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Merlin Chronicles by Kay for May 2019

Merlin Chronicles         by Kay               for May 2019

Thank you all for your patience. I wasn’t able to do the April 2019 Scopes due to torn tendons on my right arm that required surgery. I also was in an area that was affected by a fiber cable cut which left me without service for a while. I live in an area of town that is booming, and sometimes the construction crews forget about underground cables.
Last month was like a roller coaster ride for many of us, and I am so happy that we are finally getting out of the bad weather.

Musically, I was stunned to find out that I am being nominated for Female Vocalist and Come Back Artist for 2019 by The Colorado Country Hall of Fame. Especially because my primary genre is Blues and rock. The Colorado Country people in here are lovely warm and welcoming, and they appreciate talent no matter what the style might be, and I appreciate them so much!

I am also working with a group of musicians who will be playing at Herman’s Hideaway here in Denver June 23rd.
I will be offering my Merlin Meditation and Channeling Teleconference on May 16th. Still only $ 29. It fills up really fast, and I haven’t scheduled a 2nd session for the month.   Here is the  link
If it is full and you are interested, contact me, and I might plan another if I get enough interest.

I will also have my group at First Spiritual Science Church on the 4th Saturday of May.
I do have a booth at the First Spiritual Science Church May 4th, and 5th at deeply discounted rates go to 
Wishing you a wonderful May!

Here are the scopes for May 2019

Merlin Scopes for May 2019

Aries Overview for May 2019
Sometimes the thing we want most is like water slipping through our fingers. You may be in a situation where surrendering is the best course of action. The Universe wants you to understand that what you seek may not be in your best interest. There is no need to discount your self or anyone else. The simple truth may be hard to take, but once you accept it, you will be able to move forward into a much better space and receive what is truly beneficial to you.

Always be aware you are building your present circumstances as well as your future. How you perceive and talk about what is happening in your life is crucial in creating your joy. If you can see your circumstances positively; you will attract more positive people and situations that will support what you desire.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mahatma Gandhi is stepping forward to support and assist you. One of his quotes, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Your Animal Guide
Dolphin is encouraging you to breathe deep and recognize the harmonies in your life and the environment. They may not always feel like they are working in the same frequencies, but they are creating perfection. Sometimes sending love to the most challenging situations is the only way to achieve better outcomes for all concerned.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Halite will help you find your inner balance through purification.

Taurus Overview for May 2019
You may be a channel for inspiration this month. New ideas that come from nowhere, or so it seems, can bring forth wonderful possibilities that will affect your life positively. You may be required to make some choices that are based on boundaries and how they will support the person you have become. I know you have made several adjustments over the past months, but there seems to be more clearing and adjustments that need to take place on a personal level.

You can’t be a people pleaser and be authentic to yourself. Step aside and allow spirit to make the tough choices by watching for signs and trusting your intuition. Try not to confuse intuition with what you would like to see happen or with what someone else wants you to do. 

You are being asked to set your ego aside and allow your Higher Self to bring what is best for you and those around you. These decisions will be based on love that is unconditional and unnegotiable. It is like surrendering to the will of a parent that knows what is best for you.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Archangel Chamuel is offering assistance on your journey through protection and love. Chamuel will help you connect with your Higher self and experience love in all of its purity while washing away lower vibrations that aren’t in alignment with true love. 

Your Animal Guide
Hedgehog will help you with creativity and support you in recognizing your intuition. Spend some time in nature if possible.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Amphibole Quartz is an angel stone that will connect you with higher vibrations and your angels.

Gemini Overview for May 2019
I see you leaving a lot of grievances and unproductive emotions in the past. It is almost as if you wake up one morning and all of it seems to be behind you. You might think about how much energy was wasted, or should I say, improperly used during the retrograde; but in truth, this was a gift.

The March 2019 Mercury retrograde was a rough one for you and the Super Moon may have brought things up in epic proportions. I see a vision of you being compared to a snow globe that has been shaken up, with all of the little flakes thrown around in different places. Those flakes were sitting sedentary in comfortable small hiding places for a long time and needed to be tossed about so you could take a better look at them and make some decisions about your life and your responsibility.

The time has come to take your power back and look at the authority and responsibility you have in shaping the past and your future. You now have a new awareness when you blame others for your situation. You have options, and you are free from allowing fear of loss or failure to be the cornerstone of your choices. You are luckier than some people who refuse to acknowledge the shadows in their lives or fess up to their part. Start the change from within. Be brave and fearless!

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Jesus is coming into your heart to help heal old wounds and create space for new love and light. Call on him often.

Your Animal Guide
Starfish is your animal guide this month. It can regenerate its limbs. You have the opportunity to heal yourself in many ways. Avoid trying to control or maneuver others by using displays of emotions. Chances are your audience cannot empathize with you and it is like trying to reason with the wind. If you have to go to these lengths, then it is best to turn around and walk away so you can align yourself with someone more in tune with your vibration.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fulgarite will help you with manifesting; and according to Judy Hall assist you in recalling  parts of your soul that have been lost due to traumatic experiences.

Cancer Overview for May 2019
You may have been struggling with the same issues over and over again and find yourself asking “when will it all end?” Sometimes your need to control situations creates an imbalance and becomes an obstacle in moving forward. The key here is to surrender, relax, and allow room for a divine intervention to come forward and assist you.

You may find this assistance in a partnership, and there could be an opportunity for an alliance or relationship. Be clear about your intentions and what aspects you are willing to share as well as compromises you will make in this relationship, whether it is personal or business. Remember it is in giving that will allow you to receive. Be supportive of others’ ideas and recognize their needs, even if this comes at a price. Know that the universe will multiply whatever you give 100 times and more.

You may be tying up some loose ends on an emotional level that will help create some closure in your life. New beginnings are on the horizon. Embrace new possibilities that will allow you to live a fuller life. Find some time to spend in sacred space perhaps in nature, where you are expected to do nothing more than breathe in the simplicity and perfection of the universe.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
St. Germain is available to assist you in transmuting any negative emotions or repetitive thoughts and ideas that hinder your progress in your desire to live a more authentic and prosperous life.

Your Animal Guide
A Buffalo is stepping forward to remind you the universe will always support you and all of your needs.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Halite will help you eliminate and dissolve negativity and emotional baggage that doesn’t support your highest good.

 Leo Overview for May 2019
You won’t get much done if you find yourself overthinking the future or the past. When you think too far ahead, you may become anxious and unfocused. And if you think about what I could’ve or would have done in the past, you lose your ability to attend to things that are happening right now. Your best bet is to recognize these thought patterns and pull yourself back to center, back to the present. Although things might not be to your liking right now, know there are changes happening in the background.

You may have outgrown the situation in your life, and the universe is supporting and perhaps pushing you in new directions. The strong independent Leo personality wants to take control and make everything happen right now. Maybe you are feeling a bit insecure about letting go of some things that have served you. Call on your faith and know that your highest good is working in your best interest. If what you desire seems out of reach, don’t take it personally. Something better is coming that is better suited to who you have become.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Leonardo da Vinci is stepping forward to assist you in making life changes. As you know, he had many talents. When one project is put on hold, you busy yourself with another until divine timing allows. Call on him when you are feeling anxious or unsupported.

Your Animal Guide
An adorable Potbellied Pig is stepping forward to assist you this month. You have always been fortunate when you least expected it. Keep running on faith and luck will follow.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Oligoclase will restore your trust and faith.

Virgo Overview for May 2019
Virgos tend to overthink everything. One of your most verbalized thoughts would sound like “ I have got to do this or I have to do that.” It would be wise to use your mind more productively. You might not be able to get much accomplished at this time. Sometimes you need to learn how to turn your brain off, relax and smell the flowers. Better yet this is a perfect time for planning, rather than doing. I see you making some changes, perhaps in your lifestyle, at home, or in the way you approach life in general. Seeds and ideas you plant this month will blossom in the coming months.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up this month. I know you like life to be very predictable, but predictability can also hinder growth. Be open to new concepts that might change your outlook on life and how you choose to use your time. Give yourself a break in activities or perhaps take a much-needed relaxing vacation. Getting away from electronics and spending some time in nature will help restore the relationship with yourself and the world around you.

You might think of it as the calm before the storm. I am not saying this is going to be chaos, but this might be a time when one or more projects comes to a critical point in the coming months. It will be to your advantage to have a well-rested body, mind, and spirit in moving forward. Creativity will come more naturally when you enjoy what you are doing. If you are exhausted, you might feel like you are going through daily life walking in waist-high water.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Ascended master Lady Liberty is here to remind you the only prison that can affect your heart and soul is the one that you create.

Your Animal Guide
When I asked for your spirit animal to come forward, a beautiful Mallard Duck stepped up to tell you that the raindrops will roll off and become one with the beautiful lake that you glide upon; keep swimming.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Beryllonite, according to Judy Hall, will support you in opening to gifts of the spirit and holds crystallized light of a very high vibration. It will show you the difficulties that you are dealing with now are necessary for your development..

 Libra Overview for May 2019
Loyalty is paramount in your code of ethics. Don’t confuse loyalty with supporting activities and relationships that you have outgrown. When you involve yourself in activities that drain you, they no longer seem productive or fulfilling and steal your passion. You are entering a period where you are being asked to be loyal to yourself. You can’t be authentic and in integrity with others when you don’t allow the same for yourself.

Don’t try to force yourself to become excited about doing the same old thing, the same old way, knowing that it will more than likely deliver unsatisfactory results. You may benefit by pulling back temporarily or permanently from a situation.

Self-love and recognition of your spiritual journey will reveal the answers that you need. As I see it, you are leaping into a higher vibration; this could be on a personal level, in relationships, and professionally.

Be open to new opportunities that may present themselves. Do your homework and research before becoming involved or proceeding with a project. A half-baked presentation will be just that. Make sure you have all of the pieces of the puzzle. If you’re not sure how to proceed, wait until you have all of the information to ensure success.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Sigmund Freud is stepping forward to help you with one of his famous quotes “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Your Animal Guide
A donkey is stepping forward to remind you to trust your intuition before taking risks. Don’t rush into anything until your inner guidance supports outside opinions. The signs will be there for you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Clevelandrite will assist you during periods of significant change. It will help you make wise choices, especially regarding issues of trust.

Scorpio Overview for May 2019
Resist any temptation to dwell on past failures or make choices based on feelings of lack and distrust. The universe is here to support you in meeting all of your needs. Rely on simple spiritual principles regarding finance and security.

Now is not the time to find the cheapest solutions on any project that you may be hoping to see flourish. The rewards you receive will be based on your ability to see the big picture and what is needed to support this rather than cutting corners based on small temporary gains. Keep this in mind when you are doing business or perhaps building a good foundation in any relationship.

Get your house in order. Cleaning, clearing, and organization is good therapy in your inner world as well as your outer environment. You will sleep better, release tension and find clarity.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Michael Archangel will bring you peace and a new sense of security. Call on him often
Your Animal Guide
Zebra is here to help you think out-of-the-box. Not everything is black or white. There are gray areas. Use your creativity to make compromises. Don’t allow your ego to become a roadblock to your success.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Crackled Fire Agate energizes you physically and offers powerful protection. It works with your base chakra and stimulates creativity clearing all in its path.

Sagittarius Overview for May 2019
Now is not the time to dwell on the things that you don’t have. It is true that sometimes life may not seem fair. Others may have advantages that you don’t understand, and occasionally you might find yourself stuck in the pit of resentment and victimhood.
Sometimes, bad things do happen to good people; but out of the ashes, courage is created.

 Foundations of character are constructed through disappointment and painful life experiences when you learn to perceive them as lessons in life. You have the choice of action or reaction. Don’t get too comfortable and forget to emerge from the ashes.

You have the opportunity to acknowledge the gifts and achievements you have made as well as the beautiful people you have met along the way. Celebrate this with gratitude, humility, and grace and you will receive your due.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Ascended Master St. Germain will assist you in transmuting any negative energies created through thoughts of despair and disappointment. He will do this with gentle persuasion and love.

Your Animal Guide
Cougar is stepping forth to remind you of relationships and responsibilities as a leader and light being. Make clear decisions based on facts. Now is the time to move forward.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Preseli Bluestone forms the inner stone at Stonehenge, according to Judy Hall. As a stone of ancient memory, it can help you align your energy, as above so below.

Capricorn Overview for May 2019
Keep yourself informed when it comes to dealing with health issues, whether it is your own or someone else’s. I see a vision of you weaving energies just like you would if you were creating a colorful garment.

Working with others, and cooperating is vital. In some instances, you may feel like you’re walking into the wind. It feels like a war of the wills. It is like trying to force two magnets together. They will always resist and repel each other. You cannot force your will upon someone else, and it might benefit you to go with the flow and respect other people’s opinions and boundaries as a means of compromising.

 You may find this message expands beyond health issues and includes other areas of your life, including relationships and career. If you give respect, you will receive respect. Trying to be too forceful may result in someone else responding negatively to your suggestions. They might become unreceptive and tune you out when it comes to future ideas.

You may have experienced a feeling of being stifled in your present situation creating anxiety and a desire to move forward. Distinct possibilities may present themselves during this period that may bring answers. Have faith and know that the divine and the universe is working for you and not against you. All in good time.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Edgar Cayce and the Arcturians are offering their wisdom and support for you at this time. Heal yourself, and you will help heal the planet. Inner change is the movement that you need right now.

Your Animal Guide
A small Lhasa Apso dog is coming forward to offer assistance this month. He reminds you that great and mighty things come in small containers. Bigger is not always better.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Neptunite will help you resolve feelings of anger and resentment and help you understand your present experience.

Aquarius Overview for May 2019
Above all else, trust and use your gifts of intuition! You may have new and expansive ideas, opportunities, experiences and possibilities offered to you during the summer months, so many that you won’t be able to research every one as well as you would like. You could even unearth some old experiences and opportunities that you passed on or discarded presenting themselves for a second look.

Some of these might still seem like they are out of your reach. In these cases, I see you putting them on the shelf to perhaps use at a later date. I usually would say that it would benefit you to ask those around you to assist you, but in this process, the decisions are personal and must be sorted out by you and by yourself.

You will need to stabilize your energy and balance yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. For lack of a better explanation, might I just say that this looks like downloads from spirit of information that is inspiring and creative? For some folks who are more linear in their thinking and expression, this could look like creative ideas and inspired thoughts concerning aspects of your career and personal relationships. A new and expansive way in which you perceive the physical world and beliefs concerning limitation may emerge.
Keeping a journal to jot down information would be beneficial.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Ascended master Metatron is offering assistance in opening new doors, physically as well as spiritually to connect you to the source of the oneness of the universal consciousness. All the ideas available in this world lie within this library of conscious wisdom and knowledge. Seek him out through intention and meditation. Know that the answers may not come immediately, but will be given through synchronicities that you experience in your daily living.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful majestic Hawk has offered to assist you in the delivery of your messages.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Elestrial Quartz will assist you on your soul path by aligning you with the highest vibrations of the divine bearing spiritual gifts.

Pisces Overview for May 2019
There is an emphasis on relationships during this period. Remove yourself from any situations in which you are not directly involved. Balance your friendships using common sense remembering that you don’t have a horse in the race. There could be a problem if you align with one side against another. Remain neutral.

Someone may confide in you or tell you secrets. Keep these things confidential as the flow of some complicated relationships could go awry, and you could get caught in the crossfire. Someone else’s experience does not need to become yours. Evaluate relationships based on your personal experience and your history with this person, rather than by how they’ve treated someone else. You may not know all the facts and have only one-sided information. You will find that in taking this stance, you will deepen and solidify existing relationships. Faulty alliances can be costly.

The forces of strength and endurance are working vigorously in your life. You do have the power, knowledge, and wisdom to forge ahead in most projects right now. Make sure that you have all the information and support needed. A false sense of security or being unprepared could result in aborting this and all future endeavors of this sort. Resist outside pressure to move forward on something when you’re not 100% committed. That being said, I do see potential, but make sure that you have crossed your t’s and dotted I’s.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
John Lennon steps forward to remind you that all is not what it seems. He asks you to write a sticky note or post something on your wall that says “Peace is Here and Peace is Now.” With every thought and every word you speak, you are building the foundations of your existence.

Your Animal Guide
A Porcupine is stepping up to offer his guidance and remind you that you are always protected and that you have healthy boundaries.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Blue Opal creates healthy connections among members of soul groups and will help you find answers in dealing with difficult relationships.

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