Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Merlin Chronicles By Kay June 2016

  Merlin Chronicles                   by Kay for June 2016

Hi Everyone,

It seems like some of the Mercury retrograde energies are starting to ease up. I am usually not affected by this but this one was pretty intense.

It seems like the common theme at this time for many is change and moving. Some people and clients that I speak with are making huge changes in the places that they live and in careers.

I am in the Denver area and I have always known this area to be a city of light that attracts a variety of people seeking a lifestyle that is something unique and Light Worker friendly. It is somewhere where alternative medicine and interests in Metaphysics and higher consciousness are more acceptable. Mild winters and active lifestyles all of which has driven the population and prices of housing to an all-time high. The traffic is like rush hour 24/7 and many long time Colorado residents can no longer afford to live here. Especially the younger ones who are just starting their adult lives.

Many of the folks who live here are using this to their advantage to sell high and move to smaller communities out of state. I am sure that this is part of the plan. Those who are moving to other, more remote areas will take their light with them and hold space by grounding light and bringing their gifts of Reiki, energy work and meditation in creating higher vibrations into other communities.

This desire for change is not only in Colorado but in many areas of the country. I can hardly wait to see how this all plays out for everyone. Most people are in the planning stages and waiting until early fall to make their moves. This is wise as many things will change the perspective of many between now and then.

 As for me, I am staying right here. I still call Colorado home.

Love and hugs,


Enjoy the MerlinScopes!

Merlin Scopes for June 2016             by Kay

Aries…  Week of May 30th 2016  
It feels like a major shift is in play this week. This is like a breath of fresh air and like taking a weight off of your shoulders. Use this time to reach out and re-connect to others.

Aries…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
Make the best of whatever situation comes to the surface. It seems that you have some desires you are actively sending out to the universe and awaiting results.

Know that all will come back in one form or another in time. Try not to get too emotionally attached to outcomes or too controlling about how these wishes resolve. Being gracious and acknowledging your great gifts are key to being in the flow.

 Your Light Being
The Arcturians are assisting you in separating yourself from unhealthy ways of living. This could be in thought patterns as well as other behavioral issues.

Your Animal Guide
I asked who would like to assist you this month and a big beautiful young Moose stepped forward to help you get in touch with the strength of your primal feminine power. Trust you inner guidance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Aragonite will help you ground and connect with the earth.

Taurus…  Week of May 30th 2016  
Bring a little bit of your light to other folks who can use a bit of a boost. You seem to have an abundance of light energy.  The more you share the more you will receive. Get out and have some fun this week. Music is something that brings you energy and delight.

Taurus…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
No one can pull the wool over your eyes this month. Don’t engage in wishful thinking when it comes to others as they may disappoint you. They may have another agenda in mind.

This seems to be the beginning of a new cycle as some things may leave and no longer be a part of your existence. This heralds new energy, social contacts, and abundance. I keep seeing a vision of a plant that needs the old leaves cut off so the energy and nourishment will turn its attention to the part of the plant that can be supported by the life force. This shift may be more of a mental or emotional shift. The point being that you are not who you used to be.

Your Light Being
Archangel Michael will support and assist in this transition. Call on him.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Bull steps forward to assist you in new beginnings and grand plans. See him supporting and bringing new life into all that you do.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Seraphinite will assist you in raising your vibration and keep you in contact with your Angelic support team.

Gemini…  Week of May 30th 2016  
I see a vision of you going about your day whistling a little song and I hear your angels saying ‘whistle a new tune’. It seems just having a bit of time to yourself while doing simple mundane chores and listening to music will be an effective walking meditation and could bring some epic ideas and realizations.

Gemini…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
I see a bright light shining down upon you this month. All things are possible as long as you keep some of your dreams and ideas to yourself until they are in proper proportion so that they cannot be subject to doubt from others.

This is your birthday month and you are entitled to celebrate in whatever way you want. Others may have different ideas. I understand you need and want to be gracious; but make sure you get to have your wishes fulfilled.

I see gardens, water and you with a bucket of sand. A feeling of fun that takes you back to the simple joys of childhood could be refreshing and act as fuel for creative projects later this summer.

Your Light Being
Hindu Goddess Parvati has come to assist you. She is a beautiful and powerful Goddess of love. She beckons you to ask for her assistance in all matters and she will send what it is that you need to help fulfil your desires.

Your Animal Guide
A Deer with a huge rack and beautiful brown eyes is stepping forward to offer strength of spirit and character.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Smoky Quartz will help you ground your spiritual energy.

 Cancer…  Week of May 30th 2016  
This might be a good time to dial back the volume a bit. Take a look at your audience. The folks you are communicating with might feel a bit unreceptive if you are coming off a bit alpha or controlling.

Try to be bit more sensitive when addressing issues that need to be explored involving others; and find a less intrusive way to separate hear-say from reality.

Cancer…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
Prepare yourself for a new way to express or market yourself. A refreshing new opportunity may be in the beginning stages as I can see it just like a sun rising on the horizon.

Keep yourself on the up side of your domestic and professional circle. Avoid falling in to old traps of thinking “it is us against them” or “me against the world”.

Your guidance from the Collective is “protect yourself from yourself”. Resist the temptation to avoid moving forward by comparing present situations to those in the past.

Your Light Being
The Goddess of Liberty will help you resist the Lords of Karma who would keep you in the same behavioral pattern and receiving the same results.
This is a pivotal time for you my friend. Her message is just let it go and step into a higher vibration.

Your Animal Guide
A Skunk has stepped forward to offer assistance. He says be honest and forth coming with others and you will receive the same.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Magnetite will balance your and align your chakras.

Leo…  Week of May 30th 2016  
This isn’t the time to let yourself get into anything financially draining. Look at all the options in the financial structure of your present condition and ask in your heart of hearts if you are making sound decisions.

Leo…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
Repeating past patterns may be easy to deal with in your present situation but do not be diluted or get caught up in the illusion that things will turn out differently this time.

Let yourself pretend for a moment that you are making choices for a loved one or someone other than yourself. Would you make the same choices? An opportunity to release past patterns is coming forward and asking you to look at things differently.

Career and emotions don’t blend enough to allow you to put your whole self into a position. That is unless you are a song writer and then there are still some guidelines. It can sometimes move into ego which can create a barrier to listening to your own guidance or reading too much into something that another says. Be constructively skeptical yet open.

Your Light Being
Yogananda has stepped forward to assist you in revealing your truth.

Your Animal Guide
Anteater stepped forward to assist you and remind you to use your energy and resources efficiently.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Kyanite will help you break through blockages and speak your truth.

 Virgo…  Week of May 30th 2016  
Take a moment to savor and listen to the heart beat of the universe and all it has in store for you. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and you have always had permission to walk forward to reach the other side.

Virgo…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
Don’t get in your own way and start pulling yourself back to what no longer is right for who you have become. Reach for something bigger.

This is a powerful month for you. You have broken through a stereotype that has been imprinted in your consciousness since the beginning of this life cycle and perhaps longer. Standing back in the shadows is no longer an option.
Your ability to recognize the truth in the art of manifestation is being tested and arrives for you as a new toy to be played with. All this time you thought it to be a huge burden or something to be taking all too seriously or given in hard work. It is like gliding across a lake in a sail boat.

Pay attention to the small details which you are always good at any way. In that, you will support the happiness that has been awaiting you.

Your Light Being
Gautama Buddha is stepping forth in joy and holding out a hand to guide you into a higher frequency of living within your present circumstances. He guides you to new wisdom.

Your Animal Guide
Penguin steps forward to let you know that you have all of the wisdom, support and knowledge that you need within.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Golden Topaz will recharge your energy and assist you in tapping into the Divine. It will help you recognize your own gifts.

Libra…  Week of May 30th 2016
Make a point of being aware of your surroundings and the messages that may be within your reach. It could be another person who is having a conversation with someone else that has some news that affects you in one way or another.

Libra…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
Use your gifts from spirit to bring a little sunshine into others’ lives. This can just be following your guidance to stop by and see someone or calling or sending a lovely email.

Spirit is working through you this week to help others recognize their truth. The truth is we are all special beings who are loved and needed in this world. A little appreciation can make a huge shift in a person’s perception of themselves and the world around them.

Your Light Being
Kwan Yin is stepping forward to use you as a channel of light and love for those in need. Especially in working with Millennials. Their recognition and participation in shifting the vibration of the planet is pivotal in creating change, forgiveness, and love in future generations.

Your Animal Guide
A Mourning Dove will assist you in spiritual appreciation and peace.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Alexandrite will bring joy, good fortune, and bring forth the ability for a re-birth of energy and creative ideas.
Scorpio…  Week of May 30th 2016
Give yourself a little break and do something out of the ordinary. You have spent a lot of time focusing on serious projects and work. Get out and do something totally unpredictable and relaxing.

Pull back from electronics and give your nervous system a rest. Sometimes it is easy to be on overload and not recognize it.

Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
Make an effort to pull back and play the part of the observer this month. Give yourself a moment to revise plans and look at the direction in which you have been diligently working over the past few months.

Allow yourself a bit of buffer time before you respond to something that is particularly emotionally charged. Find a more suitable way to express your thoughts and feeling that is kind and not cutting to other people in the situation.
 Sometimes the ones you love the most are the folks who take the things that you say to heart. You can’t really take back words once they are spoken. They are like poison arrows that fester over time.

Your Light Being
Ganesh is stepping forward to resolve some situation in your life that seems to keep coming up. Are you ready to let go? He will help.

Your Animal Guide
Elephant steps forward to work with those things that have been long over. Elephant will remind you that you have the power to change the present and future.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Use Smoky Quartz to relieve stress.

 Sagittarius …   Week of May 30th 2016
Stay on your path. Even when it seems the deck is stacked against you.  Know that all you really need to do is show up and things will fall into place.
You may be in the mood for a little romance or just feel the need for some family time to be with those who you feel comfortable and familiar with. Make a plan for this.

Sagittarius…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
I keep going back to the Pete Seeger song “Turn, Turn, Turn.” Know that all things have a beginning and an end. After the dust settles and you realize that all things must come and go, you realize that this is part of progress. This is how you move forward and grow.

This month may be filled with unexpected feelings concerning your life and how it looks. You may have the opportunity to detach a bit and look at your life in a less spherical way. You might have imagined you are living your life within a three dimensional ball.

In some ways, you have become too large for the ball and realize you will need to step out of the comfort zone of the ball to be able to be who you wish to become. It may leave you feeling a bit exposed; but there is also a freedom that comes with it.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain will assist you in transmuting energy to assist you in moving forward.

Your Animal Guide
A Sparrow is stepping up to assist you in enjoying life more and recognizing your self-worth and beauty.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Jasper will protect you and absorb negative energy.

 Capricorn …   Week of May 30th 2016
It is back to the grind this week but you are able to do this with a better attitude. Remember putting a smile on your face can totally change your energy and give you a new perspective on life.

You might receive some recognition for something you do well. You may not even notice this is something you do. Accept this graciously as it is well deserved.

Capricorn…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
This is a time for keeping your nose to the grindstone. Do your best to focus on whatever is before you. You might need to continuously bring your attention back to the task at hand.

Try not to get too caught up in the past or the future as this will only result in anxiety and the “I got to do this or that” syndrome. You might feel as if you are unable to move forward in a rewarding manner at this time.

There may be some truth to this depending on how you look at the situation. Respect the tides and seasons of the universal flow. Waiting may be your best course of action. Relax and ride it out.

Your Light Being
Mahatma Gandhi has come forward to help bring peace into your heart and patience into your life.

Your Animal Guide
Raccoon is supporting you in receiving hidden information. Look out for hidden agendas.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Beryl will help you in dealing with stress.

 Aquarius …   Week of May 30th 2016
“All you need is love” so the Beatles said. This is so true. You may be able to help someone with a domestic problem that is occurring in their life.

This is something that you may understand from first-hand experience. You may have experienced it yourself or witnessed it in someone close to you. The hand of God is on you and working through you. Be that tool that channels the healing words of spirit.

Aquarius…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
Life as we know is changing. This may be a time of letting go of things or perhaps people that you have come to know well. This could mean a complete change in lifestyle, beliefs, or in the work that you do.

You might have the opportunity to learn something new blending it with the wisdom of previous experience. This could also be your calling to teach others to use the gifts and wisdom learned through past experience in the here and now.

You may be encouraged to take care concerning your physical health. This would be in basic care and prevention so that you can avoid something that could be a problem in the future.

Your Light Being
Lord Krishna will assist you in making your illusions and self-made limitations fade away.

Your Animal Guide
Armadillo has a tough shell but an open and receptive heart. That’s why he has a strong protective outer shell. He will help you in working with your boundaries

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Larimar is beautiful and magical in its properties. It will help you find peace within yourself and attract this from others.

Pisces …   Week of May 30th 2016
There is a focus on the home this week as you may be getting things in order or getting ready for guests. Plants, moving water, and things that represent life are important in keeping the energy flowing in a positive direction. This will also affect the way you feel emotionally and physically.

Pisces…   Overview for the Month of June 2016
Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. There are possibilities of changes in the personal or working climate that you should be aware of.

If you keep a consistent watch on what is happening, you will be able to notice the subtle changes that will ultimately become larger issues. Incorporate the changes now as they come up and the shift will seem natural and easy.
Life is fuller when you have others to share it with. You might plan an outing that takes you to someplace lively and fun.

Your Light Being
Saint Frances of Assisi is stepping forward to help you with issues that may involve animals and/or nature. This feels very primal. It is a connection with the nature kingdom which will assist you in many ways. He says there is something in your memory about the planet that needs to be remembered.

Your Animal Guide
Coyote is coming in close to share wisdom. His wisdom is in having fun and being more playful.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Howlite will connect you with past lives and assist in out of body experiences.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay May 23rd 2016

Hi There,
Well Mercury is moving forward and I must say that it was an interesting time. I learned a lot.

Let me tell you the puppy story. I haven’t really actively looked for another dog since my best buddy passed away December 2014. I did apparently sign up for at Wheaten rescue some time back. I never thought they would call and if so, I would have expected and older dog.

I got the call that there was a puppy that someone had bought, never potty trained or had much interaction with. Many people were interested but everything fell into place for me. The right references, a crate for $5, puppy classes starting that week and paying about $1000 less than I would have paid from a breeder. The home check went perfectly.

All of my friends who are readers and Animal Communicators said it was a go! The Universe was manifesting everything I needed to support this adoption. Yet, it was like everything was going in a reverse motion. I hadn’t met the pup yet.

We jumped through all of the hoops and the only thing left was to meet this little guy and let he and Gaia (my sisters dog) meet each other. Gaia loves other dogs.

I went to the Vets office and they brought out this adorable ball of energy biting everything in sight. We sat with him for a while then brought Gaia in. Gaia liked him at first but then he wouldn’t listen to ques to back off from her and she snapped at him. That could have been worked out in time.

Then I realized that no matter how it went with Gaia that I was getting this little guy for me and in all honesty, no matter how perfectly this had been orchestrated by the Universe, I didn’t make a connection with this pup and he couldn’t make a connection with me. We just didn’t fit.

I said no which probably disappointed a couple people but there was someone that the person who did the home check already had in mind who was right for this guy.

So, I had lessons in manifesting, free will and how to step correct through Mercury retrograde. Not that I am any kind of expert in that but I learned that when things start happening backwards that it is beneficial to grab the reins and start from step one! We are very powerful beings and can manifest so many things. Maybe it was all those puppy picture I posted o facebook Hmmm. There's some food for thought.

Enjoy the Merlin Scopes!

MerlinScopes Week of May 23rd 2016

Aries…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
This is a good week to remember the things that you used to do for the pure joy of creating something that makes you heart sing.

It is easy to get caught up in all of the everyday chores and settle for the small pleasures in life. There may be something deeper tugging on your heart strings that needs to be addressed.

Taurus…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
You may have had difficulty in making decisions and knowing who to trust. Listen to the subtle things that people say. These are things that you may have heard many times before and sometimes easily dismiss. They may hold great wisdom for you.

You may notice someone saying something that they didn’t mean to say but it catches your attention. This is your angels and guides way of bringing out something that needs to be seen and heard.

Gemini…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
I hear a choir of angels singing their praises to the Gemini energy and a lovely green color that seems to be coming in with it. This is a wonderful time for healing yourself and the planet. It seems as if a huge weight has been lifted off of you. Your energy is higher and so are your ideals.

Take positive steps with your diet and overall health, You may have been feeling a bit stuck over the past few months but things are beginning to in a bigger direction.

Cancer…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
I see you sitting in a bit of a spacy energy which if perfectly normal for your mind and body. Remember, if you don’t get enough rest, that your body will find other ways to access that needed dream time to work things out that have occurred in you day. It is a time to sort out your emotions and separate fact from fiction in more ways than one. Get some rest and stay grounded.

Leo…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
You might have more interaction with other people than you would care for during this week. It seems that you are busy doing things for others which might create a bit of stress on your emotions.

You may even need to spend some time training someone on the job which might get on your nerves a bit. Relax, take a deep breath and know that it is just for now and not forever.

Virgo…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
Don’t let the little things get to you. Live this week knowing that a presence much higher than you is working in your best interest.

 You may have had some lessons in free will and responsibility lately. Try to not take it personally and see what you have learned from this.

Libra…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
A gentle breeze is blowing through your life right now. You know so much more than you think that you do. You are also much more capable of learning new things that might intimidate you.

 Don’t cut and run just because something seems a bit out of your wheel house. Stay strong and to ask for help or just talk it out with a good friend.

Scorpio…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
Time to pick up the pace get your energy moving. Do not let someone else do everything for you as this is just another way of giving your power away and may leave feelings of helpless when this assistance isn’t available for you.

Sagittarius…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
The full moon on the 21st brings mixed blessings. This is a time to be patient even if you think that time is closing in on you.

 Be still and visualize a peace in your heart and a feeling that all things will be resolved for the highest good. Make peace with you feelings and you will see the clarity in some situation that has been in your life far too long.

Capricorn…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
Release expectations and surrender to the reality of a situation. Things may not be as you thought they would but spirit is telling me that there is much for you to learn about yourself and others.

I keep seeing an energy at the back of your head. This could be a change in consciousness. Look through your mind’s eye and explore this energy in your quiet time or meditation.

Aquarius…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
This is a time of non-action. Set your intentions with your Higher Self and wait for further instructions.

When the time is right you will be able to move forward with a new plan of action. This doesn’t mean that your plans are not the best it only means that you might want to wait for a better time to act on them other-wise you might just be jumping through hoops.

Pisces…  Week of May 23rd 2016  
You have been making many small improvements and might be a bit frustrated with the outcome.

 Be patient. Some changes take a bit of time as the news echoes through the universe. You are making permanent changes and this takes some tenacity and time.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay May 2016

Hi There,
I just realized that I didn’t send this out this month. Crazy energies and so much going on in the world.

Some folks in my personal life have decided that it was time to move on from this earth and step into a deeper more loving place and consciousness.

On the other hand, some beautiful things are also happening like weddings and birthday celebrations. It just reminds me that I must embrace every day and person in my life to the fullest on a regular basis.

You can also find the MelinScope on

Aries…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Your caring personality makes it a bit difficult for you to receive. It seems that you are usually on the giving end. This week and possibly this whole year has been a new experience in receiving.

This might cause some problems with your natural instinct to be in control. This is huge in the area of personal and emotional growth. Stay in gratitude and see it for what it is… support.

Aries…  Week of May 1st 2016  
There may be some changes this week, as it is time to let go of some things in the past. I know this has been a running theme for you in the last few months. You may resist because you like being in control. It will be helpful if you remind yourself this is a necessary and ongoing process that will benefit you.

Aries…Overview for the Month of May 2016  
I am being shown meditations for you that are visually based on a river or a stream. I can hear the birds chirping, insects buzzing and deer walking through the grass as they come close for a drink. I see fish jumping in the water. I can almost hear the grass growing as the breeze blows through the trees.

I know asking you to put your life on hold would be unrealistic; but please try to find those moments of serenity and allow nature to sit in the driver’s seat for a bit.

Your Light Being
The angelic kingdom is offering assistance for you. This is a good time to call on your favorite angel or to study and explore their realm and duties.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful little Sparrow has stepped forward to assist you in finding a place in nature or within yourself to feel safe in your meditation.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Beryl will help you unload stress and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Taurus…  Week of May 9th 2016  
This could be a good time to look at your close friends or family relationships. Make sure that you get back into the flow of making your life more personal. There may have been some folks that you have put on the back burner. Be genuine and transparent in your motives and conversation.

 It might be a good time to hook up with someone that you haven’t been in close contact with a while.

Taurus…  Week of May 1st 2016  
You might feel a bit unmotivated or lazy this week. This is perfectly fine in working with the energies of the planet.

There is no point in trying to swim upstream. Be patient and allow time for the energy to shift.

Taurus…   Overview for the Month of May 2016  
Be aware of energies between the new moon on the 6th of May and the full moon on the 21st. I see a vision of you sitting on the shore of a beach relaxing and waiting as the tide comes in and goes out. This could be in relationship to the ocean tide, psychic tides, or both.

This is a time to closely monitor natural rhythms – yours and those of nature. Learn how to use this in the coming months to your advantage. Pay attention to the tides in relationship to your moods, psychic clarity, and dreams. Journal!

Your Light Being
A huge burst of lightening came forth for you Thor is stepping forward to bring clarity and to focus your attention on what is truly important at this time. It comes as a wake-up call or a moment that grounds you.

Your Animal Guide
Whale is here with wisdom, memory, and mystery. Listen to whale sounds is possible. There is ancient wisdom and attunement with the planet in this.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Wulfinite will bring you into balance and help you accept the good and the bad. When we go too far in one direction or another, it needs to be corrected as your thoughts may become illusionary.

Gemini…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Things are looking up a bit this week. There seems to be a lighter glow in your aura and a closer connection with the Divine. This is an opportunity for you to trust the Universe and stop trying to micro manage everything in your life. Sometimes you are so busy controlling everything that you miss the subtle messages that present themselves to you

Gemini…  Week of May 1st 2016  
Sometimes if you focus on the little things you miss all of the other amazing and big things that are going on around you.

Take your mind off of the one thing that may be painful, annoying, or sucking up all of your attention. Expand your vision.

Gemini…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
Your intuition is building and looks like a wave gathering momentum throughout the month. This also might bring a recognition of gratitude. Or perhaps the recognition of gratitude will increase your intuition.

A feeling of grace and memory of the wealth and abundance in your life will do more than bring a feeling of joy. It can also bring more abundance and wealth in spirit and in your material world. I see a vision of you learning how to receive gracefully

Your Light Being
Lakshmi goddess of prosperity is stepping forward to teach you the deeper wisdom of prosperity.

Your Animal Guide
A Pheasant has stepped forward with all of his beautiful feathers glistening in the sun. He will help you learn to use your gifts of camouflage which can assist you in being able to see more clearly as others will not notice and the truth will be exposed.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Amethyst will help transmute any negative energy and increase your connection with the Divine.

Cancer…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Take care of yourself physically and emotionally. It might be a good time to protect yourself by pulling back your time and resources from someone that might be taking you for granted. Not that you haven’t encouraged that behavior in the past. It is time to say enough and focus on the wonderful things that are in store for you.

Cancer…  Week of May 1st 2016  
Take a minute to really look around and appreciate your surroundings. This week feels like a time to celebrate how far you have come and how it is time to start planning for the accomplishments that you will celebrate in the future.

Cancer…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
You might be feeling a bit better physically this month as the pressure of making some decisions seems to be clearer and more in a place. I see you looking at a blueprint. Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your plan.

Those concepts of keeping your head above water are often nothing more than left over feelings of insecurity of the true relationship with the divine and the Universal rules of joy and prosperity.

Business seems to be favored and your wallet may get a little fatter. Remember to tithe with either money and/or time to those who may be in need so that the circle will not be broken. Remember it must be intentional and given in blessing.

Your Light Being
Mother Mary is stepping forward to bring you gifts of compassion. There are lessons to be learned in this area.

Your Animal Guide
I see a Barn Owl sitting on top of a barn next to a weathervane to help you in finding which direction the wind is blowing.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chalacedony will bring you into harmony.

Leo…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Letting go is never easy. I see you releasing something that has become too large for you to handle. Let go and allow your life to start a new cycle. Look over the past and see how much you have accomplished and know that there is so much more for you in the future. Embrace change!

Leo…  Week of May 1st 2016  
Some information you weren’t expecting may surface this week regarding someone you know. This might affect you but it is nothing you can’t handle. Someone you hold in high regard may be seen in a different light. Remember we are only human.

Leo…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
Take yourself to the most glorious places in your mind as often as you can. It seems that a little bit of creative relaxation and daydreaming is going to be a way to deal with the events and energies of this month.

There is a lot going on in some areas and nothing in others. Patience and perseverance is the key to emotional survival this month. Meditation music and perhaps movies would be a good diversion to balance yourself and create a little personal space.

Your Light Being
Lady Nada is stepping forward to assist you in loving service through your higher consciousness. Meditate and call on her while you focus on your crown chakra.

Your Animal Guide
A young adolescent Weasel steps up to help you this month. He will help you protect your home and he says he will help you squeeze into places that you normally wouldn’t be able to fit into. Not sure exactly what he means; but this is his message for you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Soulmate Tantric Crystal will attract harmonious partners into your life.

Virgo…  Week of May 9th 2016  
I hear a beautiful feminine voice of the collective saying make yourself available to new and different ways of doing things. Stay completely in the moment and try not to expect anything. You are gathering energy for huge changes that will surface in the early fall. There are parts of your heart that have been closed and now are preparing to open.

You might offer your support to someone else because it is the right thing to do.

Virgo…  Week of May 1st 2016  
Trying to play catchup this week? There have been so many things going on that it may seem like the weeks are overlapping. It kind of feels like when you are dreaming about work and wake up in the morning and actually have to work.  Just do your best and complete things as well as you can.

Virgo…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
Spring energies have you feeling like you want to move around and makes sitting still difficult. If you have a job that requires you to sit in one place for very long this could be a challenge for you. Try to focus on just what needs to be done and then enjoy a bike ride, a walk, or clean house to release some of this pent up energy.

Be conscious of the choices you make and know the result will be opulent and harmonious if your intentions are aligned with the highest good for all concerned.  Find time to offer some kind of volunteer activity or kindness to someone or something in need, out of love not duty. The universe will smile on you.

Your Light Being
Saint Frances of Assisi comes forward with a group of animals to offer solutions and help with decisions that come from earth and spirit.

Your Animal Guide
Hyena is listening to your self-talk and helping you notice when you have thoughts and use words that are unsupportive of self. Trust your intuition even if it seems wrong. Know there is a purpose and lesson in following your psychic revelations.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sugilite will awaken your chakras and bring surprising transformation into your life.

Libra…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Sometimes you need to tip the scales to produce the emotional and physical imbalance to move energy. Getting angry can be productive and a needed outlet to move the things that you simply don’t want, need or are willing to accept any more. This is a huge release for you!

Libra…  Week of May 1st 2016  
The sun is shining on you this week. Know that you are receiving extra support from your guides and angels to keep you in alignment so you may have the greatest impact on the world.

Libra…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
When you speak people listen, especially in this time period. Some of the things you have talked about in the past are being proven true. Know that your highest motivations are clear and transparent.

However, there are some people that may not see this as a virtue and may not be as open and revealing as you are. They may not understand the gift of being transparent leaves room for stability. Being above board and open helps you move forward with plans unencumbered without hidden motivations and agendas.

Your Light Being
A beautiful light being who tells me that she is the Lady of the Light and the Queen of Peace is here to support and give messages to you. I see her whispering in your ear.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful male Dove comes forth to hold space for you. He has come to support you in all of the ways of peace and new life. He is a gentle reminder to stay in love and know that you are safe.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sodalite will stimulate your third eye and pineal gland.

Scorpio…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Make yourself like a feather. Soft, light and able to fly high and see the bigger picture. What you are going through is necessary and part of the journey. This might be and emotional week. Try to be patient and compassionate with yourself and those close to you.

Scorpio…  Week of May 1st 2016  
Make sure you pay attention to the little details as they are all a part of the big picture. Cross every T and dot every I, as the end result doesn’t really require your focus.

Sometimes if you get too far ahead of yourself, you will forget to tie up the loose ends and all will unravel. If it should unravel, just see it as a lesson learned and find the humor in it. Put this message in your spiritual toolbox.

Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
Look for the silver lining in every situation. Some things may feel like they are completely out of your control and perhaps they are. This leaves little room for understanding why; but sometimes it just is.

Honesty will be your best friend this month. Expect to be asked difficult questions. Answer them in all honesty and if you don’t know, just smile and say I don’t know. You are not responsible for others lack of interpretation or inability to understand. Your truth is your truth and not subject to someone else’s scrutiny.

Sometimes you can’t compromise with the beliefs, desires, or expectations that someone else might have for you. Just be yourself and let it go.

Your Light Being
I see an Indian Holy Man dancing about and he has all different colors on his skin, clothes and hair. He is dancing and twirling. I asked him his name and he said it doesn’t matter. I think he is calling in Shiva to move objects and energy as well as tuning your chakras.

Your Animal Guide
A Pelican steps forward with his pouch full of fish. He is demonstrating you have all that you need within yourself.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chrysocolla will cleanse your chakra and bring assistance in relationships.

Sagittarius…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Sometimes changes are difficult and we wish that we could keep certain people and situations just as they are but knowing what we know, that change is always constant and purposeful we must yield to the facts the best we can. Celebrate change, the comings and goings and embrace the unknown.

Sagittarius…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
Expect some fun and celebrations this month. It is a perfect time to plan some kind of getaway in the months to come. Life should be lived and not completely devoted to work. However, if work is something you are passionate about, go for it.

Don’t allow others to lean on you too much. Sometimes doing something completely out of character can feel empowering. It wakes people up to their own responsibilities and lets them know you may not always be there or willing to generously take on their stuff. Kick up your heels!

Your Light Being
Babaji will help you balance your physical and spiritual energy through deep breathing.

Your Animal Guide
Squirrel will support you in allowing yourself to lesson you burdens and have more fun.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Red Beryl will open your base chakra and help release stress.

Capricorn…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Look through the eyes of love this week. Not just personal love but the big love that creates joy for the multitude. Be the barer of kindness this week. Enjoy the feeling of being a blessing to someone else in need.

Capricorn…  Week of May 1st 2016  
This is a great week for creative projects. This could be music, art, decorating or anything that allows you to stretch your intuitive connection with creation.
The last thing in the world you need is complicating your energy field with someone else’s insecurities or problems. This is not to be misunderstood as being cold or uncaring.

This is just a reminder not to become the person who rescues or fixes issues that rightfully should be the responsibility of others.

Capricorn…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
This is a time for stepping up to the plate and being part of the team. Don’t see drama where there is none. What you may see as a big issue, may actually be just a small part of something. In truth, it may not even be related to what you believe it to be.

Walk in your truth and expect the truth from others. Don’t except any wishy washy explanations because this could create unrealistic expectations later. Make sure everything is on the table.

Care for your body this month. Maybe start exercising and paying more attention to what your body is telling you. Sleep is very important. You might want to cut back on all forms of stimulants.

Your Light Being
Lord Lanto has stepped forward to offer support in balancing commitments and responsibilities.

Your Animal Guide
Platypus encourages you to be who you are and not try to fit into someone else’s perception of who you should be.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sapphire will help calm your mind and body.

Aquarius…  Week of May 9th 2016  
Trust your gut this week. Try to take a few minutes to disconnect from the physical world and stretch your mind far out as you can to collect information, ideas and intuitive hints.

Pay attention to those little daydreams as well as night dreams. This is a great time to expand your consciousness.

Aquarius…  Week of May 1st 2016  
Wake up and greet each day with a smile. Sometimes this might be a challenge but when you do this, your conscious mind shifts into a creative and receptive mode.

Aquarius…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
It is time to let go of any expectations you may have. This relates to both negative and positive experiences and beliefs. Allow the Universe to bring something new, unique, and incredible into your life.

There is magic all around you and you only need to align your mind and self-talk with the possibility that anything is possible. Learn to love yourself unconditionally. Every time you have a thought that pulls you back into wanting or expecting something negative, be aware and pull yourself back to center and love.

Your Light Being
A beautiful Fairy has come forward to fill your world with poetry and music. Hear her in the music of nature and she will give you the thoughts and words to create joy.

Your Animal Guide
A little Dog has stepped forward to offer companionship and pure unconditional love. I see a scruffy littler terrier.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Agate will help balance the negative and the positive.

Pisces…  Week of May 9th 2016  
You might be haunted by old feelings of anger and thoughts of those who have wronged you from the past may be coming up to visit. This is normal and natural. Actually this is an opportunity to learn more about forgiveness in order to allow more love to come into your life.

Pisces…  Week of May 1st 2016  
Be careful not to get caught up in obsessive behaviors this week. It could be something good as well as something negative. Let’s just say too much of a good thing can be unhealthy and eventually take all of the fun out of it.
Try not to concern yourself with money right now. Just allow prosperity to find you and it will. It is just like the seasons that come and go and you will be safe and cared for.

Try not to be distracted by other things that may seem too good to be true. Have you been down this road before? It could be in a relationship or in your professional life.

Pisces…   Overview for the Month of May 2016
Try not to take anything too personally this month. If you are getting involved in a new relationship, whether it is personal or business, it would be to your advantage to take it slowly and observe. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself and just explore and enjoy the moment.

You may feel driven to make a conscious choice but now isn’t the time. Watch and listen for clues and red flags or even a green one. It is important to be clear about your intentions and about those who are around you. Ask questions and don’t try to read between the lines. What you see is what you get. Don’t let your head get caught up in the clouds.

Your Light Being
Merlin is walking with you this month. He seems so close you might even smell the sweet tobacco from his pipe. Ask him for his assistance and answers.

Your Animal Guide
A Penguin stepped forward. He is comfortable in the water as well as on land. He will help you ground.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings. It will improve your intuition and psychic gifts.

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