Monday, February 23, 2015

New Message from Merlin and MerlinScopes 2/23/15

Message from Merlin        February 23rd 2015

I saw a posting on Facebook today by someone who was out raged claiming that 8 of the richest Americans increased their wealth by more than 87 Billion in 2014. I wasn’t outraged. My first thought was this only goes to show that there is more than enough money to go around, share and spare.

 I asked Merlin and his response was that this is another example of an inside job. Those who become angry and outraged by this might do better to use their passion to looking for ways to increase their own wealth to make their lives better and improve the station of others who need assistance in learning how to get out of the state of mind that keeps them in a constant state of lack  and fear.

Something to keep in mind in this new age of technology is that if you can’t offer a supportive solution then don’t feed the fire of the problem. Be the solution.  This may just start on a small scale but the response will be monumental.

Feed the love and become leaders in your own right. Raise your vibration and you will raise the vibration of those around you which will bolster the planet.  Your actions speak volumes. Words are nothing without action.

Enjoy the MerlinScopes for the week
Hugs to you and all of the planet!
P.S If you are in the Denver area I have started a channeling meetup group that will be this Saturday at First Spiritual Science Church. Here are the details:

MerlinScopes         Week of February 23rd, 2015

Aries… The week of February 23rd,   2015
Keep your ear to the ground and listen for signs and messages from the unseen. This could be information that you receive indirectly but useful information just the same.
I see a vision of you holding your side as it seems that there may be some pain or someone or something who is a pain in your side. If this is the case you may need to address this issue or situation as this seems to be eating up a lot of your energy.
Taurus… The week of February 23rd,   2015
Love seems to be the key this week. It seems as if some of you have shut down your heart lately as you have been busy with other things. Take some time to appreciate and give some thought to even the smallest things in life that you love. Also give recognition to those needing love. This work will bring something or someone to your attention who needs a bit of a boost.
You do have the power to make a difference and shift some thoughts and self-esteem issues around for someone who needs it. I am being told to tell you that this is big. You may gain a new tool in your magical tool box through this action. Pretty powerful stuff huh? At the end of this week I see a smile on your face.
Gemini… The week of February 23rd,   2015   
Energies seem a bit softer and smoother for you this week. I see some clouds in the sky parting and leaving a clear blue sky.
Take care with your words as the cold hard truth may be good for you right now but a bit hard for others to swallow all at once. 
You will find that help will come easily this week. Take advantage of this time and also allow some space to create an intentional act of gratitude.
Teaching seems to be an important theme for you right now. Don’t give them all of the answers but do give supportive and honest feedback as they test their own creative sources. The key to empowerment is creative space.
Cancer… The week of February 23rd,   2015   
I see you deep in thoughts and daydreams of hope. Hope for yourself and others. Your demeanor has shifted and you may seem more philosophical in your outlook and energy.
You have made it through a rough patch and you are now able to take a breath before moving forward. I see a more mature and emotionally balanced attitude. Perhaps this is the result of a lack of fear.
This is a creative time for you. You may feel like exploring some new creative outlets. Like cooking, playing an instrument, art or whatever lights up your imagination.
Leo… The week of February 23rd,   2015   
Your duties at work may have expanded you will enjoy the diversity.. This may not pay off financially right now but it will keep you engaged and this will pay off in the future.
If you are currently looking for a job you are being encouraged to stretch out into areas that you haven’t worked in before. Enough of the same old, same old.
 Be conscious of stepping into your protective light bubble or asking your angels for help in this area as you may be getting a bit more than someone else would like. There may be a bit of envy so be sure to handle the situation with compassion and dignity. Do not however take a step back to make someone else more comfortable however.
Home seems to be the place you feel most comfortable and safe right now. This is your sacred space. Cook and invite your nearest and dearest to share this space with you.
Virgo… The week of February 23rd,   2015   
Don’t take anything personally. You may have gotten under someone’s skin and brought some unpleasant feelings to the surface that may play out in unpleasant words or actions Smile and repeat.  I am guarded, guided and protected.  I am love.
I see this situation catapulting you forward to a much higher place. I encourage you to call on Saint Germain to transmute all negativity. Sometimes when you are taking steps to move forward you will be tested.
Don’t allow your ego or feelings about your past dictate your future. Do not make excuses. Hold your head high and see your experiences and actions of the past as what they are, wisdom and compassion earned through trial and error.

Libra… The week of February 23rd,   2015   
This is a great time to share your gifts of experience.  As you share, more gifts and abundance will be offered and new doors will open for you. As you go through these doors, you will open pathways for others who will benefit from this opportunity.
Get out into the fresh air when possible. I am smelling essences of oils and healing herbs. Rosemary and evergreen. I also see a picture of an orchid. I hear a message that you are on the verge of a significant breakthrough.
 Exercise your ability to communicate with plants. I also see a dragon fly near. This is a very magical time.

Scorpio… The week of February 23rd,   2015   
Try to awaken your memory of the truth when it comes to attracting prosperity and abundance. Ask for the gifts that you currently have in your life to be expanded and blessed with even more grace and goodness. Reduce the time spent on feeling the lack and sadness.
Open your eyes, mind and heart to new ways of fulfilling your appetite as the old ways are just not appropriate on the path that will lead to higher self-esteem and satisfaction. Hidden treasure can be found in unlikely places right now.
It is time to start accepting some things as they are and start changing your motives. You can’t make other people want what they don’t want even if you think that this is what they should want. Is this for you or them? If you force something on someone by wearing them down or using guilt the results will only lead to resentment.
Sagittarius… The week of February 23rd,   2015   
The mood is lightening up a bit this week. Be aware of visits from spirit and guides especially as you sleep. I am being told to tell you to keep a half full glass of water next to your bed on the nightstand to bring clarity of communication of these visits. It will also work as a dream catcher.  Pour it out in the morning.
You may also get telepathic messages from those who are in need of you energy or help in some manner.
Be conscious what you are eating. Try to avoid greasy or heavy foods that are not beneficial to your spiritual and physical health. Lighter food will raise your vibration. Careful with those protein drinks that hide chemicals and sugar.
Capricorn… The week of February 23rd,   2015  
Rest and recover this week. If you need to call in or just hunker down for a couple days then do so. You have been receiving so many downloads for ideas and enterprises that it would be good to just take a break and do something silly or just mindless fun.
Your spirit is ever strong but your soul needs a bit of a diversion. Let someone else get behind the wheel for a change. You could go see a funny movie or pick up a book that is science fiction or fantasy.  Leave the self-help books for another time.
Aquarius… The week of February 23rd,   2015  
I see a vision of you standing still at the top of the world with a question mark over your head as if to say …”What now?” You are not stuck. You are only stopping to ask for directions.
You are seeking more information about your journey and who and how to serve. It seems as if some of the rules have changed or perhaps you are just bored with the ones that are now in place. Maybe this part has played itself out and you are waiting for your new orders or instructions.
Meditate and expand your crown chakra. Most would extend the crown chakra to the creator but I am being told to tell you to expand through-out the world and include the entire planet. There is where your answer lies.
Pisces… The week of February 23rd,   2015  
Return to Source. Return to what works best for you. I see a vision of you and the world seems to feel a bit off balance right now. I also see you grabbing the top of the world with your left (feminine) hand and pulling the world back into balance with you.
You might feel a little dizzy or off balance this week and perhaps you may have gotten a bit behind last week. Take your time and ease yourself back into the groove.

Make sure that you get enough rest. If you don’t take time to sleep to allow your sub-conscious to sort things out your soulful self will find another way of pulling you into that down time for your lessons. This could play out as a cold or some other physical issue.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Messages from Merlin week of 2/16/15

Merlin Scopes week of February 16th 2015

So sorry for the delay as it has been a hectic week and I did post the scopes on
For those of you living in the Denver area I wanted to let you know that I am staring a monthly meet up group called Messages from Merlin &other Ascended Masters with Kay.

This will be a fun group focusing on the wisdom of the Merlin and other Light Beings who wish to help us all grow and bring light to our personal life so that we may share this with the planet.
You can find the detail at

Look for a new message from Merlin soon and the weekly scopes Monday as well

MerlinScopes         Week of February 16t h,   2015

Aries… The week of February 16th,   2015
This could be a good week to pull back and give yourself some space from negative energies or situations that just has you in a tizzy.
Take a little time off and do some planning. If you pull your energy away from the event or person you will have a better view of the whole picture rather than just on small scenario.
 I see you floating in space looking down at the planet Earth. You can see how the states are connected. You can’t see how Colorado and Kansas are connected when you are sitting in your chair at home. If you step back from it you can.
Taurus… The week of February 16th,   2015
You are in a much better space than you have been in quite some time.  I see a vision of you on a bicycle peddling through a park and just taking a minute to stop and see the beautiful landscape.
You take a deep breath and with a smile on your face you move on. There is a sureness, a confidence that you were lacking for a time which has come back in full balance now. I see a new purpose coming forth in your energy.
Gemini… The week of February 16th,   2015
I see a wisdom from the past moving into your energy field. I can even smell a fragrance of a flower that almost brings a tear to my eyes. It sounds poetic or musical and I can hear the words saying in almost a whisper, you are loved, you are loved.
Be receptive to messages from those in spirit who love you and want to share messages and blessings with you.
Cancer… The week of February 16th,   2015
Wow! You are really more grounded than I have seen you in some time. Many of you may have decided to change some of your health habits or incorporate a more balanced life style.
Keep yourself fit and in good shape because you are going to need the support of a balanced body, mind and spirit this summer. Shine on Baby!
Leo… The week of February 16th,   2015
Your heart is wide open and you are searching for something to make sense of all of this. You have worked hard to get where you are and yet your mind begins to wander and asks what is next?
Start looking for a diversion to keep your monkey mind from creating sadness where there should be none. Listen to some music that fills your soul. Let it cleanse your mind of that competitive place that no longer serves you.
Some competition is necessary but when it starts taking your joy rather than fueling your purpose it is time to shift gears.
Virgo… The week of February 16th,   2015
You may be feeling a bit lonely but know that you are never alone. Some folks may be falling off as your vibration is not what it once was and it just doesn’t feel comfortable for either of you right now.
This is a clue to go inward and find consolation within as there are messages from the collective that have been waiting for you. I am being told to tell you to check your spiritual mail. If those who have fallen away return than it is meant to be.
Libra… The week of February 16th,   2015
Rest is important this week. If you need help ask for it, as you have offered so much to others in various ways. Those who care for you will drop what they are doing to assist you in what you need.
Actually some may be flattered to be called into service by you. Pay attention to your back and lower hips. Be on the receiving end of hugs!
Scorpio… The week of February 16th,   2015
I see a vision of two wheels with teeth working together as a gear. It seems as if a bit of your shirt has gotten caught in the teeth and neither you nor the gear is able to move.
This may be frustrating but a necessary experience for you. You just have to wait for help when someone (perhaps the universe) appears to cut the cloth and allow you to walk away. Eventually the little piece of the cloth from your shirt that is left in the gear gets free and the gear goes back its job with no complaints or excuses
You may lose a little piece of cloth but it is a lesson well learned.
Sagittarius… The week of February 16th,   2015
Relax and let your energy dictate your activities this week. You may be feeling more hungry right now but this could be a result of not getting quality sleep.
If you give into the hunger try to keep within the boundaries of healthy fruits and vegetable if you can.  Family and socializing is important.
Capricorn… The week of February 16th,   2015
Take your frustrations out in some form of physical activity. This can be any kind of sport or exercise. This could even be as simple as organizing your closet or someone else’s.
Break out of your normal routine and do something totally different. You just need to shake things up a bit. You are usually Johnny on the spot. Maybe say no to something that you usually would do that you don’t want to do.
Aquarius… The week of February 16th,   2015
Be generous with your time and energy. Give credit where credit is due. There are those around you who need your input and support. You may not think that your opinion counts but it does.
 You can turn a frown upside down for someone and assist that person on a bright new path or help pick them up and dust them off on the one they are on now.
Pisces… The week of February 16th,   2015
I see a vision of you with your feet in the water. It seems that a good soak will help untangle the balls of energy that seem to be causing you some problems.
I am being told to tell you that this must be a gentle process and not to force anything. Just sit back and allow the water to do its work.

This could also be a metaphor for something else in your life. If it is, you will figure it out.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekly Message from Merlin and Scopes 2/9/15

Message form Merlin               Week of February 9th 2015
This week we will do much of our spiritual classroom activity as we always do. In the heart chakra Home truly is where the heart is.

 When you into a different physical location and feel a bit uncomfortable bring your focus to your attention on your heart.  This doesn’t always have to be a big move from on house to another. It can also be a move in circumstances such as changes in a job, a relationship into a group of people that are unfamiliar.

This will also work to give you peace when you are feeling lonely, fearful or unsure of yourself when you are doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Do your cleansing breath and go into your meditation. Focus on your heart and when you feel centered and connected to the Divine start building your home with in your heart. Start with the foundation and build up from there.

Whenever you feel unsure go to your home. Go to your heart. Everything around you can and will change but the foundation of your connection with your true place of safety and comfort. your true home will give you the strength to carry on.

Until next time

Hello my Friends,
Thank you all for coming to my blog site and joining me as a student of the Ascended Master Merlin and others enlightened Beings.
If you live in the Denver area I will be the channel for more of Merlin’s teachings at The First Spiritual Science church. It is an ongoing channeling class You can drop in anytime. Go to then click on events and see the flyer for information.
Blessings and gratitude
Here are The MerlinScopes for the week!
 MerlinScopes         Week of February 9th  2015
Aries… The week of February 9th   2015
Be aware of the power of your thoughts and words. Are you ignoring your intuitive connection to the Divine? Don’t sell yourself short or give your power away as you are in perfect alignment with the Creator.
 Become the co-creator with the higher power and don’t put so much stock in what others say or do. Chances are that you may be around some folks of lower vibrations. Shake it off and take the high road!
Taurus… The week of February 9th   2015
I see a vision of you walking out of a dense fog and into a lovely summer day Things should clear up for you a bit this week and your motivation is back on track. I see a plan or decision is coming into your consciousness as you take a step forward in to the least cluttered part of your life. Where ever that may be. You will know.
 The Collective refers this as the plain and simple truth of the road you must take to make the shift from the lower vibrational thinking into clarity.
Gemini… The week of February 9th   2015
You can only make your life look bright and shiny on the surface for so long. Eventually the layers held deep within the shadow will float to the top and force you to deal with it.
Take a step back from others and deal with the under-current of emotions or you may have a bit of a meltdown which may involve damaging public or personal relationships that you may want to keep.
Cancer… The week of February 9th   2015
Keep your cool this week. This is a good time to just listen and observe what is going on around you. Try not to over-react to someone else’s inability to take responsibility for their own behaviors and emotions. You are not responsible for their feelings.
Leo… The week of February 9th   2015
Take care in sharing information this week. If you have a great idea just keep a lid on it until you have all of the tools that you need to put it into place. There is a possibility of someone intercepting that ball as I am seeing a vision of a quarterback throwing a ball and another player catching it and scoring for the opposing team.
If you share too soon you may leave yourself open to criticism that will inhibit your creative process and motivation to explore this idea. And make the adjustment needed to take it to the next level.

Virgo… The week of February 9th   2015
Let yourself live a little bit this week. Catch up with friends and social activities. Stop thinking that you aren’t being productive and go with the flow. There are things going on behind the scenes that could be a bit overwhelming for you. I don’t see this in a negative light.
 Don’t allow yourself to worry about not having enough. There is plenty to go around. This is a useless waste of time and there really will be more than enough. If you are going to pray for anything, ask to be free of all worry. Now that’s productive!
Libra… The week of February 9th   2015
Love, love, love! I see you surrounded by hearts. I see this in so many ways. This may play out in relationships that you are already in or perhaps searching for a new one. I also see some of you loving on a pet or doing something connected with higher consciousness in the way of sharing your resources or time.
Enjoy and bask in love this week as I see the sun is wanting to shine upon you. You can always choose to put up an umbrella to block the warm rays but what fun would that be?
Scorpio… The week of February 9th   2015
I am hearing the words; Wildly Creative” for you this week. It seems that there has recently been a bit of space created in your life and you are being urged to take advantage of the possibilities.
I also hear; Ask and you will receive.” I see this in relationship to the Divinity with in you. In the heart chakra where your own personal connection to the Creator lives. I see a brightly lighted sign saying “Ask Here!”
Sagittarius… The week of February 9th   2015
I see a vision of you creating a new world in your heart. This is a place where everyone loves and respects each other whether they deserve it or not. Unconditional love lives here and all are welcome!
This is not burying your head in the sand. This is creating a new perception of your existence because as you build this world in your heart it will expand to every part of your being and you will soon see evidence of this in your day to day life.
Capricorn… The week of February 9th   2015
This is a week of reflection as I see you sitting next to a calm magical pond that reflects not only your image but also the choices that you made that brought you to the place where you are now.
I see a vision of the roads possible for you. None of them are wrong choices as you are just choosing where your next lessons in love and life will be.
Choose wisely but don’t chose out of fear or just settle because one may look easier than another. That may be an illusion.
Aquarius… The week of February 9th   2015
Take a deep breath and keep your head above the crowd. I am not telling you to think of yourself as being above others in any way. What I am being told is that you may be called upon to assist others who are in need at this time.
I see that you have aches, pains and problems of your own but as a collective your group is sometimes called upon to assist others whether it be emotional need, intellectual or physical. Perhaps in just being there is what is needed.  Listen for your call to action.
Pisces… The week of February 9th   2015
Stop second guessing yourself and just know that you are walking in the right direction. This is a time for you to go forward in blind faith as there is a higher calling directing you on your path. I see a vision of you walking in a spot light.

 This could mean many things but the interpretation I am getting is that even though there is darkness all around you and you can only see what seems like a few steps ahead, know that that light will be directed and shining on you no matter which way you turn.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Message from Merlin The Alchemy of Love 2/1/15

Message from Merlin…  The Alchemy of Love          February 1, 2015

February comes in with a strong presence. It seems as if there is a long silence between the celebrations of fall and early winter until the spring frost turns to dew on the leaves of the wildflowers in the mist of the mountains which is one of my favorite places to be.

This month brings in the ever present yet elusive energies of love. I encourage all of you to celebrate the energy of love this month. There are many of you who are seeking to find a soul mate to be the instrument of opening the deep love within your heart. There is a warm loving feeling that exists in the air and being a part of this is a treasure indeed.

I encourage those of you who have someone special in their life to honor this person and your union. Those of you who are searching or who have had that love and the object of your affection has passed on can still honor that soul as the ones who have passed can still feel your love. In fact it is helpful for them as they are also on a path of learning in the realm of spirit.

For those who are still looking I say start with in your heart. Feel that fantastic power of love. Buy a gift for your heart if that makes you feel loved. Go into your meditation and have a conversation with your physical heart giving gratitude and love for the wonderful life it continues to bring you. In doing this, you will surely attract love into your life. Pay attention to the subtle acts of love. As you do this and recognize this more love will be attracted to your life.

And there you have it my wonderful seekers of light and love!
May love me with you!


 My gratitude to all of you who read the Merlin Scopes and other channelings and books that are dedicated to making the consciousness on this planet bigger and better!
Now here are the MerlinScopes for the Month of February and the first week of the month.
It is my pleasure to share this with you.

Merlin Scopes   for  February 2015   by Kay

Aries for the Month of February 2015
This month is all about listening to your intuition. Praying is asking; but meditation and quiet time is how we listen and receive the intuitive hints. This doesn’t mean that you will hear a loud voice that will come down from the heavens. This just allows space for the answers to come into awareness when the time is right and you are most receptive to receive. This may come in a few different ways.
Trust spirit and angelic intervention to assist you in three different areas of your life. These areas are relationships, career and unblocking your imagination to the possibilities of unlimited resources.
If you experience a setback or perhaps this just doesn’t look like you expect it to look, don’t lose heart or feel as if you have failed. I am being told to tell you not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Clear your mind and allow yourself to expect the unexpected.
This is a month of refreshing renewal of mental and physical energies. I also see light beings of the spirit realm close to your aura offering gifts to help you move forward. They would like permission to open your life to new approaches to achieving prosperity and love.
Your Light Being
I see Shiva dancing in circles and looking like a Dust Devil swirling and twirling blocked energy from your aura. This is a time of acceptance. If something or someone leaves your life, know that this is for your best interest and meant to be. Bless this and move your attention elsewhere.
Your Animal Guide
A Musk Ox is coming forward to offer assistance for you this month. You have great endurance and have only grown stronger throughout time. It is time however, to ask for help from your physical allies and your spiritual network.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Aquamarine will attract support from others, calm your mind, align you chakras and enlist communication from the higher energies.
Aries… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
You may be focused on what you want this week. It may be a good idea to have some clarity about why you want it and how it would benefit your life and those around you. Is it because all of the cool kids have one? Is it just a whim or perhaps you are feeling it is your turn to get what you want? Ask yourself if your desire fills your soul and how it will serve you.
Ultimately having this desire manifest in your life may require more energy and resources to maintain than you expected, or come with obligations or responsibilities you haven’t considered.

Taurus for the Month of February 2015
Have you been scheming about ways to make things happen for yourself in ways that aren’t exactly in the best interest of everyone? More than likely, that thought hasn’t crossed your mind as you seem to have tunnel vision right now.
I see a vision of you in a creek panning for gold. You are there for many hours. There is a doe and her fawn hidden not far from the creek waiting to get a drink but she will not come forward until you leave. It is as if your being there is throwing the natural balance off, but you seem to be so focused on your desire to find a golden nugget that you have forgotten how this affects others. It is not as if you are being intentionally cruel, just oblivious to everything around you.
The message I have for you today is “Handle with Care.” Be mindful of your actions as we are all connected and everything that you do affects the nature of all things. Take time to stop and see the beauty that is in your life and all around you. Be present in all that you do and say.
Your Light Being
Mother Mary is available to you this month to help you recognize that everything you do is sacred and deserves to be intentional and mindful. I see her beautiful heart connecting with yours and downloading information that has been long forgotten. Perhaps this is because you have fallen a bit out of balance. The vision she shows me of this connection is beautiful and makes me a bit teary. Take time to connect with her. She has great love to share with you.
Your Animal Guide
A Cardinal is here to help you herald in new and refreshing energies. It also serves as a reminder of your soul purpose and the lessons of compassion and consciousness.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Amethyst will bring in a higher vibration and help you connect with the purpose you seek. Wear and/or hold it often as I see an intervention from the higher realms in the form of a Master teacher, a Light Being who has been waiting for your permission to intervene.
Taurus… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
Watch for signs and gut feelings in business and personal dealings. You may have already stepped into something that just felt wrong; but you can always step back and check in with your intuition; and put your right foot forward. Make sure you check in with your body as well.

 Gemini for the Month of February 2015
This is a great time to reap some wonderful opportunities and gains of all sorts, especially in the areas of relationships and finances.
The key to increasing the flow of good fortune is in allowing yourself to absolutely love where you are right now. When you recognize the perfection and grace within your life, more abundance and good fortune will be attracted to you. Like moths to a flame!
Anywhere you put your attention is where you will prosper. So make wise choices in where you spend your daydreams, thoughts and words. Don’t waste time in idle chatter as you can be doing more productive things with your words.
You may be offered an amazing opportunity, the chance of a lifetime. It is all in how you chose to respond that will affect your role in this situation. Ask your heart of hearts if this is in alignment with your true desire and purpose.
Talk often with your angels as they are close to you at this time and they are here to respond to your every question. Listen for answers in songs, signs and chance meetings.
Your Light Being
 Archangel Raziel is available to move heaven on to earth and mountains of opportunities onto your path. Ask Raziel to intervene on your behalf.
Your Animal Guide
A Turkey Vulture is making an appearance to tell you that you should pay attention to opportunities that others have thrown away. It is not because these opportunities are unworthy; they are just not a good fit for those who tossed them aside. They may be a perfect fit for you. This can be in career, business, or in relationships. Keep an eye out.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Blue Agate for your throat chakra and to bring peace of mind.
Gemini… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
You are brilliant this week! Your patience has been wearing thin lately as you wait for things to manifest. You will get hints and conformation that will assure you that you are on the right path. Listen to music that frees your soul and don’t forget to dance!

 Cancer for the Month of February 2015
Keep your head above all of the negativity in the world. You are extremely sensitive to emotional waves of energy that are rolling across the planet. This energy is always ever present; but during this period you are more susceptible to falling into the global shadow and forgetting to pay attention to the light in your own life.
I see a vision of the waves of energy tossing you here and there. You instinctively grab a tree to keep you from getting swept away. I would say that you have very good instincts as embracing mother earth is one of the best ways of releasing negative energy and grounding yourself.
You might want to avoid watching the news or paying attention to negativity on social media sites, or listening to friends who are caught up in the injustices of politics and such. If you fall prey to this doomsday thinking, you may find your positive thinking friends, family and even pets heading in the other direction to avoid your energy.
Speaking of friends, family and pets, there may be someone near to you who needs some TLC or medical intervention. Keep an eye on your pets and those close to you for any unusual behaviors. Chances are it will be something small; but it is always good to check in to anything out of the norm.
I see you turning a page and getting a new and clean start this month. It is time for you to write a new story and release the outdated version. I see a magical quill pen appearing from spirit.
Your Light Being
Call on Lord Lanto if you are feeling overwhelmed by the all of the darkness and injustice in the world. He will bring your awareness back into the light stream of the consciousness of the Central Sun.
Your Animal Guide
Spider is coming forward to remind you to avoid getting caught up in your own web. Spider asks you to open your mind to other possibilities and don’t believe everything you hear. Allow your intuition to take you to higher places which will help serve you better than actions and behaviors based on fear.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Amber will protect you from negative energy and balance your aura.
Cancer… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
Give yourself two full days of rest. You have been running on empty and need to relax or you may start reaching for those fast energy treats to boost your energy. You might find yourself back stepping on some issues before you decide to move forward.

 Leo for the Month of February 2015
This is a good time to do some deep inner work. By this I mean digging deeply into your emotional baggage that is the source of knee-jerk reactions and snap judgments about yourself and others.
Do you sometimes find yourself taking someone else’s inventory for them? This only means it is time to make a list of your own and start working to clear some of these things. Maybe it is easier to clean up messes for other people so you get a Hoo Raa from the ego and other people but you still find yourself languishing within.
You may find the things you say carry a lot more weight than you ever imagined. Start monitoring your interactions and thoughts about others. Are you projecting some of your fears and attitudes onto others?  
The good news is that you are being encouraged to clear these things from your mind and for a great reason. Your higher self wants to make more room for abundance and prosperity. This will further your abilities to create what you really want. Projects will pay off this month and you will realize your hard work has been worthwhile. Be clear about what your next step is.
Your Light Being
Shiva is available to help you break down barriers and make space. Call on Shiva!
Your Animal Guide
Squirrel is here to help you prepare for change. Let go of those things that no longer serve you and collect the things that will nourish and support your health, success and joy.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Chalcedony will bring your body, mind and spirit into alignment. It will assist you in group projects and telepathy.
Leo… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
You have a bit more clarity and insight into a sticky situation. It may be best to pull back and gather your resources. This includes giving yourself the kudos that you deserve. Remember it is not always what you do but how you do it that makes others remember you.

Virgo for the Month of February 2015
This is a wake-up call to remind you that wonderful things are right around the corner and that it would be wise to stop looking back and using the past as a frame of reference for your future. Don’t jump into something that doesn’t suit your true desires or takes you in a different direction than what you know as your truth in your heart and soul.
I am being shown a vision of you with your feet literally planted in the earth and your eyes looking over the horizon at a unique combination of colorful clouds and a gorgeous sun setting over the mountain tops.
This is actually a wonderful time for you as long as your intentions are true and light. Opportunities for abundance and recognition are in your reach this month. In fact it may be hard to avoid them; not that you want to.  
Something creative is coming into your consciousness and it is something that will possibly be of great assistance to others. The universe is smiling upon you this month so take advantage of this and open your spiritual tool box and let the alchemy begin!
Your Light Being
Merlin is making a strong entrance ino your energetic field this month. I hear him saying that producing the perfect opportunities are within your wisdom. Step into your power and strength as the co-creator that you are!
p.s. He is saying this really loudly!
Your Animal Guide
The crow can sometimes be the Trickster and has a hand in magic of all sorts. Crow says that you have his undivided attention and dutifully awaits your command to find the things you need and make you aware of anything that you should know about that will help you discover your awesomeness. Call on crow!
Your stone or Mineral helper
Fire Opal will awaken your personal power and assist you in attracting powerful allies as well as protect you from those who may not have your best intentions at heart.
Virgo… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
Use your energy wisely. Get a head start on a project so that you are not waiting until the last minute. Watch out for warnings including physical reminders. This may be a situation that has played itself out before. What did you learn from this? Put the brakes on this and hit the re-set button.

Libra for the Month of February 2015
I see a spark of humility this month. Humility is a beautiful thing and you wear it well. There is something inspiring about humility. Although, you may be admired for your authenticity and creative flare, your humility inspires others and lets those who are a bit unsure and inhibited know they can also do these things.
Jesus had this same kind of humility when he said that those who would come after him would do even greater things. This is a wonderful time to study or teach about abundance and love. The two are closely linked. It is perfectly acceptable to love money as long as you share some of your blessings with those in need. Not for tax reasons or because you feel pressured…Just because.
Expect to be popular and very busy this month. Try to ground yourself through proper nutrition and exercise. It is also good to touch base with friends who help bring you back from the spinning Cosmos. Your creativity and intuition is off the hook and right on.
Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ consciousness is walking beside you and giving you messages as well as gentle nudges in the right direction. Listen carefully as he has great wisdom to share with you.
Your Animal Guide
A huge, beautiful Eagle has come forth to share energy with you and offer a vision quest. Eagle invites you to become one with him in your meditations and fly across the skies. See the world from his perspective.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Moldavite holds a high vibration and will connect you to messages from the Ascended Masters and Light Beings. It will also activate any other crystals around it.
Libra… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
You may want to pull your energy in a bit this week and spend some time with books or activities that help re-fuel your soul. You have been busy which is wonderful; but just like the seasons, there is a time to rest and receive.

Scorpio for the Month of February 2015
Rate yourself on the “Happy Scale” from 1 to 10. How do your activities align with your dream of what you would like your world to feel like?  Notice that I said feel, not look. Feelings are very important this month as it is time to go inward and really experience your feelings.
Sometimes we can be fooled into thinking that seeing is believing; but that is not always the case. It is kind of like statistics. You can make something look any way you want it to. So keep that in mind before you find yourself buying into someone else’s marketing scheme of what success should look like.
You really do need to set aside a quiet space for yourself. When you go inward to check in with your Happy Scale make sure that you send your ego off to the mall or somewhere that will not influence or taint your true feelings.
Avoid getting caught up in anything that seems like a quick fix as this will only come back to haunt you later on. Integrity is important. Don’t get caught up in anything competitive.
Do what you do out of loving what you are doing. If you find yourself tempted to stretch the truth or to do something that is not coming from a place of charity, a sense of unity, caring and love you might want to take a step back and check in with your heart of hearts.
Your Light Being
Mahatma Gandhi is available to assist you in standing in your truth and finding peace in the midst of the mechanical mind of the masses. Call on him.
 Your Animal Guide
Tiger has come forward to help you in finding peace and love in just being with yourself and trusting your own instincts and guidance. Tiger doesn’t listen to the chatter of the monkey or the gossip of the birds in the forest.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Azeztulite will aid you in meditation and in achieving a state of nothingness that will assist you in making important decisions.  
Scorpio… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
This is a good time to focus on your heart and channel your thoughts into the intimate home of the Divine. Surrender your will and make sure you are both on the same page. This is not a contest of the wills; and I think you know who will eventually win so you might as well release the grip you have on your plan.

Sagittarius for the Month of February 2015
Change is constant and unyielding. This may be the time to monitor the events within you and those things that are happening in your environment.
Observe and surrender to change. Keep a smile on your face and your opinions closely guarded. There may be changes in duties and titles. There may be re-organization going on with in your work place or home life. Some coming and some going.
Transformation is the key word this month. I am being shown that a big part of you would like to hang on to the way things are as I see a vision of you in a tornado holding on to a flag pole with all of your might.
 Eventually your body can no longer hold on and forces you to fly away with the wind. I see lots of debris flying around which barely touches you before you land on your feet in a field looking back at a structure that you once clung so tightly to. You realize that you have a choice of re-building where you were before, or moving your attention to a new place.
Listen to your body and look at your life. If you are not feeling enthusiastic then make some changes. I am not saying quit your job and become a poet; just try to incorporate more joyful activities or hobbies into your life. Something you are passionate about. These could evolve into new ways of making a living.
Your Light Being
Thomas Edison is available to brainstorm with you. He has many ideas and opportunities to share with you. Call on him.
Your Animal Guide
Opossum says that you can call on her to let you know when it is a good time to lay low and pretend that you are part of the scenery to find out information that will help you.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Apache Tear will absorb any negative energy that may be the result of fallout from others or help absorb some of your old stuff.
Sagittarius… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
Keep an ear out for hidden information. Someone might not be telling you the whole story. Look for cracks in explanations and pay attention to body language.

Capricorn for the Month of February 2015
Water is very important for you right now. It makes no matter if you drink it, soak in it, sail on it or fly over it. I am getting a strong message from the collective to tell you to be especially mindful in your consumption and use of water.
Merlin is telling me that you need to be reminded of how powerful your intentions are. He shows me a vision of you stepping into a beautiful lake. You appear a bit tired.  Your  auric field is very close to your body and there seems to be some places where it is not shining.
 As you continue into the depths of the water you are talking to the water just as you would another person. Your voice is loving and sincere as you express your gratitude as you run your fingers through the water. Your gratitude gives way to joy and the entire lake seems to brighten and shimmer with angelic light.
You give one last thanks and walk out of the lake and your aura is expanded and looks like a light show of many fantastic colors. I can feel the presence of your transformation.
So there you have it. Transformation is the key this month. Bless your water in every way. Use your tools of alchemy. Your tools are your intentions and heart centered desires to be more!
Your Light Being
Merlin of course! He is available day and night to work with you in any which way you choose as long as it addresses the good of all!
Your Animal Guide
A big black cat has come forward to help you communicate with the Earth Elementals and Earth Angelic Kingdoms. He says that the key to those kingdoms is in knowing how to purr. You can figure that one out on your own.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Pietersite will help you incorporate your spiritual life with your everyday life.
Capricorn… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
Easy does it this week. You may be feeling a little thin skinned and on edge emotionally. Be kind to yourself and avoid those with harsh energies. They may not be trying to offend you but you may interpret things outside of their intended context. You have my permission to lay low this week.

 Aquarius for the Month of February 2015
I see a vision of you following another who is on a path. There is only room for one on this path. Every time you try to walk side-by-side, the other person bumps you off. Nevertheless, you continue to try to get back on the path with them instead of focusing on your own.
You don’t need to carry burdens that don’t belong to you. Being sensitive to others’ needs is truly a gift; but you must allow them to walk their own path. You can be there to provide support and listen; but you can’t fix everything for ever one. Attempting to fix others’ problems is actually robbing others of valuable lessons and pulling your attention away from your own opportunities for expansion.
Never forget the Divine Presence and Angels are working with each and every one of us. Always call on them for guidance and to help others do the same. Remember you can suggest; but you can’t do it for them.
It is good to plan ahead but obsessing about the future is not a productive use of your time or talent. Neither is settling for something less than what you desire or know in your heart is what you want. Don’t compromise by resorting to tactics that fall short of your integrity out of fear.  Are you picking up fears that don’t belong to you?
Your Light Being
Archangel Michael is available to lift that heavy load that you have taken on. I see some cords that need to be cut and some old beliefs that need to be released. Call on him.
Your Animal Guide
Deer is coming forward to remind you to be gentle with yourself. In the still quiet of the forest deer trusts her instincts Trust yours.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Rutilated Quartz will clean up your aura and help you let go of the past.
Aquarius… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
You start your week on a high note as the energies seem to be smiling on you this week. Give yourself a pat on the back for not feeding into someone else’s drama.

Pisces for the Month of February 2015
Big changes are happening this month. Some of these changes will be reflected in your life through your career and on a personal level. You may find it difficult to navigate these waters; but you are being encouraged to wait out the storm as it passes and all things will begin anew. Change is not always easy for you and you may have some difficulties in your health if you dig your heals in and resist the flow.
There may be something unusual that you encounter within your own personal life that may surprise you. Seek information from a trusted source who has only your best interest at heart. This may even be a professional as they would not have a personal agenda.
This is a time of great spiritual significance for you. Those of you who are mediums may have more communication with spirit than you would normally. You may even see them more clearly and communicate differently. Those of you who have never shared in these experiences may have the opportunity to do so, as I see a vision of a large veil or a spirit web that seems to be shifting closer to you in the physical plane.
I also see this as creative communication with the higher realms. It is a gift. You may just have answers to questions and know things that you have never known about before. You have nothing to fear as I see many Guardians of the highest level surrounding you through this ‘slight adjustment’, as this is what the Collective is calling this process.
Stay grounded with healthy food and activities that inspire a positive flow.
Your Light Being
Kwan Yin is here to offer you compassion and unconditional love. She will direct you to the places and people that will heal your soul, heart and bruised ego.
Your Animal Guide
Wolf is here to offer her protection and remind you of the pack mentality. Remember this can serve you in wonderful ways but it can also be a fierce weapon that can hurt others when used improperly.
Your stone or Mineral helper
Blue Topaz will assist in opening your Third Eye and connect you with your psychic energies.
Pisces… The week of February 1st through February 7th 2015
I see a vision of you treading water. Spirit is asking if it wouldn’t be better to roll over on your back and float. Don’t let yourself get anxious if things are not going exactly as planned, just breathe through it.                                                                              

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