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Merlins Chronicles 10/13/10

The Merlin Chronicles     10/12/10 Freedom of love, faith and antiquity
Recorded by Jill VanSickle at FSSC
This has been a quiet week for me. It always seems a bit different after you come home from a peak high experience. It seems like I was gone for a week but only left for a few days. When I came home I was so energized and enthusiastic about cleaning my house and moving my crystals around to different places in my house. I really felt the need to change things up. I even got my little Buddha fountain out of the closet and set him up again. I haven’t brought him out in years. The universe has been very supportive in the prosperity and career paths of my life. I have had many opportunities to make a bit of money doing what I love best. It doesn’t get any better than that! Maybe shifting my energy by going to the mountains and changing things up cleared out some blocks.
 I’ll be leaving Friday to spend a week in AZ with my Aunt and cousins. She is a wonderfully gifted lady who has been on this earth for 89 years. She is the oldest sibling and managed to outlive her younger sister and 3 brothers. She has filled her life with music, art, theater, sewing and life- long learning. I am looking forward to spending time with her.

Daniel speaks
Religious freedom
Today we’d like to speak of religious freedom. Freedom of love, faith and antiquity. Love that is based on religious freedom. No strings attached. It is open, it is wise, and doesn’t require the mind, opinions or rules. But man thinking that they need order, separated these facets of love into individual religions. There was a time when this type of separation was needed. For though it was a separation there was a unity of beliefs what one could fit into their scheme or plan of how the world should be. Almost as a safe guard. Now we call upon you to develop more unity within the races and religion.
 Many people are turning away from religion.We ask you to pray for them, keep them in your meditations and intentions. When you are sending out love to the universe include these people who are in a holding station. They are waiting for the light to click on so to speak. Waiting for the light that will illuminate where they should put their own intentions and to define what spirituality is.
Dear God take us to the Halls of invention. That we may create peace, love, truth and guidance to those who are seemingly lost but not lost, to those who are in waiting.
We are showing this to Kay as a network of light coming from the Creator to all beings on the planet. Some of these lights have been blocked you would say. They would appear as a bright stream of light coming from the creator but when it comes close to the individual’s aura the stream becomes dark and blocked.
 We would ask you to send light to the auras of these individuals. Not only will this bring them spiritual wisdom and awakening it will also bring them healing physically and emotionally. This will also bring healing within their family structure.
Daniel asks what questions do you have Jill?  Jill replies, would you like to comment on the new energy sensations I have been experiencing?
This would be coming from … ( a little giggle) We see you holding various stones in front of you and this is almost like musical harmony coming through to you. The new energy is within the rocks and stones and it is awakening. As these gems and rocks and the earth itself has been infused with this knowledge and wisdom. It has always been there but the gate has opened.
This knowledge and wisdom goes through the earth itself then it goes through the grass the trees the leaves small animals to the large and to the humans which travels from the bottom of your feet to your heart which is also met from the light of the creator, the divine through the top of your head and comes together at the heart in a beautiful red white pink bluish green we could almost say all colors of the prism or rainbow. The energies meet within the heart bringing a new found joy, peace a new found knowing that you have.
 A new vision and hope for the future that is yours to create as you chose. Like a canvas like the condo that you are painting for your friend Vincent. This is an opportunity for your new creations. See this new creation while you are painting. The opportunity to decorate this condo was no accident. It was planned for you, by you. This is a wonderful time for you and all who are willing to create. We would suggest this to all Light workers at this time. Use art or any medium in which you love to create this space.
The 7 Sisters wish to speak
The planet is receiving instrumental information into the earth itself as it is a receiving station. This receiving station broadcasts to animals, plants and humans as Daniel said but it also broadcasts throughout the universe.
 Today we look at the small planet that has inhabitants similar to those on earth. They are very precious and innocent. They are feeling this also it is a vibration coming out of the earth into many dimensions.
 Young ones will start to feel differently. More children will be seeing with the inner eye and knowing. Having conversations with those who have passed on into spirit or those who others do not see and you shall also. You can also see just as you wake up in the morning as you open your eyes. You might see someone directly in your face. Take note of who that is.  
There are 27 planets involved in this new vibration and awareness. We would ask that when you go into meditation to make sure that you open your consciousness wider and wider until your head feel like it is going to stretch completely out more then you have ever before to embrace all of these planets. These planets will be instrumental in some of the changes that are coming through to the earth frequency. We see these freqencies coming through to the earth from the furthest northern part of the planet and working down through the core of the earth. Then the frequencies vibrate out from the core. Spend time reaching out to these places and also to the waters of the earth. We encourage you to bathe in mineral baths, streams and oceans as you will wrap these energies around you as a cloak. Te energy will seep into your aura and consciousness.  We would suggest going to the hot springs as often as you can.
Jill asks a question: Was I conversing with the galactic last night? I felt like I was pushing up from my crown. Is this the expansion you were talking about?
Sisters answer.
 Yes you were. The expansion experience is what humans get when those of the Galactic Federation wish to invite themselves in. Actually on some level you have invited them. The information will start traveling to your 3rd eye area. The more you focus on the 3rd eye area the clearer it will become. Your vision will become much clearer. Write down the information that you get. They have much to share with you.
Many are coming back from the 10/10/10 celebrations and bringing much information back with them.  They will offer many facets from the same diamond. Put them all together and there will be a harmony.
 We are envisioning peace in the Middle East. Please join us in this vision. It is difficult to see that vision when the media shows so many different things with an underlying message of hate form those areas. We wish you to send them love, peace and harmony and that they will accept their own true religion and their own true beliefs .That they will see the wisdom the Koran and the Torah has to tell them. The real truth. Not the twisted fabricated so called truth taught by angry men and women. For there is truth, beautiful truth in these books.
Peter speaks to Jill
Sacred space
Is their peace within your heart today? You have brought many wonderful energies back with you from the mountains. Especially from the stones. Hold them and you will feel our presence. Your dog knows this . She is quite attuned with these energies. You broke through a wall as you came into the town of Crestone. It was a shedding of old worn out stuff that you no longer need. This is a joyful occasion for us as you are left clean and easier to access. We are hoping that you will spend time again. There are 2 other areas near you that are quite powerful. The word that comes to mind would be Longs Peak and an area of meadow and mountain. Pueblo would be the word. It is more on the plains.
 But you can make sacred space where ever you choose. These are openings but every where you walk is a sacred space if you wish it to be. You claim it to be and when you do that the universe and all of its elements will support you in this claim. As it is so. Thank you.
Love and Blessings
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual development purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material is not provided nor claims to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any physical or mental/emotional conditions. Please contact a Dr concerning your health and well being.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Merlin Chronicles 10/1/10 Crestone Co

The Merlin Chronicles  10/1/10
Recorded by Jill Van Sickle at Crestone Co
Channeled by Kay Dragon
All is well
I am so blessed! I have wonderful friends who invited me to share their spiritual adventure in Crestone Co. I would highly recommend the trip to anyone seeking soul expansion and spiritual connection. We stayed at the” I Am Harmony B&B “   Make sure you click on the meditation areas as this is where I was channeling from.
I really hadn’t planned on joining everyone on the trip but after channeling last week and Jill’s arm twisting techniques (just kidding Jill) I decided to go. I have been working with Sara Wisemans book “Writing The Divine” and had worked on an exercise a few nights before were you write the name of a loved one who had passed on sending them thoughts of love and kindness. Then Sara tells you to notice signs from this person. I wrote down my Mother’s name. As most of you know I had mixed feelings about my daughter selling my mother’s house and moving to a new home.
I had no expectations about this trip. I wasn’t even excited about it. I just knew I was supposed to go. We approached Crestone and were greeted by a coyote that was on the other side of the highway. I slowed down to let him cross but he just stood his ground looking at us with no concern of the on-coming car in the other lane that also slowed after we passed him. I wondered what he had to show us. Jill and I arrived on Thursday and the owner (an amazing soul) took us all on a tour of her magical property.
The next morning I woke up and decided to explore the meditation areas and looked at the address on the cabin. I didn’t know the address when we arrived because our friends had given us directions and the property is so overwhelming when you drive up that you wouldn’t notice. It is 1361. The same address as my Mother’s home. I guess that is her way of telling me that she heard me and all is well, you are on the right path, in the right place.
Daniel Speaks
We speak of the 7 laws of wisdom and being. You all came here today to connect with the faucets that are unavailable to you in city life. There is no reflection here as humans reflect on one another and bounce back and forth. Your paths may become con fused because of the bouncing back and forth. This is a place of direct connection with the solar spheres within the White Mountain (Mount Blanca). Connect with the White Mountain from your heart and solar plexus. This is your umbilical cord to the creator. As a child of the creator you are also the creator. This land is sparse and under populated so the energies are unadulterated.
Jill asks about the past life regression we took her through a week or 2 ago.
Daniel answers.  Speaking of past life regressions this is helpful whether past or multi dimensional lives. You will bring back clues of lives in other dimensions. You have lives in other dimensions and some things are working well there. You can bring the parts that are working well into this life. The portal above your head brings opening to other dimensions. Many light workers have the ability to bring those realms into this one. Perhaps when you are sleeping you are visiting these realms. They are not physical. This is the only physical realm.
We would like to speak again of opening the heart. As you do this you will be open to other emotions. Although uncomfortable, you will learn from these. Emotions such as anger, sorrow, envy. After you have the emotional experience take time to look back and notice how this feels in your physical body. This is part of your humanness. You are blessed to be human. Those on the human plane were chosen to deliver. Many light workers are feeling imperfections at the surface. They have had a weak period. Wondering. These things are coming to surface because you must learn to love your imperfections.
The 7 Sisters would like to speak.
We would like to talk about humans who see other humans as special or Gods. You are all Gods. You are just as powerful as those who sit upon thrones. They take power but do not give. To worship another human being is to de-value yourselves. You don’t need to go to India. You are India!
The Galactic Federation forces are receiving messages from light workers. Pyramids as you would call them. Messages travel through them. Especially in light workers who are asking for higher wisdom for the planet. This creates a vibration of planetary brotherhood. Please look at this in books. The om consciousness.
We would like to speak of your dreams. Your dreams and power of intention will be achieved in full capacity as they are stronger than ever before. The process of fear elimination is clearing a path of possibilities in your physical life.  Your heart’s desire. Begin with simple projects and simple acquired possibilities.
The intention must be of a spiritual gift or creative intention that you will share as a gift with your community. The balance of relationship with your community and soul being is in perfect harmony. It will bear fruit on all planes of existence...
The Law of one will replicate in complete circular motion. Each individual adding momentum to the group and personal power of ( Fore giveness) the word means before giveness. Think of what this word means before using it so readily and without thought.
I looked up something on Mount Blanca that you can check out if you want. My friend Neil tells me not to look for validation but I’m such a Virgo Neil J
Love and Blessings
Disclaimer: This written information is for personal growth and spiritual development purposes only. Kay Dragon and this written material is not provided nor claims to treat, prescribe, diagnose or cure any physical or mental/emotional conditions. Please contact a Dr concerning your health and well being.

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