Monday, September 2, 2013

Merlin Chronicles Labor Day 2013

Happy Labor Day 2013!
I have really been doing a lot of writing and channeling. I just finished up the MerlinScopes. You can go to and click on your astrological sign for you Sept scope.
Here is the message I got today.

A channeling from Merlin and The Brotherhood of Light.   9/2/13

You are able to make a difference. Each and every one of you are connected and of the One Divine Source from which even the smallest spark of life was brought into existence.
There are some differences among you but this only shows the faucets of the whole and the possibilities that each one of you can bring into service.

This presence is never separated and always alive and living within the Earth Experience.
A mighty shift is taking place and I find myself busy in the endeavors of teaching the children of the Earth how to become their own alchemists of consciousness.

 The choice is yours. You may believe that you are only here to experience the sensual and material expression of what this planet has to offer. Many of you who have traveled this path are now awakening and choosing to use this experience as you have created a library of spiritual experiences along the way. This road has given you the gift of compassion and this we honor in our place of expansion.

Many of you ask your purpose. Your purpose is to live fully in the presence of the Divine Beings that you are. To live, to love to learn through trial and error. There is no shame in any of this. The only error in this is learning that some of these behaviors and activities are not healthy or cause harm to others and choosing to repeat these things. Even in this we don’t judge you as harshly as you punish yourselves.

If you will recall the stories of Jesus healing the many people as he walked through the streets saying   “ Now you are healed, go and sin no more.” One can compare this to becoming aware of a behavior, addiction, ways of thinking, acts of cruelty to self and others that you have brought to the surface of your consciousness for healing and clearing. You may feel lighter or as if someone just turned the light on in a dark room so you have new clarity and direction.

Send light, loving energy to those who are struggling to live in a world that has lacked compassion for those who have difficulty in finding their guidance. Invoke the presence of the Divine for all.

Let me show my greatest love and passion for you by accepting the sacred proposal of marriage of your Earthly existence to the consciousness of the Divine. Some may know this as the Holy Spirit.

Say Yes, Say Yes.

Have a blessed holiday!

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