Monday, January 18, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay Week of Jan 18,2016

January 18th 2016                       

Hi Again,
 I am not sure if I am having ascension symptoms from our rapid changes in consciousness or just plain old folks stuff going on.
It seems like a lot of people I know have some of the same issues and not all of them are old. After trying everything... I mean everything; these things just seem to disappear as quickly as they came.

I keep trying to remember what I did in my own spiritual life that could contribute to the passing of these of these things. I had hip and lower back pain for more than a year and did everything to ease the pain or correct it. 

Now it is gone and being replaced by more problems with my left eye again. I thought this had been corrected but I guess not. Another episode of what am I not seeing perhaps or a result of dry eyes.

The most interesting thing that I have found is that when each one of these things pass I have a fuller appreciation for the gifts in my life and a fuller sense of purpose.

Perhaps we need to remember that life is a blessing, even and especially when it is painful. I am learning to send love to the painful parts of my body and pay attention to what my body is telling me.

I kind of feel like me and my body are an old married couple and I tend to ignore my other half when I find that it is inconvenient for me to have to romance and honor my commitment to the fullest.


MerlinScopes                                     by   Kay                       Week of January 18th 2016
Aries… Week of January 18th 2016
I don’t know much about knots but I am hearing the words slip knot. There is some energy or thoughts that seem to be caught up in a knot. Perhaps you might feel blocked or unable to move forward or commit to something.

Look into your heart and focus on finding the end of the string or rope that will pull the knot loose and allow you to start moving energy again.

Taurus… Week of January 18th 2016
Tell yourself over and over that you are going to refuse what is not working in your life. Rely on your own internal instincts and body ques because they will tell you when something is a little bit off.

Refuse to be drawn into someone else’s drama. You can be sympathetic but if you think about it, you have been down this road before and it ends up using too much of your energy with little or no progressive results for anyone.

Gemini… Week of January 18th 2016
Don’t wait until tomorrow to get things accomplished. If you wait until the last minute it will be a drain on your energy and I see a week-end that includes the opportunity to have some great fun.

Get your “to do” list taken care of early in the week so you can enjoy your week-end. This will also be a great creative time for you.

Cancer… Week of January 18th 2016
Your energies are softening up a bit this week. I am seeing the possibility of some stomach or digestive issues that have come home to roost. Relax and pay attention to how your body reacts when you get all upset about something. Is it worth it?

The message here is to do your best to let go of situations and people that you have no control over. Life is not always fair and sometimes we need to let go of people, places and creatures that have served their purpose.

Leo… Week of January 18th 2016
Don’t worry about the small stuff. Focus on the immediate issues at hand. The opportunity for release and renewal is your greatest gift this week.

Lend your support to someone who is struggling with self-esteem issues. Know that when you help others that there is always a message in it for you.

Virgo… Week of January 18th 2016
Everything that you have been looking for is within your grasp. Take a little time to process your feelings about the condition of your life. Look at the beautiful world that you are a part of. This is a week of reflection, grace and gratitude.

Some wonderful rainbows are created by the storms in life. Recognize the rainbows in your life.

Libra… Week of January 18th 2016
I see a gentle wind touching your skin. It is the essence of spirit and angelic guests that are available to assist you in many ways. Be sure that you recognize the gifts of spirit and realize that you have powers of manifestation and there are those who wish to assist you.
Beautiful pastel colors surround you this week. If candles, art work or other items of these colors call to you; know that there is a reason for this. These are wonderful healing colors for you to work with.

Scorpio… Week of January 18th 2016
The message I am getting for you is to recognize and write down a purpose for each day this week.

This is a wonderful practice that will open your imagination and a creative door to putting things that you feel into words. Especially concerning your own personal purpose. This may seem simple but it is very powerful.

Sagittarius… Week of January 18th 2016
You seem to be in a mood to socialize and have a little fun with people that you have not seen in a while. This is wonderful for your spirit and for the people you connect with.
There may be someone who needs a little cheering up or perhaps waking up to the wonders in daily life that could use some of your unbridled fun.

Capricorn… Week of January 18th 2016
You are starting to recognize the importance of using your time effectively. Letting go of some projects doesn’t mean that you are giving up completely; only that you are honoring the fact that the project or relationship has run its course.

Inspiration for a new plan will follow after a good rest. You could use a bit of re-vitalization.

 Aquarius… Week of January 18th 2016
This week is going to pass quicker than the blink of an eye. I see a need for good uninterrupted sleep. I have a vision of a perfect download waiting to make its completion in your heart area.

 It is in the lower part of your heart. It is an octave below the highest point in your heart and an octave above your solar plexus. In other words, the same note but a higher or lower vibration or sound.

 For instance, in musical notes the heart would be a low F. The solar plexus would be a high E. You don’t need to play these notes but you can listen or tone them if you like. You don’t really need to do anything but it seemed important to the Collective that you are given this information.
Pisces… Week of January 18th 2016
It’s all about all about worry and finding a way to reduce your work load so you can have some fun. It has been a long cold winter for many of you. It seems like you have been running around in circles but that is far from the truth.

Take some time to get your feet in the water somewhere and let the stress leave your body. I also see the color red and a white rose as being something of significance to you. The scent of rose also brings a feeling of comfort and nostalgic love.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay Week of January 11th 2016

January 10 2016

Hi There,

It has been an interesting week. It seems that I have encountered several technical problems with computers and phones. After spending over an hour on the phone trying to find out why the latest update to windows 10 resulted in constantly kicking me off the internet I was told that I should call Dell.

They are no help either. We are prisoners of technology aren't we? I for one am not tough enough nor do I have any desire to go off the grid so I guess I will do my best until a solution appears.
I know some of you are going to shout mercury upgrade. I say Microsoft !!! Should have got a Mac!

Well so far 2016 has been treating me ok. I had a difficult time between November and New Year controlling my ravenous desire for sweets and fast food. Sometimes I think it was a result of tying to go for what was easiest because I was in a time crunch or from being in pain with some back issues.

The New Year was like a wake-up call. I have been able to control my cravings and found a good Chiropractor to help my back. Isn't amazing how we can shift in a second? I tried everything to control myself but nothing worked. So far so good in the first week of the year.

Here are the MerlinScopes for the week.


Merlin Scopes…  Week of January 11th 2016    by Kay

Aries… Week of January 10th 2016
I have a vision of you sitting in a room surrounded by beautiful stained glass windows. What do you believe? This is a question to ponder this week.

It seems as if you have come full circle and you are asking yourself this question again.  I hear the word inventory.  Perhaps this is a good time to do that. 

Take a look at where your heart and soul is at this time in your life. Especially your spiritual accomplishments and how you achieved them.

Taurus… Week of January 10th 2016
You may have a slow start in the beginning of the week. You just might want to stay in bed a little longer. Trust your body and listen to any messages that are coming through physically.

You are processing many things in your sleep and your body is part of the system that puts everything that needs to be brought to your attention into perspective.

You can only push your physical body with mental fortitude so far before it pushes back or acts like a mule in the middle of a road who refuses to move until it chooses. Mules are smart intuitive creatures.

Gemini… Week of January 10th 2016
I see you starting out the week with a twinkle in your eye. Perhaps a new project is coming into your realm of possibilities. I see a skip in your step as you seem to be moving forward with perfect balance and attitude.

Start playing a bit. In doing this, you will improve your attitude and you will begin to think and look younger. I see you standing next to a huge gold star! I am not sure what this is about but you look like a little kid who just got the best grade ever! Extra points too!

Cancer… Week of January 10th 2016
 Nostalgia. Old friends may contact you this week. They may be asking for advice or just want to catch up. It seems that you may have shared an important starting point of a journey together and you have the opportunity to walk down memory lane. Enjoy seeing how far you have come and honor yourself and all those involved. Sometimes we also need to observe the spiritual laws of forgiveness. As we forgive; we are forgiven and allowed the gift of more joy.
You may also be experiencing a little bit of technical difficulties or something around the house that needs to be repaired. This may continue for a week or two. You might need to replace or hire someone.

Leo… Week of January 10th 2016
Beginnings and endings are in store this week. Keep your head out of the “would haves and should haves.” You only know what spirit wants you to know. If you knew more, it could compromise the path that is set out before you.

Take a deep breath and focus on your inner light and divine intuition. Remember if you have ideas that are fear based or have expectations that you are operating from ego and not spirit you will feel anxious and that is a clear indication that you are not operating from the right place. In that case, step back and realign your intention. Be present and take one day at a time.

There may be a delay in something but don’t let your mind take you to the worst case scenario.

Virgo… Week of January 10th 2016
Express yourself in creative endeavors. Take each step as it unfolds and do so lightly. Decrease the stress in your life as much as possible.

Make sure that you are paying attention to others and their needs so you won’t be caught in a whirl wind trying to play catchup at the last minute.

Observe your inner sanctuary when possible. I see this as visualizing in your heart of a beautiful pool of water surrounded but flowers and plant life.

 Gold fish are swimming in the pool and there is a small water fall is bringing in fresh water and sources of great potential. Go to this place often.

Libra… Week of January 10th 2016
Release, relax and just be this week. Leave stress and worry behind. You might need to be mindful of this during this cycle because you are very sensitive to the needs and problems of others.

The best way to be of assistance to them is to steady your own inner thoughts and energy. I see you as a central ball of light pulling others back into perfect alignment with gravitational pull.

This is a passive, internal process for you.

Scorpio… Week of January 10th 2016
Your energy is improved and all it took was a little effort on your part. Keeping your thoughts on the things you love is such a great motivator for you. Hope is the word that I hear for you.

You seem to have a limited amount of patience as you have a lot of anticipation about something or someone. Think about taking a little free time to have some organized fun. I don’t know why the word organized is used but it seems to be important in the eyes of the Collective.

If something doesn’t work out for you or if it is not what you thought it would be; don’t lose heart. This only means that it isn’t time yet or perhaps something better is coming. Know that you are being protected and that could be the reason.

Sagittarius… Week of January 10th 2016
I see a vision of you as the captain of a small sailing ship. Hoist the anchor and set the sails! The warm breeze is caressing your face and the sun is shining on you. In fact it is all about you.

Expect recognition or some sort of opportunity to be offered to you. Sometimes you would rather stay with what you hate then move forward in the unknown with something you could potentially love. It’s could be a question of your quality of life and that worn out recording in your mind that asks you what you think you deserve.

It’s your call captain. There are no mistakes or wrong moves. This is your voyage to choose your own course.

Capricorn… Week of January 10th 2016
Don’t let your heart be troubled. There are bigger and more abundant fish to catch with a net than a pole. Increase your visualizations of the future to include getting more while doing less.

This doesn’t mean that you need to stop what you are doing and seek out something totally different. Just see what you are doing in a different way.

You know that the Creator within is always at your beck and call but sometimes you think that you need to work harder for better results. Allow the creator to do the big stuff while you sit back and get out of the way.

Aquarius… Week of January 10th 2016
Hold yourself accountable to yourself and no one else. When you do this you cannot make any wrong decisions. Treat others as you would be treated. This counts for not only acts but words and thoughts. This may seem like a big responsibility and it is to some account.

 Take yourself to the center of your being and ask the big questions. This is where the answers to everything lives and awaits your call.  Get out of your head and pass judgement on no one. Not even yourself.

Take some rest and pay close attention to the energies running up and down your legs. Be kind to your body.

Pisces… Week of January 10th 2016
Love is all around you this week and you can feel it in the air. It is almost like that feeling that you get in early spring. Don’t your wish that you could bottle it and sell the stuff? Or at least keep it on the shelf for when you need it most.

Bring your light to others this week. It seems as if you have plenty to share even if you don’t feel like you do. All you need to do is activate it with your favorite song, movie or book and you will let that sunshine out from behind the clouds.

Others may need your light heart and common sense this week. Share it liberally! Truly you can make a bigger difference than you realize.

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