Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Merlin Chronicles

Happy 2013 Everyone!

It was really a busy holiday season for me. I must say that I enjoyed the activities more than usual. I attended and took part in a few celebrations and it really kept me in the present and able to enjoy the 12/21 energies.
 It seems that I have noticed more people than ever with health issues Including myself but I feel that  mine are small compared to what many others are dealing with. At any rate it seems that we are all be called into service to attend to the healing of ourselves and others.

Thank you all ! Here's the channeling

Merlin Chronicles    Jan 2013
Mother Mary
Good morning and peace be with you! Many letters have been brought to my attention. You might refer to them as letters to God, affirmations or petitions for healing, prosperity and love for the New Year. We want you to know that we do see these written words and hear your prayers and each one is evaluated and answered. Perhaps not always in the same way that you would prefer or expect but none the less they are answered. Sometimes these are answered with no action at all. This mostly occurs when the action needed to change a situation or bring someone into your life requires substantial emotional or spiritual growth to move forward and perhaps your request may change once the personal shift has brought forth your own answers.
 The wisdom of the higher self is sometimes forgotten.  I am here to remind you of your relationship with your higher self. When you are writing these letters or saying the prayers, always invite your higher self to be the main contributor and interpreter. When the answer coming to your awareness begins with pure divine unconditional love of yourself and the creator within, then you know that you are ready to expand that magical warm light of attraction throughout your physical body and radiate it throughout the rest of your life. This is true spiritual manifestation my dear one, true spiritual alchemy.
2013 The year of family
This is the year of the family. This may be a biological relationship or your soul or spiritual family. The devastation that occurred in the later part of 2012, and especially those incidents which involved children awakened a new awareness of family and love on the planet. This caused people to question the money and “prosperity at all costs” mentality. Money can always be replaced but the physical presence of a loved one cannot. People will be willing to take less pay, live with extended family and live within their means in the coming year. For this we are grateful as this opens a pathway to living your true purpose on the planet. Yes you are always asking what your purpose is and now you are finally beginning to understand you are in this body to explore, give and receive love, and to respect all aspects of the emotions attached to the word love. Sometimes these lessons come at a high price and only are only realized by the loss of those whom you love and cherish the most. We feel your sorrow and have great compassion for you losses. Those of you who have learned the message from these tragedies will hold your families a little closer.
Love each other.  Build Community. Find true comfort in family, in music and preparing good healthy food together as a family or community. Give gratitude and take pride in the preparation and sharing of meals. Build love by spending time together.
Send great light to the nations who are stuck in the karmic relationship of war, especially to Pakistan. They don’t know nor can they see a way of breaking this cycle. This is all they know.  But first make light in your own life and community through being conscious of the comfort and love you have. Don’t do anything unconsciously. Be aware and attentive to all of your activities. Enjoy being present with those you are sharing the moment with. Even with those that you don’t get along with. Trust that this person is in your life for a purpose. Then you can truly make a difference elsewhere. Send light to the situation and then step back. Do not get caught up in the emotional energy or obsess about the situation. Move on.
Saint Germain
Blessings to all! This Year was such a gift especially the holidays. The love created by your emotions and intentions was far beyond our expectations. Many of you gathered together in different parts of the world to create a constant ocean of light flowing through new populations, creating new vortexes and fortifying the existing grid by a thousand times your own personal power. The power of unconditional love in this new energy may not feel like the kind of love you have known in the past. It may feel less personal and more about community, “for the good of the many rather than the few. We caution you to make efforts to be less critical and more curious about the lifestyles and actions of others. Karmic action will become lightning fast and as you form an opinion or make a judgment about another person or group, you may be put to the test in that very situation that you have attached an emotional feeling towards. We suggest that you ask you higher self and guides to give you understanding and wisdom of the situation so that you may step back and allow your truth to unfold rather than becoming a player in the drama that is taking place.
A great clearing has taken place and many souls have left their physical bodies. Their love lives on in the physical world through their deeds, art and emotional impact. The message they give is “you are blessed to be in this physical form to feel the love and touch of each other, create art and invent so many amazing things.” Treat each day with reverence and joy as these actions, words, creations, and deeds are all that truly remain in your memory as you leave this body.
One of the most important things is to be able to let go of those who have passed. They will come back from time to time with messages of comfort and encouragement. Some people do use the services of Mediums as it is much easier for someone who is not emotionally attached to converse and deliver messages to loved ones who are holding on to the memories of joy or guilt with a soul that has moved on.  For lack of a better explanation,   I will say that the person seeking   the connection is stuck and unable to see the perfection and beauty of the relationship and life lived. They become a victim and prisoner of their own perceptions. Most of those who have passed on have moved into a higher vibration and only wish for those left behind to be able to do the same. Some people become dependent on the services of Mediums and we say after someone has received messages, perhaps 2 to 3 times at the most, it is time to move on and shift your life into a higher vibration and purpose. Mediums are valuable healers and teachers and the goal of these sessions is to assist the person in moving into a fulfilling life as well as assisting those who have passed on. We would hope the Medium would encourage the person at this point to move into their own special gift and this is where the relationship can gracefully end or become a teacher student relationship. Many Mediums empower individuals through instructional self-help books and by offering classes.

Teacher Student Relationship
We encourage you to spend a few minutes or more each day on your spiritual apprenticeship. We don’t suggest you throw all caution to the wind, quit your job and devote your entire life to introspection or become a monk, as we need you in the trenches. The world needs the light and wisdom that lives through you. We ask you to connect with the Divine at least once a day and give special attention to the morning hours. Many of you have experienced some disturbances when you are asleep. All humans and earth creatures have become more connected. The word “Oneness “has many aspects indeed. The great clearing continues and is even more powerful than ever before. The old is being released by individuals and groups as well and this is coming from different levels of consciousness whirling and twirling about somewhat like a dust storm. This is ongoing 24 hours a day. There is a bit of what you might call “fallout“ from all of the oneness work and connecting with others  who are evolving and helping the planet shift in consciousness. While you are sleeping your connection to these groups and individuals remains strong and you continue receiving information. Your auric body is filtering this information. You might say your aura is sticky or like a magnet attracting thoughts and feelings which are not yours .Some of these energies are healthy and helpful while others are rejected by your higher self and remain stuck on the outside of your aura which acts as a protective shield. This can weigh you down emotionally and physically.  We strongly suggest you take a shower or bath in the mornings. If this is not possible take time to brush your hair, wash up and connect with the Divine and your guides.  Cleanse within as without. As above, so below.
The Beginnings of time…Again
You do know this is the beginning of time again don’t you?  I will be taking a more active part on the planet again .We are also asking you to transmute energies as you did in the beginning of your ascension process.  You may always call on me, Saint Germain, and invoke the violet flame to clear your environment. This is important especially in the morning hours to clear collective fallout as well as your own feelings of sorrow, guilt, anger and disease that fall from your personal and group consciousness. You will benefit from transmuting energies so you can move into your new energies at a more comfortable pace.
 This may feel like a death. You may well remember those emotional feelings when things are about to change in your life. This may feel like the grieving process but we refer to this as the birthing process.  Just focus your prayers and conversation to your higher self and we will assist you. We are always present but when you consciously ask, we will answer and the change will occur more fluidly in your life.
You are all transmuters.  This is why some of you have chosen to be involved in difficult relationships to transmute difficult energy and emotions. Some of you may have several relationships and people seem to stay awhile and then leave the relationship. You may also discover that the people who leave go on to be better partners and friends to others. We ask you to not feel anguish or sorrow about this. You are a healer and a transmuter of energy. This is like developing a muscle.   When you start feeling these emotions try to step back and become unattached to the situation and start transmuting. We know we ask a lot of you but if you search your soul you will remember it was you who answered the call to be a light worker. Use this often and you will see things and people around you change.

Gaia –Mother Earth Speaks
 You all know me yet you are somehow disconnected from me. This is Gaia or as many of you call me Mother Earth. Many of you talk about saving the Earth, eliminating GMO’s, chemicals being dumped into the oceans and the concerns of fracking. Many of you are still not connected to me. I am the mother. I am the goddess of the Earth you stand on and the source of all that keeps you in this physical body and in this physical plane.  I create the polarity and mass that gives you the ability to communicate with each other, to touch, create and express feelings of love or hate in a physical reality, to feel, to breathe, and clothe yourselves in the clothes you love so much. I am asking you all to be involved with me on a more personal level and intimate level.  See me as you would your physical mother who gave life to you when you took your first breath. No matter what your relationship was with her, she created the opportunity for you to come into this life and play a part. I am your real mother. Instead of talking to others about me, talk to me as I hold the key to manifestation. Are you surprised? Many people are teaching lessons from the masters which are very valuable but they overlook the most important connection with Mother Earth, with me. I make these things happen in the physical. I give them form, solidarity and life. I breathe life into your manifestations. I create the vehicle – the breath of life.  I create the heart that beats and the beautiful vehicle that holds your precious spiritual essence.
In this new year I ask all of you to honor this physical body that holds the pure sweet essence  within you that comes into this earth .The human child is taught to honor the body but in a different way than I am telling you. They are taught to use the physical body to feed greed and gather useless things that are of no worth in feeding the soul. The focus is on how the body looks not how healthy and balance it is with the spirit. Honor me in honoring your physical body. Keep it health, whole and connected with the spirit with in you.
The indigenous people were in touch with me and knew how to walk on the earth. They honored and paid homage to the animals providing their food and clothing. They respected the plants that fed them in simpler times. I know I cannot ask you to go completely back to those simpler times but I do ask you to honor your physical bodies by feeding them the right food and not abusing or neglecting them. Take time to rest this body properly and do not allow someone else to injure your body.
There are many women who feel they are” less than.” They have entered relationships and remain in these relationships where they are abused physically and emotionally. I will be working on this side to try to bring awareness among these women on a far reaching level. To allow someone to abuse your body is to abuse me.  Call on me for assistance. Teach your children to honor their bodies in a healthy way.
I am concerned about fracking and the possibilities of poisoning the water. This process can be done safely but some people are frantic about  being independent of oil and are not thinking things through as clearly as they should. There are concerns among the Seven Sisters about the use of space travel and the human race taking these poisons off of the Earth and to other planets. This will not be allowed. There will be talk of it. There is talk of it now. I ask you to fight for those planets as you fight for Mother Earth, for me.

Monday, January 7, 2013

MerlinScopes Jan 2013

Merlinscopes         January 2013          by  Kay

Aries…   January begins a whole new cycle for you in the areas of relationships and values. It is ok to make up the rules along the way as long as they are positive and considerate and they do not hinder the rights and rules of others. This may be a month in which you may be confronted with disturbing revelations concerning your outlook in your family relationships. Big changes mean the shifting of roles and obligations of which you have no interest in stepping up to the plate and playing a leading role. To some extent this may be unavoidable. But there is always a choice. You can let go of those things that no longer interest you, that cause you grief, that increase responsibility, or are associated with a cause you no longer wish to support or serve. This in itself may be a bit tricky as you have agreed to take on some responsibilities that were never yours to assume. You may have been quite complacent in going along with others’ agendas. Your guides might suggest stepping back from these situations, people, or personal behaviors in your mind by creating the scenario in a daydream. Do this in a gentle, loving and compassionate way. Do this in a way that will not create more karma. Find a way to balance this in a way that will allow you to back away from this without being emotionally attached and then you can break the pattern. This pattern will keep repeating until you take responsibility for your part in the situation. You now have the opportunity to break the pattern and the mold. No need for excuses or blaming others. We strongly suggest you go into your personal practice of prayer and meditation and ask for guidance in achieving the best outcome for all concerned.

Taurus…   This is a good month to start seeing the world and your place in it in a new light. It is time to start rebuilding your own sense of personal power and just what you see when you look in the mirror in the morning when you wake up. What and who do you see now? Have you been riddled with guilt over past indiscretions and behaviors? Although guilt can sometimes be a wonderful wake up call, it would best serve you and those around you if you recognize it for what it is. It is a gift from spirit that has brought some things to your attention so you can use this gift of conscience to assist yourself and those who need you right now. This is a time for you to act from who you are now and not from who you were. The shift has been so transformative among so many that you truly are not who you were even one year ago. It is time for you to take an inventory of who you wish to be and start using statements that reflect those attributes. We suggest starting this in private in your car, in a journal or at home as you look in the mirror. This is also an excellent time to start a new business. Use your ideas to promote a new opportunity for yourself that you will find interesting and fun. This business may have something to do with fun and perhaps building self-esteem for yourself as well as others. This month holds the promise of magic, miracles, and good fortune if you choose to see past failures and mistakes as part of the learning curve and refuse to get bogged down in emotional baggage.

Gemini…   Your intuition is at peak performance right now and this will continue over the next six weeks. Your body is taking in more information from the planet and from those around you than it can handle right now. This is a gift and a blessing. But sometimes this gift can become overwhelming and although you are completely competent in handling these situations most of the time, we would suggest asking for help from your guides, teachers and friends. See yourself in your light cocoon and be gentle with yourself particularly with self- talk and limiting exposure to the media, negative people and stressful situations.  We are not recommending exiling everyone from your life but we do suggest taking a different approach in how you respond to these people and situations. Ask your guides and the Divine to guide you in balancing your emotional field. Focus on your heart at least once a day and see the light of love within surrounding a scale. See the scale holding light on one side of the scale and shadow upon the other. Allow the Divine within you to balance the scale and feel a smile of peace begin to radiate from your heart center in a wave that encompasses your physical body and auric field.  Take a deep breath in and sigh as you release your breath. Instead of turning to the usual comforts that are not the healthiest like unhealthy foods, chemicals and other behaviors, recognize the source of the feelings of overwhelming stress and physical pain. It is easier to dismiss these thoughts and physical stressors when you realize that these feelings are not all yours. They belong to many others. It is time to take responsibility for this beautiful physical being that was created just for you! Take time out to unplug and be at one with your wonderful beautiful self.

Cancer…   Have you been noticing repetitive numbers, the same sequence of numbers strung together in different places? Your conscious mind is becoming aware of certain sequences of numbers as well as sound frequencies. These sounds may be playing out as changes in the pressure in your ears and/or in music that you hear. This is a vibration of a new energy that is coming through the pineal gland and third eye. This is a clearing of a path of infinite energy that connects you to the true Divine energy that lives within your own higher self. You can assist in this process by connecting with your heart and clearing away any non-productive feelings of anger or negative situations that may be replaying over and over in your mind. These types of obsessive thoughts interfere with the development and opening of the third eye in this new dimension. The repetitive numbers and sound frequencies help to break the flow of obsessive thoughts so that you may receive the full initiation of this awakening. It gives you a place to focus your thoughts that isn’t emotionally charged. So instead of thinking about bad things in your life and forming opinions, you are asking questions like” What is the Universe trying to tell me?” At that very moment you become open and receptive to guidance and truth. The bottom line is your third eye is opening. If you are ready to surrender your opinions, and your anger and give and receive forgiveness you may well be able to be of service to this planet that so desperately is in need of unconditional love and healing. Change up some of the things in your life. Take a different way home, walk instead of driving, put your right sock on before your left or listen to classical music instead of what you usually listen to. This will also help you clear away some of these dark emotional energies you have tried so hard to let go of.  This is a tall order for you who have been known as the group who is so strongly controlled and driven by your emotions. But this is part of your path to growth and enlightenment on this planet. You will be like the lotus that arises from the mud in the bottom of the pond as a perfect and beautiful flower that brings joy to all.

Leo…   The month holds a new light on projects you have considered finished or dismissed as unrelated to your career and personal path at that time. We see you taking a second look. Re-reading what was once written by you or by someone else will help bring closure and assist in eliminating any fears that you may have been carrying over the past 10 years. This will affect not only your career and professional life but also give new found freedom to emotional baggage that has held you hostage in moving forward in your personal relationships. For those of you who are looking for a special person in your life, this could be a great year for finding the person you have waited for. Those of you who already have relationships, may find this will be the year to deepen your commitment. You may find ways of demonstrating your commitment such as buying the ring and dress, sharing property, or making some sort of public declaration of your feelings. As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 begins you may find short and sweet ideas to bring in a bit of extra cash for something fun in the near future. You have worked hard and are in need of a vacation or just a few short unplanned mini breaks. We recommend destinations that are filled with the beauty of nature and rich with spiritual and universal divine presence. For those of you with children, we recommend leaving them at home to allow yourself time to reconnect with your inner divinity and love. This will also give you the energy lift that you need to get the wheels turning on some new projects that will bring more enrichment to your professional life. You have a difficult time separating your personal from your professional life and you may find it refreshing to just get away with a couple friends who are able to balance fun and work more effectively. Let your hair down and let go of the fear that is ruling and blocking the party. Meet some new people and create new associations. Yes, this will also assist your professional life but don’t let this be your main objective. Socialization, relaxation and fun with others will serve as a reflection so you can see how truly beautiful you are!

Virgo…  You share Mercury with Gemini as your ruling planet so it only stands to reason that sometimes you may also share some of the same energies. Mercury is all about communication on all levels. You are communicating on what seems more like an inward and personal level now. You are more intuitive and there is just a “knowing” that lives in your soul that holds a constant light within. God within is teaching you many new ways of discerning what you are learning from your past which has moved into the forefront over the past year. The re-emergence of people and situations that have occurred over your lifetime have come back to be reassessed. There were so many things you were not consciously aware of on a spiritual and emotional level that can now be gathered as lessons in your book of life. This is the time of clearing so that you may be of service in the years to come. You have become more open to different perspectives which will serve you and others well. Follow your inner guidance as your intuitive visions and empathic sensitivities have been very "spot on" and you are learning how to use this in a productive way to avoid or lessen the more negative effects of some situations. This only shows you how powerful your gifts can work in cooperation with each other. We are speaking of clairvoyance, the gift of empathy, and all those considered metaphysical, working in unison with the gift of manifestation. This will increase your ability to change outcomes more effectively. It has been a year of mixed blessings. Some of you said goodbye to relationships that once filled your life with friendship and kinship on some level. You as well as everyone else on the planet shifted and your definition of truth changes with it. Your new truth is surfacing and no longer seems compatible with those relationships. It is now time to finally release and give thanks to those relationships so that you may move on to more supportive alliances. Your sensitivity to emotions and thoughts especially anger, sorrow, hate, manipulation, and competitiveness is heightened. Should you decide to continue surrounding yourself with those who chose to be stuck in these patterns it will be like ice skating in the same circle on thin ice. You will likely continue speaking your truth which may or may not be well received even if said in the spirit of love and friendship. Make sure to allow plenty of time to meditate and receive the guidance and positive support from within. This is vital now. Everyone has an opinion but the correct one for you will always come from within. Take time to breathe and feed your spirit with the truth and light of the Divine. Seek out positive people and activities. Eliminate drama and those who create it. Time is too precious to waste on such things.

Libra…   It is a good time to start making changes. Are you familiar with the long version of The Serenity Prayer written by Reinhold Niebuhr? “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time, Enjoying one moment at a time, Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace, Taking, as Jesus did, This sinful world as it is, not as I would have it, Trusting that you will make all things right If I surrender to your Will, So that I may be reasonably happy in this life, And supremely happy with you Forever and ever in the next.” You can change the name “Jesus” to Spirit, Creator, or whoever you choose if you feel more comfortable with that. You have asked for help and now you are in a position to receive the assistance. The only requirement is to be willing to spend some time listening for the voice of the Creator and the soft sweet images sent to you by your guides and teachers. We recommend you say the Serenity Pray often and see how this pertains to different parts of your life. This will help you get out of your own way. Start taking steps towards your desire and as you do, know that the universe will meet you halfway and you may be surprised to find out that it might be meeting you even closer to home. Ask your higher self to clear a path and make way for the delivery of the gifts you asked for. You must be willing, reactive, responsive, present and most of all, know that something wonderful is coming your way. Do not attach yourself to how this will come about or what it will look like, but do go deep into your heart and know what it will feel like. Feeling is the key right now. We suggest you keep your expectations to yourself as you may be sensitive to other people’s thoughts and opinions. They may have good intentions but this may pull you off your course. 

Scorpio…   Burning bridges lately? Well after all is said and done you still have a bit of cord cutting to complete. Some things occurred in 2012 that have taken a long time to complete. It is in your nature to stay in one place until you leave in a huff or kicking and screaming even though this is the last place in the world that you want to be. The truth is you may have created a dramatic exit to help you move forward into something healthier, happier and better suited to your liking in a relationship or career path. We ask you to take stock of your actions and the rationale behind it. There are easier and more effective ways to leap forward. Being honest with yourself is the place to start. Recognizing deep emotional patterns are sometimes quite hard for you to deal with. We will give you a hint as to where you can start searching for this, Give careful consideration to your memories of guilt and your desire to please a parental figure.  Even though you may not have a parental figure in your life right now, this would be the archetype of a father figure which is deeply engrained within your memory and the cells of your body. Rather than confronting this memory as an equal adult, your immediate response is a fight or flight mode which has been a pattern you learned very early in life. This is a lesson you came into this world to conquer so you may grow and prosper. Sometimes when we use the word “prosper” it does not have the same definition or meaning you understand and are familiar with. We use a holistic definition of this word. We are referring to prosperity in relationships, spiritual growth, family, joy, creativity and working in a field you love and that helps you heal yourself and the planet. We encourage you to seek out educational opportunities that are pleasing, challenging and exciting. Step into a new reality by letting go of past associations who are stuck in the victim state of mind and allow yourself to see that type of thinking for what it is. It is limiting and a lie. Give attention to your body, diet, self-esteem and create new healthy habits that reinforce your ability to love. Love starts at home. Love yourself with that Scorpio passion that you are known for, and great love, respect, prosperity and opportunity will be attracted to you.

Sagittarius…   This month and year will support you in making great strides in finding a peaceful existence with your friends, family and co-workers. Over the past couple of months, people who usually depend on you to pick up every stitch, are realizing that you will not silently accept their lack of commitment or ostentatious behavior. This has been a rocky adjustment and no doubt has left you with feelings of guilt and a little angry. You might be angry that you had to become angry just to change others behaviors and lack of good manners. Try to bring your emotions back to the rationale that the behavior that needed to change was your own. When you volunteer your services to fix other peoples’ issues and take responsibility for the growth and lessons that belong to another, they will gladly take you for granted and assume this is ok with you. Yes, you will shine but when burning candles at both ends, you will eventually burn out. Then you become angry because they are doing just what you trained them to do. We are asking you to see the situation from our perspective. Self-respect starts within. You have come into this life with a great energy, a wonderful mind, creativity and amazing wit. Support your body and all of the wonderful gifts you have by thinking of your own well-being before you run interference for others. You are robbing both yourself and others of valuable growth and empowerment. Start with forgiveness for those who have taken you for granted and see what a valuable lesson you have learned. Then forgive yourself. You have learned that just because you can…doesn’t mean you should. How will others ever learn if the opportunity is not there for them? Pay attention to health issues. We encourage you to keep any appointments for medical issues and dental checkups. You will be guided to the appropriate health care providers or healers. We also encourage you to get involved in healing and energy work as this would be valuable to you and others. You may be able to help yourself and others. Take time to relax and breathe.  We will support and guide you. Start making a list of changes you would like to make and ask for guidance and support from your master teachers, angels and guides. We encourage you to start a spiritual or metaphysical study program. Your soul group is particularly strong in intuitive, empathic and psychic sensitivity. You are a natural channel for the Divine and can use it in whatever way you choose to serve the world.

Capricorn…   Change is in the air and some of you are already in the transition mode. You knew this time would come yet this still seems hard to believe. Breathe the air of freedom as those things that no longer create the growth and joy in your life are being removed from your life path. You have desired and asked for this change. Whether this change is in personal relationships, employment, where you are living or in your social life, these changes can only be good. This is yet another lesson in patience which is something you resist. This is also a lesson in giving up your personal control and power to allow a greater source of wisdom and knowing to begin to guide you in your every move. We are aware this is very uncomfortable and leaves you feeling as if the ground is shaking beneath you. This is the time to seek solitude in quiet meditation and prayer. Make sure to pay careful attention to the difference between the two. In prayer you are talking to the Divine and your guides, asking questions of direction and purpose although you may never understand the direction and purpose at the time.  The key is listening which will come to you in meditation. We recommend listening to music. Classical or soft, new age soul music is perfect for creating openings for messages from your higher self and Divine. Singing is also a way to clear a path and shift the frequency of your thoughts to allow healing and new creative ideas to come through. There is music and rhythm in everything such as the sounds you hear when someone is walking down a street, the vibration of the washing machine, the sound of a train, the rain, the wind or in a bird’s song. Listen for the music and rhythm in everything and this will also passively help you understand the rhythm and song of the Universe. The most creative ideas will come through when you are trying the least. When your thoughts are on something light, fun and joyful you notice a shift in your physical as well as emotional body. You do have a tendency to take things seriously and to take responsibility for everything. We now ask you to live without walls or limitations. Affirmations are important and will be more powerful for you than they have ever been before. Write your own or ask someone for help with this. Start with who you are rather than what you want your life to look like. An example of this would be, “I am a Divine and beautiful person and I attract all good things to me.” Let us take care of the specifics. We know you and your talents. More than you know yourself and you have created an opportunity to clear away past expectations so you can build a relationship with your higher self.  Let go and know that you are safe and loved.

Aquarius…   Do you find yourself day dreaming a bit more lately?  You may be using this as a coping behavior to enjoy a break from the emotional drama that seems to be revolving around you lately. It may not even be your drama but it is affecting those around you who you care about. So yes, some of it is yours. You are taking a vacation from the complications in your life. This may be well deserved but short lived as you will be called back into consciously dealing with the issues of daily life. So make the most of this diversion. Your memory holds the key to some deep seated issues that need to be brought into the light so that you may finally deal with them effectively and can have a better connection with your higher self and with those around you. You only need to be willing to receive the information and it will be brought before you through memories, random thoughts and images, old songs pictures and conversations with others you share a connection with. This could be a family member, a good friend or perhaps a total stranger. If you want to ease the passing through this process we encourage you to go into meditation and breathe light and life into each cell of your body and see the releasing of these memories and emotionally charged painful events. Coming face to face with these issues may be difficult for you; but this will help you build a happier and healthier life. You may have been sequestered by some means which may be in a location, an illness, perhaps you have just become a parent of an empty nest or some other means of solitude that has put you in the perfect position to do this work. Take advantage of this and as you come out of this you will be grateful for the time well spent. Your gifts of clairvoyance and intuition have become supercharged and may create a bit of fear or surprise as you may be seeing things that you did not think of as possible. We encourage you to know that you are always protected and to visualize yourself surrounded by a brilliant light of protection. This is especially important if these changes are coming about too quickly for your comfort as you are more empathic and need to create health boundaries in all areas of your life. We send you love and protection as well as healing energy to move forward in this wonderful process of growth.

Pisces…   What a wonderful and powerful way to walk into the light of your truth! You have wished for so many things and now the things you have asked for are bearing fruit.  This may not be how you thought it would look but it is perfect all the same. Own your power and know that you have worked hard on so many levels to achieve the gifts that are now on your doorstep. Some of these offers may require a move to another city or state or perhaps a different country. It is time to set yourself free of the responsibilities and people in your life that may have been an important part of your growth but it may be time for you to walk another path with no excuses or guilty feelings. Your contract has been fulfilled in some karmic relationships. This doesn’t mean you will cut these people and experiences from your life. The love, gratitude and memories have become a part of you these people will always be just a phone call or email away. It just means you are now free to receive what the universe has in store for you. It is ok to indulge yourself in some quiet loving energy which you deserve. Let your heart live in joy and look for signs of what to do next. Many of you will find that love is in the air and floating from the sky like a feather and resting right in front of you perhaps beckoning you to travel to far off places and indulge in the love of a partnership that you have waited for. Perhaps there is a new career path or twist in your current status that will lead you to amazing new doors that will gladly swing open for you. It is ok for you to think about your happiness as we know you try to please so many and your heart has always been open to so many. You have a generous spirit. You do not have to work so hard to receive the gifts of spirit and love. Love truly is in the air. Reach out and accept it with no expectations or limitations. Just claim it!

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