Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Merlin Chronicles By Kay Week of June 20th 2016

 Merlin Chronicles    by Kay          June 20th 2016

Hi there!

I can’t believe that we are almost at the end of June. So much has happened and yet I know we are shifting at warp speed into more unknown territory.
I had a booth at a fair in Loveland this past week-end. It was pretty slow which is perfectly alright with me. I got to spend time getting to know other venders which was a treat. There were workshop collaborations made, classes and future events and meeting new friends that I never would have had time to connect with had I been extremely busy.

So many other things were going on this week-end like Fathers Day, Gay Pride and Comic Con Denver. I was happy to see that the events of Orlando didn’t keep folks in Denver from Celebrating who they are. If anything, although there is much sorrow concerning events in Orlando, it only served to make the GLBT community stronger and more supportive and passionate about becoming advocates in the communities concerning gun laws and hate crimes.

Seeing first hand, the changes and actions made during the worst years of the AIDS epidemic I can promise you that in the future there will be more support and changes in local and federal government concerning these issues.

 Enjoy the Scopes!

Merlin Scopes for the week of June 20th   2016             by Kay

Aries…  Week of June 20th 2016  
This is a wonderful week to reach out and make that phone call or send the email to someone that you have been meaning to get it touch with. You just might be thinking about this person and get an intuitive hit that you need to touch base with them.

 Make yourself available to be a sounding board and just listen. You are not here to fix anyone nor could you if that were your desire. This person may just need to know that someone is there and cares.

Taurus…  Week of June 20th 2016  
This is the time to put the past behind you and do your best to justify your part in any misunderstandings that may have taken place on a personal level. Sometimes when we want to justify our actions we go to the person who is going to tell us what we want to hear rather than the one who will tell us what we need to here.

We all have an inner critic and this is not always a bad thing. Sometimes this is the place we go to get a clearer look at ourselves and behaviors. Remember to push your ego aside.

Gemini…  Week of June 20th 2016  
A new opportunity may be in the mix this week. Keep your eyes open for availability if this is what you desire. Life has taken some strange turns and sometimes you find yourself shaking your head in disbelief.

 To say that people are strange is just saying that there is a wonderful diversity on this planet and it sometimes makes it difficult to remain un-judgmental when some things that are near and dear to your heart are challenged. Take a deep breath and do your best.

Cancer…  Week of June 20th 2016  
When there is disorganization in your house it is difficult to remain at home. It might make you feel restless.

 I see you getting things under control this week and spending some quality time under the radar if you can. Everyone needs a bit of breathing room sometimes and you can certainly use a little space right now. It is like the calm before the storm.

Take your thoughts inward in a quest to visualize a new and healthy way to infuse your body and spirit with the gifts of gratitude and solemn oneness.

Leo…  Week of June 20th 2016
In situations involving money refuse to be taken advantage of. This could be a manipulation on someone else’s part who might may see you as having more than you have to share. Indulgences of others should not be your responsibility.

Make a clear consideration and speak up. After that a pat on the back for not allowing another to manipulate you. You have a strong sense of self-worth.

Virgo…  Week of June 20th 2016  
Give yourself a little distance from someone who is not always the best influence. It is not inappropriate to make yourself a little hard to get a hold of or simply let the answering machine pick up a message that you can return at your convenience.

Spend some time listening to your heart beat and try to bring it in synch with the heartbeat of the planet. Keep a journal of any messages that you might receive.

This is a powerful time for clearing ancient karmic ties. Group meditations as well as personal sessions may seem a bit odd and not the fluffy love and light that you are used to. The uncomfortable and dark is looking for a way out so assist as much as you can by not avoiding the issue. Just allow yourself to see it. There is knowledge there.

Libra…  Week of June 20th 2016  
Give yourself the gift of a little support on the home front to free you up to do some other things that are more fun. You might ask someone to help a bit around the house or simply put things on hold so you can do some of the things that you love best which don’t include mundane household chores.

Professionally you may be quite busy working on a project or in groups that bring forth things that are fruitful.

Scorpio…  Week of June 20th 2016  
You can make a lot of headway once you have taken care of the simple things. It is a good time to take care of any routine physical issues so that they don’t become something bigger. Nip it in the bud.

Forgiveness is like a work of art. Once you put it out there on the canvas, then you can let it go and let others learn from the beauty of it and move on to the next project at a higher vibration.

No one can take anything away from you that is meant to be yours. Release with grace and neutrality.

Sagittarius…  Week of June 20th 2016  
Now that you have gotten through that intense moon cycle things should ease up for you a bit. I see all of that tense energy that you have been holding in your shoulders dropping to the floor and allowing you to finally relax your body.

 Don’t be surprised if you find yourself taking naps or going to bed a little earlier. The fact that the universe is going to have its way has finally become aware and knowing that you have done all that you can, relax and let it go. It seems as if you have been fighting your body. Be at peace and remember that love is a holistic truth.

Capricorn…  Week of June 20th 2016  
Some part of yourself is experiencing a death or a transition. This could be in a belief, a way of seeing the world or an expectation that you had concerning something that you have come to finally realize that it is out of your control over.

This can bring a sense of relief because you realize that you are no longer on the spot or expected to fix anything. This leaves room to ask the divine to bring blessings that are for you alone. This would be something customized for you and not the perception that you have had when comparing yourself to what brings others joy.

Aquarius…  Week of June 20th 2016  
A different shift in the wind may have you receiving new possibilities and ideas for the future. I see a vision of you becoming a part of a etheric conversation with the Collective for the greater good for the planet and the inhabitants.
You might experience some interesting dreams or meditations. This will carry you through the rest of the month and bring some new ideas and energies that seem a bit unusual.

Pisces…  Week of June 20th 2016  
This might be a good time to make yourself for some new occupational interests. I see a vision of you sitting at a table that is set for you and you have a fork and knife in your hand in expectation of a wonderful meal to be served. 

There seems to be a great hunger that demands to be revealed and filled.

Watch for signs, day dreams, and new interesting pieces of information. I see a rainbow coming out from behind a cloud.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay Week of June 13th 2016

 Merlin Chronicles by     Kay      Week of June 13th, 2016

Hi There,

It goes without saying that the week-end has been filled with explosive energies.

I heard about so many tragedies within the past few days. Senseless murders of those who are doing nothing more than living their lives and creating joy for themselves and others.

I was watching one of my favorite shows Sunday morning when the media broke through to follow the shooting and carnage of the night club in Florida. Interestingly this was only a short distance away from where that lovely girl who was a contestant on The Voice, Christina Grimmie was murdered for no reasons unknown.

I said a prayer for all those affected by these horrific acts of violence and tried to pull myself back together and go on with my day. As an empath this is sometimes easier said than done.

I put on some Tibet Bowl music and went into meditation asking for assistance. It came in the form of a whisper that told me to pull myself back into my own individual life and my own heart rather than attaching my energies to the Collective in this incident.

 Become small and secluded is what I understood. I received clarity that let me know that I have nothing to offer the Collective until I can clean up my own feelings of anger and outrage. This would only continue to pollute rather than heal.

 Be the light and find your place of unconditional love that has no judgement. I may not understand this on a human level, especially if I had lost someone I loved in this. I guess that some of us are here to anchor the light and not allow the darkness to prevail.

In my humanness… I feel sorrow.

This now makes sense to me in so many ways. Blessings and Hope in the week ahead!


Enjoy the weekly MerlinScopes!

Merlin Scopes for the week of June 13th   2016             by Kay

Aries…  Week of June 13th 2016  
You really are making progress no matter how it feels. Let yourself be excited about future prospects and let go of the pessimistic attitude and sighs. Help yourself move energy in a creative project.

Taurus…  Week of June 13th 2016 
Let go of the “Forget Me Nots” of the past. I see a vision of you holding a bouquet and taking in a breath of the scent of these flowers. It is time to cut cords and release yourself from the bondage of the past.

 This includes those relationships that left you wondering what you did to deserve this treatment. Let it go and take a new approach to business and pleasure.

 Perhaps some of the things that you have been using to seek pleasure are coping mechanisms of something that is festering. Be brave and take a peek behind the curtain.

Gemini…  Week of June 13th 2016  
You may be feeling more enthusiastic than you have in some time. Celebrating your birthday this month might be adding to your high.

You may be flooded with creative thoughts and ideas. Actually, more than you can put into action right now. Write them down in a safe place and use the next 6 months to recreate or re-invent yourself. I see something simmering on the back burner that is going to incorporate a happy addition to your life.

Cancer…  Week of June 13th 2016  
Take a little bit of your energy and spend some time with yourself. Relaxing with a book that is not required by your job, school or self-help would do wonders for your delightful personality.

Give yourself room to grow. This means allowing some time off mentally and emotionally. When your spirit wants to grow and you keep infusing it with more information it will find other ways to make room. Over eating? A little too much wine? Hmmm.

Leo…  Week of June 13th 2016  
It would be a good time to pay attention to your footing and grounding this week. Life has kept you on your toes over the past few weeks and things are starting to wind down for just a bit, that is until the next wave of activity comes forward.

Release all expectations concerning passing events. I see you looking over the horizon and seeing a new hill to climb in the near future. Rest and prepare. Pay attention to your lower calves and feet.

Virgo…  Week of June 13th 2016  
You might be feeling a bit stagnant and doubting yourself as well as your connection to your higher self. The best way to approach this is to start doing instead of thinking.

You know what the right choice is but lack the confidence to move forward. I don’t see you pulling yourself out of this rut until you make some physical changes.

Get out of the “ I gotta” words and thoughts and just do it! Try changes in diet and activity to move this stuck energy.

Libra…  Week of June 13th 2016
Bad or disappointing news is always disheartening for you. After a bit of brooding you are always able to pull yourself up and start anew. Like it or not, life goes on and who know better how to make the best of it than you?

Create a distance between you and a person or activity that has been creating some turbulence in your life. It may be helpful to create a polite diversion to take a much needed break from a project, person or group that has been asking a little too much of you.

Scorpio…  Week of June 13th 2016  
Lives matter and you may be in a passionate mood this week when it comes to the rights of others. This could be people, pets or groups. Try to find a passive yet creative way to become an activist in creating hope and love to instill basic human values in this world.

Windows of hope are needed in this world. Release the finger pointers and work on a solution.

Sagittarius…  Week of June 13th 2016  
Let your heart be open involving a project or person who is in turmoil. Listen to the feminine intuitive guidance in creating a safe haven where someone can have a voice or share personal information that may be a bit surprising.

Love and laughter will release a lot of tension when it comes to accepting the way things are. I see a coyote who is a bit of a trickster around you. He is here to remind you that you are a survivor and able to create diversions and blend in when you must to get what you want. Coyote says there is no shame in this.

Capricorn…  Week of June 13th 2016  
A part of you may be curious about what the future holds for you yet another side of your personality doesn’t want to know. Remember that no matter what anyone tells you concerning what will come to pass is only a possibility.

You are a powerful creator who, given the information can look at the facts and create a new outcome or path for yourself.

Aquarius…  Week of June 13th 2016 
Don’t be discouraged if things don’t pan out as you would like them to. Also resist the voice or sense of doom that may be running rampant in the lower collective consciousness of humanity. Pull yourself back up on the high side and speak from there as you jump up on your soapbox.

Your state of consciousness may be drifting a bit this week. It is as if concepts run right past your thoughts and you can’t seem to grasp them. That is because you are connected to the ever flowing stream of consciousness. Nothing is wrong. Those whispers and thoughts are meant for others. Yours is on its way and you will know it when it comes.

Pisces…  Week of June 13th 2016  
Give another the benefit of the doubt. Don’t get caught up in other people’s opinions or let your ego get the best of you. Pull back and watch a situation play out before having your say. It may not be what you think.

Don’t jump into a new offering just yet. Be the observer at this time.

Kay Dragon

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Merlin Chronicles by Kay Week of June 6th 2016

 Hi there!
 It seems to be an important time to reconnect with the earth and spend a lot of time in nature.

This does seem to be an unsettling time and I am feeling that urge myself. I feel the need to make changes but I am not entirely sure what to do.

So, I will continue to do what I am doing until a clear message comes into my life or will I become brave and take that step into the unknown? Once again It comes down to our gift of free will.

This brings me back to a time when I worked at a company that paid well, had great benefits and I never would have left to pursue my spiritual live until an illness pushed me out into the unknown.

Could this be my opportunity to step into the unknown in full faith knowing that the universe will guide and direct me? I know I would rather skip the physical drama. So I will pray, meditate and search my soul for answers.

I think this is the question for many. Should we hang on to what we know, even if it doesn’t serve our souls or make that leap of faith into the unknown searching for more?

Enjoy the Scopes!

Merlin Scopes for the week of June 6th 2016             by Kay

Aries…  Week of June 6th 2016  
Make yourself available to different opinions and beliefs that may have you searching a little deeper in your quest for a deeper understanding for those around you.

 Let yourself be open to small changes that will give you some insight into the sleight of hand of the Universal Magician. Talk less and listen more.

Taurus…  Week of June 6th 2016  
You might be on some slippery terrain when dealing with family members. Some thoughts of travel and distant places of familiar significance might be in your plans. Make sure that you are being true to yourself and the vision that you have in your life.

Keep in mind that some bridges may not be mendable. This only means that if there is love there that you will need to create a different route. Perhaps building a new bridge to a relationship with a stronger and truer foundation.

Gemini…  Week of June 6th 2016  
Have you been putting off many things until tomorrow? This may be an excuse to remain in the middle or on the fence to avoid making a decision, taking a stand or being responsible for the outcome.

Try not to take it all so seriously. You can always change your mind or simply take a step in one direction and allow yourself to grow into something new as you move forward. If others have expectations of you that is their concern and not yours.

Cancer…  Week of June 6th 2016  
Some much needed time out could be coming up for you if you choose to take advantage of it. Sometimes it is good to step back and let someone else take the reins for a while.

The world won’t stop and this can be an opportunity for all who are involved. This will allow you some time to spend with yourself and make assessments about the future and who you want to be when you grow up.

Leo…  Week of June 6th 2016  
This could be a rewarding week for you in many ways. You have never been a stranger to hard work and opportunities may start opening up as a result of your diligence and strong spirit.

I see you in a joyful state of mind as you realize your worth and the integrity that you have held in your heart and mind. Be gracious and release your dreams as things might just be offered to you in terms of prosperity of promotions.

Virgo…  Week of June 6th 2016  
I remember a show many years ago with The Smothers Brothers and they would always have a bit where they talked about someone experiencing the fickle finger of fate. Well, this may be what you are experiencing.

Perhaps something that was very good for a long time when it was needed is no longer bringing those results. Is it a message from the Universe or a phase? You may decide to change your career, relationship or even where you live.
The determining factor is how you resolve this issue. 

Will you do it with faith, integrity and gratitude? Are you listening to the music of the Divine? Listen to your spirit guides and higher self. Then, make your choices accordingly. This could be a nudge to be open to new experiences.

Libra…  Week of June 6th 2016  
This is an excellent week to just enjoy being alive! Clean the house, tend the garden or take advantage of anything cultural and lovely to the eyes.

This is not a good time to focus on the big picture but to look at the small things. Take baby steps and after achieving each one, spend a moment celebrating and releasing that step before you go on to the next.

There may be someone in your life that will be a teacher in one way or another. Be grateful for the lesson.

Scorpio…  Week of June 6th 2016  
This is a good week for self-care. Sure there are lots of things that need to be done but your energy needs time to recuperate. People, places and circumstances may have you a bit off balance. You might receive some news that rocks your world a bit and has the potential to pull you into a depression if it is allowed.

Watch your own feelings and thoughts. There will always be someone who makes more money, has more luck or better opportunities than you. Don’t dwell on this. Rest this week and let go of thoughts that don’t serve your highest good.

Sagittarius…  Week of June 6th 2016  
You truly are the wounded healer. I see a metaphorical vision of an arrow stuck in your hip area that could be an old emotional wound that has festered for years.
Instead of tending to your own injuries you focus on the issue of others. This may be very hard to conceal this week. 

Spend time paying attention to your dreams and especially to the voices of your angels who are bringing in guidance and answers to help you receive the healing balm of the Divine as well as your higher self. This will make moving on to higher ground easier.

Capricorn…  Week of June 6th 2016  
You have the ability to see exactly what other people need to heal and bring happiness into their lives. Sadly, we all need to walk our own path to learn the lessons that we came into this life to learn. Even if it means walking off a cliff leaving others to watch, shaking their heads and saying I told you so.

Try to be patient and give guidance when someone around you is willing and able to accept help. Prayer works in so many wonderful ways. Be willing to give it to God and release your ideas of how things should play out.

Aquarius…  Week of June 6th 2016  
This might be a good time to just put things on hold. Could others be depending just a little too much on you and your time? Someone might feel entitled to monopolize your time and energy while they are not willing to offer an energy exchange.

Don’t buy into others ideas about lack and scarcity. This simply is not true. There is always enough to go around. If someone is offering the same thing that you are, know that everyone has a different vibration and someone will be called to you and some to the others depending on their vibrations and wave of experience.

Pisces…  Week of June 6th 2016  
Stop trying so hard! You are scattering your energies. Make sure that the projects or relationships that you are working on are in the proper timing. It could be that you are rushing into something that others are not quite ready to hear yet.

Your guidance is correct and on target but they could be a bit premature. If you goals are purely financial or ego driven you may need to turn back the volume and remember that everything that is worth doing will be rewarded in terms of how it will assist the planet or in a relationship, for the highest good of all concerned.

 If you are feeling emotionally bent out of shape then you know it is your ego talking and you can take a step back and correct that.

Don’t throw the baby away with the bath water. Just turn it down a notch. It is all about timing.

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