hand will shift your energy in a beneficial way.  Your intuition is amazingly accurate especially when it comes to your own body rhythms. Try not to second guess your messages from your higher self. Others mean well and may want to push you a bit when your heart of hearts is telling you to slow down. Always honor your inner voice and your body. Make time for fun with friends and new associates. Wonderful things are on the horizon for you. Your optimistic attitude is well founded. It will pay off. Expect the best and know that you deserve this. In matters of love and romance try not to be so serious. Have fun! If you are single seek out places where people are having fun. Dancing, laughing, and playing games, will raise your vibration and attract sweetness into your life. Help from Mother Earth comes in the form of Apatite and Fluorite. You might find them at your local rock shop or metaphysical shop. You can wear, hold or carry one or both of these as you go about your day.

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