Monday, October 3, 2011

Merlin Chronicles fall 2011

Oct   3, 2011

Merlin Chronicles, Fall 2011

 I am not going to talk much about what is going on in my life but only assure you that I am working through the same issues ...good and seemingly difficult as the rest of you.

 It has been a wild ride lately. I have been busy writing my chapter and plan to work on a class to share some of my method with others. I have also had opportunities to sing with some really great people with wonderful musical talents which bring me great joy.

 Peter of the Elemental Kingdom was the first to speak today and was quite persistent in telling how it is. He is an elemental who overlooks the Dragon Lines in The U.K   Specifically Ireland and Scotland. His style is pretty matter a fact and not very concerned about how he articulate his message as long as he gets it out.

 The meditation was more powerful in person but for this I will have to write it out as I have not mastered you tube channeling yet.

 As usual, Take of this what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Peter from the Elemental Kingdom

Welcome!  It’s a wonderful day…. If you don’t count all the crap they are throwing in the oceans and rivers.

Dragon lines are shifting again. Possibility of disruption, a little disturbance for some of the sea creatures and of course a bit of discomfort for the humans on the planet.

You are all disorganized and unattached to the earth as were in the days of the plainsman; they put their heads close to the earth. They slept with their heads on the earth and would know what she was talking about and what was coming. Whether it be movements in the earth or animals they knew. Now even if one was to do that the chemicals in some places disrupt that. They kind of disrupt your senses, especially your sense of smell. And your sense of hearing

We are here to try to clear some of that today.

We ask you to breath deep. Visualize the colors of the rainbow coming in and focusing in a vortex with the widest part at the top of your head and extending to the heavens.

The narrowest part coming down over your crown, brow, eyes, nose mouth and ending at the lobe of your ears. This is bit like a Large V shape in which the bottom of the V doesn’t come together at the bottom. It stops at the bottom of your ears.

Do this for yourself, your children, family, friends, mates, neighborhood and your planet, each individual yes each one. I know it seems like a lot but you can do it in a flash.

(Silence for a few minutes during this visualization)

See crystals on your ears .This will give you crystal clear reception.

 Stop listening to each other for 3 days. Only 3 days that is all we ask. We mean TV, internet, newspapers.

 Listen to the earth. We also would suggest a short tip if possible to the mountains or forest.

The Dragon lines…. There are some things that we really can’t explain using Kay’s thinking. The vision we show in her head is like a long black line in the earth could be like a river. Now opening it up, peeling back two edges and looking down at the core of the earth which looks like a golden glowing, sort of metal looking ball where she spins

 It has to do with the magnetics and it seems that the black is seeping through in that area. This is not a ma- made thing although some could be. This is just a process.  There could be a slip in her movement from this in Nov or Dec. This could be when winter comes.

The celestials are watching. They have great interest and are using scientific methods that far surpass my knowledge in what gadgets they have. They will not stop or change anything. They are here to observe and report.

My thanks to you! Make sure that you make some time for yourself to have some joy and merriment as I will be with you when you enjoy these activities. Think of me when you are dancing and having fun!

End of Peter’s Message

A New Master’s Message

Greetings to you! When she was asked her name she replied that she was not ready to reveal a name but tell us that she is a feminine energy.  Her color is a light beautiful green with shades of electric blue.

Now there have been some issues in the solar plexus area not just with Kay but with others. This is located in the belly button area, just above and below.

 This is a new energy (you might call portal) to connect communicate and meditate on.  This is the area of personal power and effecting women more than men. We would suggest holding your hand on this area and perhaps holding a stone that calls to you. As the messages flow through your mind, write them down. This will be special personal knowledge. Sacred wisdom for you.

I know that this is an unusual place to receive messages from the” highest of most high” to speak from. This is a newly activated sacred portal of reverence. One of many.  

Some have viewed this as a lower area of energy chakra and related this mainly to earthly desires but this is about to change as motivations are about to change among those on earth especially among light workers.

 A lot of power and wisdom will come through and be projected through this area; this is why some people are having stomach issues perhaps feeling nausea as some things are a bit hard to digest. These would be things of your past, present and future also things that are being said and discussed in the world right now. The changes.

 Some are caught in the gears of what used to be. The banks will fight this; politics will also be very surprising in the future. Be prepared for some very unusual things to happen of which we will leave open right now. The consciousness has not completely formed this yet. You do know that individually and collectively that you do have influence in future events don’t you?

There could be some assassination attempts .These are  not things that are planned in so much as some people are losing their balance chemically. This imbalance is affecting their entire bodies making their minds and bodies sick. The definitions of words, thoughts and stations in life that they thought would always be consistent and certain have become conflicted unreliable and creating chaos in the mind body connection.

This is not a warning but a suggestion. Please be aware of your surroundings when in public places. Pay attention to where you are and to those around you. Please activate this thinking among your children also. Try to be present and mindful.

Saint Germain

There is a gathering of Indigo’s and a few Crystals in certain places.  Young ones aged 10 ½ to 17.  I only use these terms not to label by attributes or personalities but for lack of a better explanation. We see them as the colors. Some are hues of purple and others crystal white. They have found safe places in the Denver area and many other towns and cities in the world where they can express their true essence and truths without ridicule or being placed on drug therapy treatment as they do not “fit in” with the mass. They have begun to gather and will continue a few at a time. As they gather, the teachers will appear. They will be wondrous and their gifts and abilities will far surpass those Light workers and prophets of these days.

The Meditations

The Meditations on the solar plexus and bellybutton area are important to your development and survival of the changing financial world and ways of successful living in this new world. The old institutions will no longer stand as the only road to success.

The indecisiveness, limitations, and inability to serve and speak ones truth make this a difficult to consciously accept this old mold of corporate careers. The result being emotional instability, physical illness, disease and possibly drug dependency

Take 10 min a day and meditation on the 2nd Sacral (orange chakra) combined with the 3rd Solar Plexus (Yellow in color)

This will call forth many issues to come up to be cleared. Not all of them will be pleasant but the most powerful gift of the Light worker is the art of courage and infinite trust in the universal process, the “knowing” that the ultimate outcome will be perfection. You must clear the way for truth and wisdom. Remove the emotional and intellectual clutter this may even be physically as well as emotionally and mentally painful. These beliefs are deeply embedded through the generations.

This is a process so be gentle with yourselves. Write, sing, play music, draw paint to express the feelings and emotions as they arise to be recognized and cleared. 

  As you do this you will begin receiving the information to create a new living in this world. A new place for yourself that will bring joy to your heart and assist the consciousness of the planet.

Your 2nd chakra controls creativity, basic needs self- confidence resilience and faith. Combine this with the 3rd solar plexus ability to show strength in adversity, strength of character, courage and ethics. Never before has these chakras been so powerful and such clarity revealed. The collective have called for clarification. The banks, governments, corporations powerful humans have no real answers to rectify this situation.

Remember the passage”the meek shall inherit the earth?” Be meek in your problem solving. Do not demand and seek answers from your human leaders. Outward actions, anger, finger pointing will bring no resolve.  You answer is as individual as it is collective in personal and group resolve. Go within. Create your new financial world with service as the pinnacle.


This world has re-created itself many times over the past millions of years. There is so much misinformation and confusion and manipulation traveling through your society through the media and internet. They would like you to believe and accept that there is only a narrow and dark path and that only those who hold the largest purse have the means to provide the match to light the candle to lead you through these seemingly troubled times. We ask you to send compassion and your light to these individuals as they also live in fear of lack and know no other way.

 Successful transition will come from going within and activating these centers, opening doors to a new innovative yet simplistic methods of information that are harmonious to you own individual talents, dreams and possibilities and gifts of your universal inheritance.

Love and Blessings,

Kay Dragon

Disclaimer: This written information is for personal and spiritual enrichment purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material provided do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure any physical, mental/emotional, financial or spiritual conditions or concerns. Please contact a Doctor, Mental Health or financial professional concerning your health and wellbeing.

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