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Merlin's Chronicles and MerlinScopes 1/26/15

Message from Merlin  Week of January 26th, 2015

You may be asking yourself this week if you haven’t had enough endings, deaths, rebirths and new beginnings. It is like shifting sand. So many of these experiences are the same in name but under a microscope each grain of sand is different. You all receive that same rain, wind, sun and storms but the way it shapes your character is unique and of serves your soul and the collective in a selective and particular fashion.

Give yourself a rest between these character shaping events and spend time with others who share some of the same vibrational stories and songs. Stories and songs are healing tools for opening your hearts and minds to the higher opportunities of these life changing events.

Remember in your relationships with those closest to you that they are walking parallel to your path but not in the same footsteps. Their thoughts and ideas may be different than yours and this is in perfect balance as you are here to learn from each other while keeping your own individual pattern just like the grain of sand on the beach.  Voice your beliefs and opinion but don’t try to control or discount other’s point of view. They are walking their path in their own rhythm.

Enjoy the MerlinScopes for the week

MerlinScopes         Week of January 26th 2015
Aries… The week of January 26th,   2015
It may seem as if you are back tracking or dealing with the same old stuff. I see you being confronted with some of the people and situations that you have dealt with in the past but putting a new spin on it.
I see a vision of you as one of those circus performers balancing a spinning dish on the end of a stick that you are holding in your left hand and now you are about to start another in you right hand. It is as if something magical is keeping the one in your left hand in place.
 This is all about releasing responsibility for the maintenance of the action that you have created to the divine unseen forces. This is good!

Taurus… The week of January 26th,   2015
Stick with what you know this week. A pinch of common sense can go a long way especially in dealing with money matters.
You have a little bit of breathing room so put a little money away for a rainy day even if it is only a few dollars. Do this with the knowing that this will grow and multiply. Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs around money.
Gemini… The week of January 26th,   2015
I see Janis Joplin singing “Take another little piece of my heart” You know you’ve got it if it makes you feel good.
She comes with a message to be mindful of where you put your attention this week. Your words are powerful and if you put a little piece of your heart into them anything is possible!

Cancer… The week of January 26th,   2015
Oh, you have to have a little fun sometimes. Give yourself a little time to go out to dinner, take a drive, go to a movie or do whatever it takes to pull you away from your thoughts for a few hours.
You will be surprised of the create flow that will surface from this little diversion.

Leo… The week of January 26th,   2015
I see sparks all around you and in your aura. It looks like angelic intervention and creativity are yours for the asking this week.
If you are looking for a new job or new way of promoting yourself and your ideas this could be a great week for this.

 Virgo… The week of January 26th,   2015
This is a great week for partnerships. Some opportunities that have been in front of you the whole time may bring forth some great ideas. Follow through and support this creative flow because as you do this, more will follow.
I see a vision of you sitting in a garden of beautiful flowers and I see bees swirling around your crown chakra. It is as if you are a vortex pulling them into the top of your head.
Bees pollenate by carry pollen from the male plants to the female thus creating new flowers. This is a great time for creating and allowing the nature of universal laws to take its course.

Libra… The week of January 26th,   2015
I see you taking a bit of a rest and actually putting your feet up this week. Give yourself a bit of a rest and nurture your physical body in whatever way you can.
Eat well, sleep well and take naps. The collective keeps telling me to have you focus on your feet and the energies that need to be released and nurtured. You can massage them, keep them in a raised position or perhaps even get some new shoes to support your arches.

Scorpio… The week of January 26th,   2015
Don’t get caught up in petty thoughts of feeling as if you are being taken for granted. If you are feeling this about others perhaps this is just mirroring the possibility that you may be taking yourself for granted. If you are being taken advantage of speak out before this turns into something bigger.
A better use of your mind would be to focus on asking God to give you some insight and of your purpose and the possibilities. Just ask and by doing this you will bring your entire being to a higher vibration that will allow help to fall into place.

Sagittarius… The week of January 26th,   2015
Work hard and play hard seems to be your message this week. Start planning a vacation or some sort of an outing for the spring. This will help lift your spirits and make the work week fly by.
 Hope is the key that you need this week and you can create it with your thoughts and planning skills that will put a little smile on your face.
 Be careful who you share information this week. It may be taken out of context

 Capricorn… The week of January 26th,   2015
Put some distance between you and those who seem to aggravate or take too much of your energy this week. It is time to bring yourself back to center and focus on your own health and inner peace.
This is not a good time to make social commitments as more information is needed. Take care in sharing too much information about yourself right now. You might regret what you have shared.

Aquarius… The week of January 26th,   2015
Don’t give in to any tendencies to fall into fear of what the future may bring in in relationship to finances. Your message is to trust that you have released all of your desires to the divine and in your heart you are free of all doubt.
I see a vision of you eating pieces of paper that have words written on them. You are what you eat so make sure that you bless your food with gratitude and kindness for yourself and the plan that has been laid out for you.
Pisces… The week of January 26th,   2015
Love is truth in action. To say that you love someone is wonderful but sometimes this needs to be followed up with action or deeds.
People are brought into our lives to as our teachers. Sometimes these lessons can reveal things about our behaviors and nature that needs a bit of adjusting and change. Be open to this as we are all brought into physical form to learn about love.

 Take advantage of this blessing and don’t allow your ego to turn away from this gift out of fear of being hurt or having to give up some of yourself.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Merlin Chronicle Channeling and Scopes 1/19/15

January 19, 2015

Message from Merlin:
Changes in  Soul Contracts

 I don't need to tell you that you have soul contracts. Their are times when these contract can be amended on a large scale and we are in those times. You might think of it in terms of a huge union contract if you like. I come top you this wee in preparation of these changes to support the next wave of light energy vibrations that are ready to roll through the planet earth all who share this beautiful place.

Pull your energies inward this week. As you do this many things will come to the surface. Some will be lovely and others not so agreeable. Try to remember that all things are coming up to clear and make room for new energies, activities and thought patterns.

I see a small tiny green sprout that has burst through a new seed that has been resting in your heart area for some time. You may have felt some discomfort in a physical and emotional manner over the past 7 weeks. You can think of these as growing pains.

It is important that you do not get tangled up in the uncomfortable feeling that arise from past experiences. This is all a part of the energy moving to be transmuted into wisdom.

I suggest actively moving these thoughts and memories out by deep breathing, exercise, and prayer. Surround yourself with high vibrational thoughts and seek out activities and people who support these attributes.

 I am sending energy activations as well as celestial support to each of you as you read this. Many of you have pets who are also experiencing difficulties or odd behaviors. Know that they are wonderful beings who have come into your life in support of your journey. They are also receiving light and changes in their contract obligations. They also have free will.

My thanks to Merlin and now here are the MerlinScopes
MerlinScopes         Week of January 19th 2015

Aries… The week of January 19, 2015
You may be a bit spacy this week. Let’s just say that you’re not always present and you might be asking people to repeat themselves a lot. You may be spreading yourself too thin or perhaps not getting enough sleep.
I see you day dreaming. Could it be that there are other things that you would rather be doing in your life so instead of doing those things, you daydream about them? It’s is perfectly acceptable to ask for what you want or to carve out a bit of time for yourself. You deserve it!

Taurus… The week of January 19, 2015
I see the big beautiful heart of the bull beating a bit deeper and faster right now. You may be feeling a combination of emotions things this week and have some difficulty in sorting them out. One of these may be a nagging desire for freedom from a situation or obligation that no longer speaks to or represents who you feel that you are.
<Take time to relax and listen to the voice of spirit before you act impulsively and create something that will need a bit of undoing and repair. Look for the signs and check in with your B.S. meter in dealing with the public. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s a duck. You have been here before and don’t need a replay.

Gemini… The week of January 19, 2015
Listen to your own advice this week. It seems that you may be feeling a bit disconnected as energy shifts and changes have put your focus in more of a mental mode of operation.
Reconnect with your body through physical activity like walking, working out, massage or physical intimacy with a partner. Give yourself permission you enjoy and love your body. Make it part of your meditation or let it be your meditation this week.
 You need the balance as your cells have memories and messages that will be released for you to explore and resolve. You may unravel and unblock some things that were a mystery to you before. I see you sharing this with others.

Cancer… The week of January 19, 2015
The dust seems to be settling and you are more comfortable with the situations that were created or reorganized during the past few months.
I look at you and see a giant jigsaw puzzle that was tossed in the air. All of the parts were frozen in time in mid-air. Now the parts are falling down in front of you on a table in slow motion. I see you smiling and amused at where the pieces are landing and the how the picture looks different than before.
Spirit’s message for you is simply that no matter how much control you think that you have over any situation, there is always a stronger and higher power that knows exactly what is best for you and if you don’t let go and allow, a magical unseen force will make it happen anyway. So smile and let go of your grip a bit. You are loved and protected.

Leo… The week of January 19, 2015
I see a vision of you looking up and hear a voice telling you to release your higher self to the most high. I am also hearing beautiful angelic voices of a choir. I see a part of you that looks like an oval shaped white light that glows with every color in the rainbow depending on how you look at it. It starts in your heart then moves upward through your crown chakra and up to the heavens.
This is a part of yourself that you have kept hidden and protected in your heart. I am watching this oval shaped light as if forms into a small baby. This is an infant who is unable to care for itself and you have been unwilling to trust anyone else with the care of this new life until now.
A new adventure or creation is about to begin in your life. This could be many things and only you know what this involves. I see you in the loving hand of God and a healing green and golden light surrounding you.

Virgo… The week of January 19, 2015
Keep yourself interested by making your life a bit more diversified. This will also allow you to let go of some of the stress in your life. If you keep your mind in constant overdrive you will wiz right past some wonderful subtle yet powerful possibilities and fun
Start relying more on Spirit and less on yourself and work will get done quicker and you will be less tired. This is a wonderful lesson and will give you a stronger connection to infinite knowledge, wisdom and truths.
I am brought to mind of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon when Mickey put on the wizards robe and was using magic to get the brooms to sweep and the mops to wash the floor. I don’t think that you will have the same out of control results as Mickey but I thought it would be fun to share this picture with you.

Libra… The week of January 19, 2015
Honor your body’s desire for rest and quiet this week. This is a good time to enjoy the company of yourself and the Divine Presence who would like to share some healing and crystalline energy with you. You have been putting out a lot of energy and your soul needs some quiet time.
Be conscious of boundaries. Just because you have the knowledge and resources to fix a problem for someone else doesn’t mean that you should jump in before you are asked to offer aid. Give yourself a 20 minute buffer before offering.

Scorpio… The week of January 19, 2015
It may be time to get out of the house and back into something more social this week. You have been doing the same old thing for some time and it is time to break out of the rut and do something different so you don’t turn your desire for change into a reason to go back to some old bad habits.
 Sometimes fear of the unknown, fear of failure or acceptance can make you react by sticking your hand in the cookie jar, playing video games, TV, addictions or other ways of escapism hoping that the feeling of uncertainty will pass.
Change is going to happen and it is best to embrace the change with a sense of adventure. You don’t always need to have someone there holding your hand to venture out into a world of new and exciting things.
Sometimes it is better if you go it alone. The Divine is supporting change and will keep nudging you forward. How you respond to this is your free will. The key phrase for you this week is “what if?” Make a list of them.

Sagittarius… The week of January 19, 2015
Pay attention to opportunities that are available to you right now. This is not only in the area of career but in other parts of your life.
I see a vision of you sitting in many different life situations. One is in a lotus position meditating, another in a workplace and another in social situations and so on. The one common thread is the little empty cloud above your head that needs to be filled in with your words. It is kind of like a cartoon caption. What will your attention be focused on? What are you saying?
This is a magical time for you so listen to the clues around you and prepare to make a move in whatever direction you choose. You can always decide to stay where you are but that would be a shame as the universe is smiling on you in a special way right now.
If one thing doesn’t pan out, do not take it personally. I repeat, do not take it personally. It only means that you are eliminating what is not right for you at this time.

Capricorn… The week of January 19, 2015
I see you sitting with your hand on your chin in deep contemplation. You are in a gray area right now. Not in the darkness and not in the light. It seems to be a time of re-evaluating your goals and purpose in your chosen path.
Are you always thinking that you have to get ahead but never seem to be able to enjoy the flow of the riches that you see others enjoying? Have you ever thought that someone else may be watching you and thinking the same thing about your life?
The point is Dear One, you are in the flow. Don’t compare yourself to another as that is not your path. You will benefit more by listing your gratitude’s and allowing the universe to open new frontiers and opportunities for you. Did you forget how this works?

Aquarius… The week of January 19, 2015
There is not much going on for you right now and that is as it should be. You are like a lovely fabric that has been washed and now completely rung out and sitting out to dry in the soft air and sun so you can regain your original shape and color.
Try not to be disappointed as these are the times that your soul needs to help you reconnect with the Divine Central sun of all. It is a time to help you recall your purpose and what true love feels like, how it heals and makes all new.
Sometimes the world seems so jaded, unfair and lacks compassion that you become disillusioned and forget that there is always hope. You are only the barrier of light when you allow the light to flow through you. Don’t let the opinions and experiences of others become yours.
Let your words be words of hope and look for some light in the world so you can bring balance to your life and those around you.

Pisces… The week of January 19, 2015
This is a time for quiet contemplation. Even if the world around you may be spinning out of control. Remember the saying that you are in this world but not of it. You haven’t the energy to get caught up in the drama anyway.
Take this week to rest up as things will start moving a bit faster next week. You may think that you need to make a choice about something in your career or about finances. This is not something that you need to take on this week and some things will come to light in the next couple weeks that will let you know what needs to stay and what needs to go. It is not an either or situation. It is about blending. Allow things to fall into place.

Don’t give up a hobby or part-time activity just because it is not as profitable as you think it should be or compared to others. This is what lights up your heart.  Remember, you are still in training so stay the course.

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Message from Channeled from Merlin and Scopes

January 12, 2015
I do love to channel Merlin! I just get such a happy feeling of joy through out my being. I just want to laugh no matter what the subject I guess this is his unconditional love. If so, I want more!

This is the January 12 2015 weekly MerlinScopes with a message from Merlin who so wanted to share with the wonderful Light Workers and Energy Shakers and Shifters who read this blog.

 If you want to see the monthly scopes they are posted below ansd you can always find them on
Have a wonderful week

Channeled Message From Merlin

Expect a week of changes and transformations. The internal reactions to the external shifts in the environment may be unexpected and unpredictable.

The energies of the home planet are feeding the fuel for emotional explosions and sensitivity around those who you share intimate relations with. This does not always mean sexual intimacy but those whom you share your deepest thoughts and desires with.
This is a psychic telepathic connection. You will get a call from the person who can help you the most at the perfect time.

This experience is not random but it is a call into action or let’s say a very strong message from the heart of the Central Sun. This is a combined effort that includes Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Angel’s and the entire collective of all that is.
Things may be a bit quieter in your life over the next few days than usual. This is perfect as you can experience the silence in your soul that will allow space for the telepathic communication not only with in your circle of loved ones but also between you and the planet.

This is your opportunity to make a huge contribution to the well-fair of the planet and humanity. In the quiet of your mind as you allow only your feelings to attract the love and support you are seeking to come into your physical existence, I would ask that you also do so for the planet.

You can also convey these feeling about the planet and human consciousness to your loved ones who will also become aware of the emotional call to heal the planet.
 There is no need for words, in fact I would prefer that no words are used. Do whales or wolves use words? The plants or the seasons? I think not!
This is an opportunity to go back and correct some of what some may call the sins of the past and propel the world forward on all levels.
Peace be within you,

The True Alchemy of Merlin
MerlinScopes         Week of January 12th 2015
Aries… The week of January 12, 2015
Take your spiritual resources to a new level. This means letting go of your negative perceptions of experiences from the past and embracing the skills, talents and lessons that you learned as a means of survival to bring you into the present.
”Should haves and could haves” have no place in the life that you have created now. Honor your path and every step that brought you to the reality that you are living in. This was not by chance. 
Know that you were meant to make some of the choices that you did in the past. We are not all here to run a race, but to grow. This is a challenge as this is not the friendliest terrain when it comes to spiritual and soul growth. There are many sharp rocks, primal urges and shiny pretty things that can pull us off balance and away from our initial quest. 
This would be a great time to start a workout schedule or some sort of positive physical activity to pull you into the present and ground in some healthy visualizations as you work out.
Taurus… The week of January 12, 2015
 Lately you haven’t liked what you see as you look within and possible at those wrinkles or flaws staring back at you in the mirror. You may be feeling a bit naked for lack of a better word. Perhaps like the person who lives in a glass house. 
Try instead to take a look at yourself through the eyes of those who love you most. This could be a spouse, a child, a pet or adoring fans and friends who see the absolute best in you. Seriously, see yourself in the light that they see you. 
 This is a good time to choose to bring your own opinion of yourself to a higher vibration. There are many ways to achieve this so ask for guidance from your higher self to show you the way. I am hearing that it has something to do with music. 
Gemini… The week of January 12, 2015
You might find yourself in a bit of a rut. I see a vision of you trying to pull yourself out of a hole. Your upper body strength is not quite what you would hope for but you seem to be pulling yourself out an inch at a time
Try to clear up any drama in your life this week. It seems that you have dug yourself into a hole and need a bit of help getting may seem like you are not moving forward but you actually are. It may be time to pull back and do whatever you need to do to bring your life back to center. 
You may feel like you have fallen out of favor with the Universe but this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a time for you to deal with issues of the ego. If you feel as if someone else is getting all of the breaks that you deserve then it may be time to focus on how you can help others. This will neutralize the situation and catch attract some interesting energies and help your way in unexpected ways. 
Cancer… The week of January 12, 2015
There may be something unexpected requiring some attention. This could have something to do with a relationship. This could be at work or of a personal nature. 
At any rate, this may feel like it came out of the blue but it has been in the works for some time. It may be time to re-examine your role in a relationship. Someone has not been as forthcoming as they could and should be. This could be someone else or perhaps you need to examine your part in the issues at hand. 
Leo… The week of January 12, 2015
This is a good week to work on abundance and moving forward. I am hearing that you would do well to remember that you are a very intuitive and gifted soul. There is no lack or limitations on wealth and opportunities. Let go of those thoughts and fears that feed anxiety. You just need to change your mind and perception of the situation at hand. Don’t take on more than you can handle. </p>
Virgo… The week of January 12, 2015
You may start the week out with a heavy heart as you worry about the future. It may be a struggle but you are being asked to go inside and ask for help in shifting your attitude. 
 Once you let go of life as you think it should be there will be hope is in the air and you are starting to see the beginning of things to come. Sometimes you just need to let go of all of those dreams and schemes so they actually have the opportunity to become reality. You may not have much to work with but look at what you do have and use the things that are available to you right now. Open yourself to receiving by sharing with others.
Libra… The week of January 12, 2015
Don’t try to push anything or reveal something before it is ready. You have plenty of time and you need to tie up some loose ends. Be grateful for the opportunities that you have and be aware of the divine guidance that is available for you. 
Rest is important this week. It seems that in your dreams and with your body in a relaxed state is where you will be able to pull body, mind and spirit back in to sync and ground.
Scorpio… The week of January 12, 2015
I see a vision of you sitting on a dock and dangling your feet over the edge. You are just allowing the tip of your toes to draw pictures and circles in the water as you watch your reflection in the lake. 
You may be working on something new and you are being very careful to see how you respond to this. It is almost as if you are watching someone else’s reactions rather than experiencing this yourself. Look inside your heart and ask to be attuned with the collective. Know that if it feels good to you that there will be others who will hum along or even harmonize with this concept
Sagittarius … The week of January 12, 2015
Expect offers of great change and possible achievement. Remember that real power and wealth lies within relationships with those who love and appreciate you. Don’t make any hasty decisions and explore offers thoroughly before jumping into anything. There seems to be something that is not being shown to you up front. 

 You will be reminded and refreshed by the love in your life. This could be family, friends or pets. Remember that the only thing you can take with you is the love of those you have touched in this life. 
Capricorn … The week of January 12, 2015
You may be feeling a bit cranky and demanding right now. You have little patience when it comes to getting what you want. You want what you want, and you want it now! You are being reminded to be patient as progress can only happen when the timing is right.

This is a good time to take your frustrations and put them to work in a creative project. 
If you are anxious about a relationship just wait it out a bit. It may feel like you are getting mixed messages. This only means that the timing is not correct and if you push things now the results will not be what you are intending. Hit the pause button. 

Aquarius… The week of January 12, 2015
You may feel like you are in a holding pattern but know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are being prepared for a new level of inspiration. 
I see you receiving downloads of information at night as you sleep. This may be waking you up or you may find your sleep is disrupted as you kick the covers off and on all night. Be at peace with this process and as difficult as it may seem, give thanks for the information that you are receiving. I see angels and guides all around you in preparation for something special
Pisces… The week of January 12, 2015
Take yourself to your spiritual well this week to restore your faith energy and capacity for love. Have you forgotten who is really holding the reins? 

If things are not panning out as you expected, stop expecting and sit back in reflection and watch the water flow by. This will allow a cleansing of consciousness and give you a new perspective and a clean slate as the week-end brings new energies of excitement and awe, if you allow it to come forth.

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