Friday, June 1, 2018

Merlin Chronicles by Kay June 2018

Merlin Scopes June 2018

Welcome to the June energies! I feel a change in the air. In fact, I am creating some of the change in my life. I am taking the summer off from my Merlin Meditation and Channeling class at the church until September.

My Higher Self is very clear about building some new bridges to support my inner growth. I believe that many of us are feeling the same. The world is changing, and our consciousness is expanding, and we need more supporting information and skills.

I am going to be a Reader at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton Colorado on the 3rd Friday of the month, and in August I will have office space on the 1rst and 3rd Thursday’s for private readings.

I may start doing my Merlin Channeling on Facebook Live. I will let everyone know how that works. You can always I.M. me on facebook.

The wonderful author, Channeler, Musician and Teacher Sara Wiseman will be doing a Sound Concert and Messages at:
 First Spiritual Science Church
3375 S Dahlia St
Denver Co 80111 on June 16th at 7 pm

Sara has written many wonderful books and in my humble opinion, one of the best books written on written Channeling titled "Writing The Divine"

Payment for her classes are based on a sliding scale. Sara is a wonderful human being and a class act!

Have a wonderful June!

Enjoy The Merlin Scopes!

Aries Overview for June 2018
I am sure you are familiar with the saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I am not sure who said this; but maybe it isn’t insanity, just taking the easy or most familiar way or perhaps being afraid to break out of the norm. Sometimes, even in medicine, they might offer treatments that don’t work very well, but that’s all they have to offer.

You have the opportunity to break away from old patterns and practice becoming more creative. It might be through research or asking others for suggestions. Always include your higher self in looking for new solutions or a new approach to a problematic issue or relationship.

Try not to be too rigid in the results you expect. If you are trying to change a habit, or release a relationship that is no longer productive, this may be a perfect time to try a new way of managing the problem. Thank whatever the issue may be, and ask if there is a message for you in the situation.

Your Light Being
Lakshmi is stepping forward to offer you her grace and attention to details. She says “it is in the details that you will find the answers.” Call on her.

Your Animal Guide
I see a beautiful Doe standing high on a mountaintop where she can be free of all other influences and see in all directions. Call on her for clarity and vision.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
A diamond shaped crystal will give you some insight into your soul and higher purpose.

 Taurus   Overview for June 2018
I asked the Divine what information would help you most in June 2018 and I heard an old Rolling Stones song. “You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.” Desire is in your path this month. Perhaps it is longing for a relationship or making the relationship you have into something more to your liking. Perhaps it has to do with career and finances or manifesting the big things in life that you have always wanted.

Spirit is stepping in and asking you to be patient. Patience comes through strength. Some people think that manifesting their desires has to do with strength, and sometimes it does, but this is not one of those times.

Gently stay on course and recognize the best results will come from allowing the Universe to guide and protect you. Pay attention to the subtle clues and signs. Don't become so attached to your desires that you fail to see the messages and opportunities all around you.

You may be required to make some tough choices. Listen to your intuition and focus your thoughts on a higher place. Let your higher self and guides help you choose. Don’t make these choices from the heart or guilt. A good dose of common sense is what is needed right now.

Guilt or being empathetic to someone who doesn’t want to be responsible for their poor choices is not a good enough reason to allow them to block your highest good. In this case, if you allow this; you have to take responsibility for using someone else to inhibit your success and happiness.

Your Light Being
The Goddess Kali is stepping forward to assist you in ridding yourself of all obstacles that may be standing in your path of success and happiness. Prepare yourself before calling on her because her sword is swift and sharp and will remove obstacles. She sees the truth that is hidden.
Your Animal Guide
Swan is asking you to surrender your will to God’s will and trust.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sardonyx will attract good relationships and luck.

Gemini   Overview for June 2018
Create some time and space for yourself so that you can re-evaluate a situation that keeps replaying in your life. Perhaps in relationships; but this may also spill over into career, creativity, and finances. It is an area of your life in which you hold yourself accountable. I know that covers a lot of ground but keep in mind that some of the situations in your life are not happening to punish you but to be gifts used as teaching tools.

You hold yourself to high standards that may or may not be attainable in your understanding of who and where you think you should be in this life. Know that life is not a competition; it is a journey, and you have accomplished so much.
Some of you may be considering making a move or changing careers at this time.  I am getting a strong message you should take your time and not make any drastic changes right now. Use this time to research and prepare.

There could be changes in the Fall that will allow the freedom in your life. Perhaps professionally or in relationships. Sometimes going it alone for a while isn’t such a scary feeling. Mirror work is very powerful. Looking at your reflection and affirming “I am ok” can be a wonderful start.
Listening to Karen Drucker’s song “ Breathe” would be excellent!
Your Light Being
I see a Light Being with a rainbow of colored lights that she is pouring in your direction. She tells me she had a strong relationship with you in the times of Atlantis. Her name is Alamatra. She tells me that she is a Goddess of song and keeper of the word. I have never met her before. You will benefit from spending time in meditation with her.

Your Animal Guide
A brown Squirrel is running forward and wants to share his ability to be resourceful with you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Red Calcedony will give you confidence and strength when you need it most.

Cancer   Overview for June 2018
Don’t allow yourself to react to certain situations and people that may show their dark side this month. Remember the shadows show up to teach us about ourselves. We learn how to pick ourselves up, put a bandage on that skinned knee and keep on playing with the energies of life. Remember, the crack in the sidewalk wasn’t lying in wait to personally pick you out and cause you to lose your footing and balance. In other words, don’t take it personally.

I am feeling like there could be a situation that needs to be changed or tweaked to assist you in moving on to better things. Perhaps you have been doing the same thing for a long time, and it would be beneficial for you to move on to something new. If the universe is changing the rhythm and you are still trying to groove to those same old tunes; it might be time to try a new dance that fits the new Collective Cosmic Song. Things have indeed changed. Once again, don’t take this personally.

With that being said, avoid overreacting by making any drastic changes or jumping to conclusions. Some wonderful insights will be coming into your consciousness that will be a perfect fit for you; ask for clarity and listen to your intuition. If you don’t get a definite yes; then the answer is “no” until more facts or signs support any actions.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain would like to help support you in all of the changes coming up. Call on him to transmute the seemingly negative energy and show you the positive action and course that will support you in being flexible.

Your Animal Guide
Spider is coming forwards to assist you in all areas of life. She holds all creation and works in areas of life. She encourages you to look at new opportunities.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Muscovite will assist you in connecting with your intuition

 Leo   Overview for June 2018
I see your hand in a fist, holding on tightly to a string that is attached to a balloon. Sooner or later your hand will become tired, and you will lose your grip. Don’t try to hold on too tightly. In doing so, you may create the opposite effect and lose all of the ground you have made.

You might feel a bit insecure due to a setback that brought up some past emotional feelings over experiences that you had no control over. See the situations for what they are, and check your motives when the green-eyed jealousy monster stirs up something that you might regret. Let go, release, and don’t try to manipulate situations or people in ways you think would be best.

I see you getting back on track as the month progresses and right in the middle of the road that you have chosen as your journey. I hear you saying “lesson learned!” You have the opportunity to experience an eye-opening month. When you focus on yourself, you will find an amazing person who has great wisdom and many gifts!

Your Light Being
Ascended Master El Morya is offering assistance in bringing your focus back to your passion and purpose.

Your Animal Guide
A Rat has stepped up to assist you. Stop thinking about what you don’t have and see the resources that are available. You will find this attitude will bring more abundance, joy, and opportunities to expand your experience.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Herkimer Diamond will help you in remembering your life purpose as well as stimulating your intuition.

 Virgo   Overview for June 2018
It is time to see what opportunities are in the offering. Most of the time you like to play it safe, staying in a controlled environment that may not be giving you the expansion or results you truly desire. Perhaps you don’t even know what it is you desire.

I see you calling upon your guides, angels, and spirit to bring a bit more light into your heart and crown chakra. Your vision of past, present and future experiences will become clearer, and you will receive the support you need to move forward.

You may realize your past life experiences are what brought you into this incarnation. There are gifts and lessons to access when you get past the fear and embrace the responsibility that always comes with the acceptance of agreeing to do something new.

I suggest going to classes that will help support you personally and give you more tools to fill your spiritual toolbox.  Consider enrolling in classes that help you connect to mind, spirit, and body on a deeper level. Group meditations and Sound Healing could be just what you need!

Your Light Being
Mighty Metatron is stepping up and shaking up your world. He shows me a huge wave near Hawaii. He offers a choice of surfing on top of the wave or being pulled under with the current. Recognize your connection with Metatron and stand ready for changes.

Your Animal Guide
A Mule comes forward and tells me he is not a Donkey and not a Horse. He is the best of both worlds. He is here to remind you that you can also claim your ability to be the best of both worlds. Open your eyes and recognize what others see in you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Black Calcite is a record keeper and will help bring forward the memories so you can release them.

Libra   Overview for June 2018
Sometimes it is the small things in life that count the most. I see you recognizing the subtle things forgotten in the busy world. I see you holding a beautiful clear red stone close to your heart, and it seems to generate magical qualities that bring you peace, healing, and the wisdom of the mystic.
Release thoughts of what you need to do for everyone else, and bring your mind back to your Divine Source and know that all is well. Pay close attention to where your feet connect with the earth. Going barefoot would be optimal for allying with Mother Earth. Deep breathing, long walks and keeping company with people and animals that you enjoy is healing for your soul.

You are on the verge of making progress on a project or activity that has been growing for some time. Just as you let go of one thing, something new surfaces.

 Sadness related to the loss of some things is sometimes inevitable. It this world. Love yourself through all of the changes and welcome offers from others to assist you in healing any emptiness you may feel.

Your Light Being
Archangel Chamuel is here to bring you healing of the heart and assist you in relationships.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Dove is offering to hold space in her heart for you. You only need to visualize yourself entering and becoming one with her heart to bring you to a place of peace.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pink Tourmaline will attract love. Place this on your heart.

 Scorpio   Overview for June 2018
I see the wind at your back helping you whip through the tasks that you want to complete this month. Don’t get bogged down by the details; make a decision and stick with it.

 Try to avoid procrastinating until the last minute or your result could be less than what you and others had hoped. Some of you might have issues with body image right now. The good news is that you can change this through looking deeply inwardly and recognizing the awesome person you are. If you love yourself, others won’t be able to resist feeling the same way.

Do your best to carve out some quiet time for yourself each day. Turn everything off and go inward and do a bit of healing work wherever it is needed.

Your Higher Self will give you a guided tour through your body and most importantly, your auric field. If you can catch some of your issues before they become part of your physical body, you will feel a bit lighter.
Be proud, get loud, and have fun this month!

Your Light Being
Lord Gautama Buddha is near this month and will help you anchor your inner peace.

Your Animal Guide
A Seagull has stepped forward to share his wisdom with you. See yourself looking through his eyes in flight; weightless and free from all constraints. Allow yourself this gift of freedom.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Serpentine is good for meditation, and you can use this to clear your chakras.

 Sagittarius   Overview for June 2018
You are rock solid in your commitments this month. It’s a good thing because I see you with a lot of balls in the air, juggling, and multitasking at the same time. You are at your best when you are under pressure although it could be a little stressful on your adrenals. Check your calendar and see if any annual medical appointments are due as this would be a good time to get those things out of the way. Doing this also is a reminder that you need to take care of yourself first and then others. Don’t overextend or overbook yourself.

Your intuition is on alert so you might find yourself reading between the lines. Always search for solid information to back up your psychic hits. Ask for the supporting information, and you will receive it.

 There may be some things that could affect something of importance in another person’s life; get all of the facts before you make an assessment. Make sure this is your story to tell. Avoid gossip.

Your home is your castle; enjoy some time puttering around the house and working on projects that feed your soul because lavishing attention on your home is an extension of lavishing that attention to yourself.

Your Light Being
Lady Nada is available to work with you. She is teaching you that unconditional love must be an element in everything you do. Fostering this will allow love to ripen and re-seed in your life.

Your Animal Guide
A little Skunk has come forward to remind you to have fun and not allow others to expect you to do more than your share of the work.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Blue Fluorite will support your creativity and is said to be beneficial to your eyes, throat, and nose.

 Capricorn  Overview for June 2018
Don’t let anything stand in the way of indulging yourself in having some good healthy fun. It seems that some celebration is in order this month. I see a lot of light and life coming into your auric field. It is almost as if you have been in a deep sleep and now you are awakening to a new world or new way of living.

I also see you becoming aware of some personal relationships that need attention. It appears you are making amends or just touching base with someone that you have been thinking about, but you haven’t taken the initiative to say what is on your mind or how you feel. It is almost like a karmic situation that you want to take care of promptly.

I see a vision of you surrounded by a storm, and you see a safe, warm, inviting Lighthouse that has always been your sanctuary. Maybe you were distracted or forgot about this place for awhile. It is a time of clearing up karma and tying up loose ends.

Twelve-step programs talk about making amends to all whom you have offended. You have been making amends with yourself, and this is where healing the planet begins. With you.

 Honor and heal yourself, and you will create a higher vibration that is felt far beyond your personal life.

There is an emphasis on working with the heart this month. Perhaps volunteering in Community Gardens or doing something small to assist.

Your Light Being
Gaia our Earth Mother calls to you and asks you to return home for more lessons in humility and unconditional love. Humility may not mean what you think that it does. Find her in meditation and learn.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Cat has stepped forward to assist you this month in teaching you how to be adaptable and curious to increase your productivity.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sodalite will stimulate your third eye and help you practically use your intuition in a way that will benefit your daily life.

Aquarius   Overview for June 2018
Seek, and you shall find a deeper, more fulfilling meaning in life. Sometimes when you stop focusing intently on whatever it is you think that you need – whether it is financial, career, or relationships – what you want comes to you with greater ease. Perhaps you only need a reminder to free your intentions and desires before the universe can assist you in making them a part of your existence.

You might be holding on too tightly and sending out the wrong message to the universe. Being competitive is within human nature, especially if you are involved in sports; but in spiritual growth, it can be a hindrance. There is no right or wrong way and no competition in following the spiritual laws that attract happiness, love, and abundance.

The Masters consider this counterproductive and out of balance with universal flow. Do an inventory of your intentions. We know your every need and want to help you achieve according to your chosen path.

Affirm that The Divine is lovingly supporting you in finding your happiness and passion and see how your life shifts into a more productive direction.

Your Light Being
I see a group of Ascended Masters and Light Beings who are from the times of Atlantis and Masters of the Arts. I find them very interesting as I have never seen this group before. Seek them out in meditation. I am going to do this also.
Your Animal Guide
A  Red Rooster stepped forward to offer you help in attracting good fortune and learning how to use you energy passively, just being yourself to attract what you desire.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Larimar will bring love and peace.

Pisces   Overview for June 2018
I see you watching the clock and perhaps wondering about time. You might have questions about when it is time to move on or time to make changes in your life in general. There seems to be an urgency surrounding this issue.  Always remember that there is a Divine presence that will let you know when it is time for a change.

I hope this takes the pressure off because it seems that you have been carrying a lot on your shoulders lately. Don’t try to force anything right now. Go with the flow and allow yourself to lean into what is happening right now and only take responsibility for your part.

It might help to write yourself a note and look at it every day; “I turn my will and power, over to the Divine to lead me in whatever direction is best for all concerned.”

I am being reminded to tell you that Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days of fasting, prayer in preparation for purifying his mind, soul, body, and spirit. He was also tempted by what I like to refer to as his ego. Perhaps the ego was saying “you couldn’t possibly be good or pure enough.”
You are in a period of being given the opportunity to prepare yourself to step into a higher vibration. Clear your consciousness and turn off the “Monkey Mind.” I am only the messenger, and I understand this is a very personal and individual process for you.

Your Light Being
Lord Ganesha is willing to remove obstacles from your path of consciousness whether they are karmic, the results of faulty thinking, or physical.

Your Animal Guide
A Large beautiful Drake Dragon is here to lend you a hand. Call on him and ask him how to access the strength and alchemy that holds great significance to your situation.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Amethyst is magical, protective, and will help you in making decisions.

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