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Merlin Chronicles By Kay January 2020

Merlin Chronicles      by Kay            January 2020

Welcome to 2020

I am back after taking a bit of a sabbatical and feeling the way most people do after time off. A little slow in the beginning, but right back in the flow again!
2019 was a challenging year for some. Lot’s of endings but with the endings, we are blessed with new beginnings.
I am not going to bore you with details of what I have been up to so we will go right into the Merlin Scopes. I am not an Astrologer. The messages are channeled and intuited from Ascended Masters, The Divine, and the Collective Consciousness of each sign. We are all arriving on this planet within certain groups of souls who have come into this physical form to grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
 If we pay close attention, we learn how to love through our relationships with other people, these are sometimes filled with joy and sometimes with sorrow. How we choose to use these experiences can be a journey of a life well-lived. We all have free will and I write these Scopes to assist you on your path.
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Merlin Scopes January 2020
Aries Overview for January 2020
Pushing your way through problems like a bull in a china shop is less effective, so resist the temptation to use this method when you feel like you have come to a standstill. Progress can come from slow and calculated movement. Make your mind a clean slate and forget everything you think that you know about a situation. Meditation is the best method to help clarify your connection with your Higher Self so you can proceed from a higher frequency. I can’t stress this enough!

I see your chakras look a little out of sync, which can happen for a variety of reasons. It could be an emotional experience that is perhaps a spiritual quickening. Focus on alignment through visualization, breathwork, yoga, or spend time with an energy healer.

Your ability to move forward may take on a different direction or form then you thought it would. Stabilize your emotional attachment to the outcome and accept the path that is in the interest of your highest good, and you will find a perfect balance.

New opportunities will cross your path throughout the year, and you may start with one and move on to another quickly. I see you walking along a path, picking different types of flowers, and putting them into a bundle as you walk along. Take what serves you, what you need, and then move along.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Master Kuthumi states that he is willing to support you if you call on him. He will enlighten you with the spark of intention and dispell all that hinders you. See a crystalline flash of pure light within your heart while visualizing the fire engulfing your entire being.

Your Animal Guide
A big Jackrabbit has stepped forward to help you in areas of abundance and creative fertility.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Indicolite Quartz will help you heal destructive patterns as well as give you some clarity about your soul plan.

 Taurus   Overview for January 2020
Be prepared for changes in your personal and professional life. The Universe is guiding you to the people who can assist you in difficult circumstances. There may be a lot of differences in opinions. I see you going inward, in your mind’s eye, and visualizing those who will be of service to you in the days and weeks to come. Be careful who you share your information with at this time.

There may be some circumstances that have come back to haunt you. Don’t fear as these can work out in surprising ways. I see you working hard, perhaps burning the candle at both ends in some ways. Work smart, and you won’t need to work so hard.

Some changes may be crucial in your personal life that may affect family members. You could make this an opportunity to become more cohesive and become stronger as a family. Learn to be flexible and flow with the situation. Don’t allow your ego to run the show. Some times you have to “suck it up” and play by other people's rules.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Saint Germain is stepping forward to assist you in transmuting energies from karmic relationships from this lifetime and others.

Your Animal Guide
A Golden Eagle is offering assistance in helping you see the possibilities that could assist you from a distance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Ocean Orbicular Jasper holds mystic Knowledge from the times of Atlantis and will help you connect with the memory of how to transmute any abuse of power from that time.

Gemini  Overview for January 2020
I see a change in your perspective. A robust internal shift of awareness supports a new-found knowledge that you are in control and in the driver's seat. External events can only disrupt your peace and confidence if you give your power away. I am here to remind you that you can create a word. For lack of a better verbal expression, we will call it a “safeword.” Please know that this has nothing to do with a sexual definition, but it does carry a similar message and power. You can use it if you find yourself in a situation where you have allowed something or someone to breach a boundary that takes you from Zen to defend. Take some time and work with your higher self to create the word that will support higher wisdom and peace.

You may feel the need to chose one thing over another. The Divine is asking you to trust your intuition. Now, I said intuition, and this has nothing to do with past experiences that may have left you feeling bitter or with wishful thinking.

Bring your awareness to a calm state and move your ego to the side as you allow the intuitive process to work in its purest form. You will be required to live in the present moment and not look for future references or possibilities. A challenge for your busy Mercury-ruled sign, but I promise; this will be rewarding in many ways that will become part of who you are and a new tool for your analytical toolbox.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Gautama Buddha is your spiritual mentor this month. He will assist you in finding the person that you seek within, revealing your soul and real purpose. One of his quotes is, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Meditate with his presence in mind, and you may receive a download of spiritual wisdom that applies to a balanced life in this physical world.
Your Animal Guide
I am not surprised that a Goat came forward as your spirit animal this month. A goat is often associated with Gautama Buhha. He is here to assist you in caring for your emotional, spiritual, and mental health. He will also help you in becoming independent and breaking old patterns that have held you hostage associated with these matters.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lazulite will increase your intuition.

Cancer  Overview for January 2020
I am seeing a vision of you looking at a huge clock. Important things are in your future, but watching the clock will not serve you right now. Now is an excellent time to keep your mind in the present, and perhaps to make some changes in your physical environment will help. Clean, rearrange, purge the things that are no longer useful to you. You might also use this time to catch up with old friends and make phone calls to those who you haven’t been paying much attention to in the past few weeks.

Use your time wisely and make it valuable. Get organized for whatever reason you want to tell yourself if that is what it takes to get it done!. Make this a conscious effort. Move slowly and purposefully, and you may be surprised at what you are energetically removing and, as a result, building something new in its place.
Know that the timing is perfect, and you are in perfect alignment with where you are supposed to be at the right time and place

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Lord Krishna is stepping forward to help you in healing your inner child. Some of these issues are coming up and, perhaps, grabbing your attention. The purpose is to help you in the healing and development of your character. Use the memories to your advantage and ask Lord Krishna for help to assist you.

Your Animal Guide
A giant Seagull is coming forward to assist you in matters of success. Perhaps you are working on building your business or working on relationships. He will give you the courage to do the things that you usually avoid or find uncomfortable.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lazulite will help you uncover deep-seated psychological problems that may be blocking your path.

Leo  Overview for January 2020
Avoid getting caught up in other people’s drama. You may lose sight of their issues and find yourself reliving painful memories from your past. Know that, although there may be similarities in the circumstances, your pain and lessons are unique, and theirs is part of their journey. Do not make assumptions or decisions that affect your life based on another's experience, nor should you expect someone else to make changes based on your experience. You can, however, share what happened to you and how this affected you and allow others to chose their unique course of action.

Perhaps you are being urged to change the way you see yourself in present circumstances. You are having a month of emotional growth, and with that growth comes a price tag. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone relate to this kind of growth as a joyful time. Know that you will see this through, and it will pass.

The results, however, outweigh the unpleasant journey and allow you to see an old issue with new eyes. You might acknowledge that your way is not the only way. Sometimes you need to come to a point where you surrender, so you have a clearer vision of what the Universe is offering or perhaps more patience in your quest for the perfect fit.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Leonardo Da Vinci is stepping forward to assist you in creatively working on issues that may have been large blocks for you in the past. If you do something creative, art, music design even puzzles, you allow your ego to put its energy somewhere useful, so the Universal creative vibrations have the opportunity to fill in that space with inspiration and possibilities.

Your Animal Guide
I see a Jaguar gracefully stretched out on the limb of a tree. Until she is ready to strike, she rests on the tree limb with full confidence that her prey will come within her optimal distance. She knows the tree limb will hold her weight until that time comes. “Trust”, she says.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lepidocrocite will help you teach your truth and learn how to observe a situation without becoming a part of it. A great tool that will help you bring your mental or intuitive creations into practical use.

Virgo  Overview for January 2020
You can’t keep doing what you are doing and expect different results. It is time to let go of something you desire but is not right for you at this time. Release your grip on what you think is safe and reach out for something bigger. You are not getting what you want for a reason, which you are not allowed to see right now because if you did, you wouldn’t receive the valuable lessons associated with where you are in the present.

No, it is not comfortable. I see a vision of a woman with a size nine foot trying to squeeze into a size six shoe just because she likes the style or color, which is more familiar to her. Right around the corner, she will find the right fit, right color, really comfortable, and, more importantly, supportive. Perhaps you have been adrift so long that you are eager to grab onto the first branch that you see that might help pull you to shore and security. Support, love, and protection take on a different form than what you have experienced in the past.

Don’t get stuck in repetitive cycles set up by the prison of your ego. I know that it is challenging to release old ideas and conditioning. It is what it is, and nothing can change that. You, however, can change your mind and course of action. First, you need to come to terms with some emotional healing that needs acknowledgment. Deep-rooted feelings that need a new expression can come through many forms. Talking it out or perhaps a form of art might be helpful. You might feel like you are exposing your furry little belly to the wolves, which can be intimidating and frightening, but it needs to be expressed and out of the closet so you and others can love you unconditionally.

Like the Rolling Stones said,” You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.” What you need is going to be worth so much more to you than what you think you want now, but first, you need to declutter some emotional baggage to make room. Let go and allow the Divine to work in your favor for what is right for you and rejecting what is not. Truth be told, the Universe has a way of repelling what is not in line with your highest good. Don’t take it personally if this is the case concerning a person, a group, or a situation.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Merlin is pretty busy dealing with your misrepresentations of how you see yourself. You are so much more than you think you are. You haven’t been able to know this truth, but now you will be working in higher vibrations than ever before. You haven’t seen this in your imagination, and you have no reference to explain this process, which may disclose your unwillingness to let go of past perceptions. The seeds are planted. Get out of the way and allow them to mature.

Your Animal Guide
A Giant Walrus has come forward. A gentle nature will help you in social situations. Don’t force anything; display more passivity in your relationships. Show your affection through touch, hugs, and that sort of thing. Your body is a channel of love, and sometimes others need to feel this reassurance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Blue Quartz will give you discipline and clarity.

Libra   Overview for January 2020
You can’t keep running on empty. You have the opportunity to relax and pull in your energy a bit this month if you choose. Meditate, take sea salt baths and find other ways of treating yourself. You have been giving a lot of energy away and not receiving much in return. Perhaps you are involved with an individual or group who you remain loyal to, but you are not receiving anything from this relationship. You know in your heart-of-hearts that something is a bit off, but perhaps you have been in denial. Now is the time for using scrutiny in relationships.

I see a vision of you sitting in the back seat of an automobile quietly observing who is driving and who is in the passenger seat. There are two sources that you may need to evaluate their intentions, values, and listen to what they are saying. What they are saying and what you think you are hearing could be entirely different. After you regain your energy and balance, you may make choices that lead you in a different direction.

Now is not the time to try to push a new project through. Timing is crucial, so allow everything to fall into place when you are most likely to succeed. Wait for all the pieces to come together; otherwise, your desire to get the ball rolling may turn into a wrecking ball!

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mother Mary and her healing presence is offering assistance in gentle healing and the art of meaningful relationship. I see her with rosary or prayer beads in her hands. Remember the difference between praying and meditation. Praying is asking for assistance; Meditation is receiving. Balance is key
Your Animal Guide
A Red Rooster is stepping forth to bring you courage, protection, and luck. He is always observing and watchful.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Oligocrase works with the cycles of the moon. Withdraw when the moon is in the dark period and come forward with new ideas and energy as the moon becomes full. It will also break up old patterns and bad habits.

Scorpio   Overview for January 2020
Clear the air this month. I see a lot of energy building within you concerning yourself and another person or situation. It may not even be an individual, or personal position, perhaps something in the environment or social scene around you that has been building emotionally within you and needs to be released.

You tend to let things go and not be confrontational until you are about ready to explode. Try to make a conscious choice to start dealing with one thing at a time, when it happens, so you don’t blow up over something different and affect those who don’t have anything to do with the real issue.

You are under Divine guidance and some wonderful; opportunities may come forward for you. You may be offered opportunities in areas that you are not familiar with, which could be expansive and exciting.

Watch out for red flags. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Trust your common sense, intuition, and not your ego. For example, someone might offer you a beautiful car, a convertible that has a brilliant paint job, perfect interior and you would look good driving that car. But they show it to you with the top down, you don’t notice that the top is broken and ragged. Do your research and make informed choices.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Madame Helena Blavatsky is stepping forward to assist you in blending your mystical abilities with your physical life on this earth. Working in the art of manifestation, not so much in the sense of manifesting abundance but through your creativity, She says, put pen to paper or create some form of art just for the sake of art, and she will assist you in working in higher realms. You should play more as this world has become a prison of mediocracy, and the only way to expand beyond this is with your imagination.

Your Animal Guide
A huge Orca has come forward to assist you in significant ways. Listen to whale sounds in meditation. She is helping you call in your soul group. Community is essential as they will support you in many ways and on all levels.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fulgarite is used to send your prayers to the universe. Hold the stone, speak it aloud, and blow through the stone to set it free for manifestation. Find out more about this stone and process from Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible 2.

 Sagittarius Overview for January 2020
Many of you started the year after coming through great difficulty, which might include financial burdens and loss of things that you love. Sometimes the cycle of life can be a difficult journey, but you have the strength to push through all of this. Your month begins with planning and regrouping. Don’t attempt to do this all in one month as it will be a slow and steady process where you will have the opportunity to build a stronger foundation than you had before.

Timing is essential, and this is a time of long-range goals. I see a vision of you weeding out a garden, removing the plants that steal energy and vitality from the ones you wish to cultivate. You may find this process continues during the first three months of 2020. Some people or situations that you left behind are for the best.

Avoid drama at all costs. If you find yourself feeling frustrated by a situation, you might go for a walk, go to the gym, do something to release that firey energy; confrontation over issues that cannot be corrected right now could cause some substantial consequences. Let it go until there is some possibility of resolution. You do have choices, but make them with a clear head and good intentions and be ready to take responsibility for the results.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Queen Elizabeth, I is offering her strength and support this month. She tells you not to sell yourself short and know that will and determination can see you through the worst of times. Call on her when you are about to make difficult choices. Not all of the choices you make will be popular, but when you take control of your destiny, others may not always appreciate your decisions.

Your Animal Guide
Hawk is coming through to bring messages and show you a more straightforward path. He sees what you cannot.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Halite will purify you by removing impurities from your soul and etheric body.  It will connect your will with your Higher Self.
Capricorn Overview for January 2020
Don’t allow your past conditioning to dictate your future. Perhaps you may be feeling as if your desires are not acknowledged. It is time to get out of your shell and express yourself once again. In some ways, you remained in the shadows last year. Perhaps you felt overburdened with caring for someone else or just dealing with your wounded past.

It is time to reclaim your strength, individuality, and know that you have been in a cycle of spiritual healing through the experiences and relationships from the past year. Step into your power and know that it is time to embrace all that you have become through this process. There may not even be words for what you have experienced, but the glow of the wisdom earned is reflected in your energy and your actions.

Be open to new associations with people you may have never encountered before – perhaps those from a different culture or way of living. These individuals or groups may create a sizable shift in your life and come into your world at the perfect time for specific reasons that will help you in one way or another

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Michael Archangel is working with you. I see him with his sword swiping away anything less than the truth. He is also healing places where your ego has caused pain and damage to your auric field.

Your Animal Guide
A huge Blue Fire Dragon is stepping forth to bring you courage and to help you recognize the beauty in the world. He will bring back memories so that you may look at them again and correct your perception of them, which has caused you pain in your relationships.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Fairy Quartz will remove pain that is connected to family myths and brings harmony to your home.

Aquarius Overview for January 2020
You start the month pausing, perhaps spending some time giving yourself a much-needed break from your busy schedule. Perhaps self-care and quiet contemplation about your life and relationships. Do some recreational things or watch movies that take you outside of your work world. This is not a time to rush into projects that aren’t ready to launch. Those things will come into play when the time is right.

You don’t need to be everything for everyone. Let someone else take the lead sometimes and release the feeling that you have to control or do everything by yourself. You have a way of chasing people away when they feel like there is no room for them to offer anything. The need to control is fear-based and exhausting.
Things have a way of taking care of themselves. It all comes down to trusting in that unseen force that we call God, The Divine, or whatever word you use. Time to walk your talk and quit waiting for the other shoe to drop.

You may feel like you are not making any progress and repeating the same lessons in life over and over. There seems to be Karmic energy around this process that you haven’t learned yet. Our souls allow more opportunities to repeat these things until we get it right or see what we have been missing. Yes, I know, you’re saying not again, but there is a reason that you are bringing this situation or experience back into your life.

Time to change the way you think about security and abundance. If you believe that you never have enough, then that is the way that the universe will react to your vibration.
The month ends on a high note, which might begin as early as the second or third week when you feel happiness and joy, probably due to the associations that you have made and the people surrounding you who seem loyal and fun-loving.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Yogananda is your Light Being this month. He taught that Yoga and meditation align the body with the life current of the earth and keeps humans from disease. Breathwork could be beneficial for you.

Your Animal Guide
Spider is appearing before me and is here to remind you of what an amazing and creative being you are. She says that sometimes you need to be reminded to open your mind to the vast opportunities that you have in your life. Stop thinking small and living small.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Dalmation stone will help you ground; it is very protective and will let you get in touch with that magical child within.

 Pisces   Overview for January 2020
You might find yourself in the position of being a mentor to someone. Perhaps even leading a group of people who can learn from your experience. You have integrity and charm. There may be some sensitive details that you need to share to help others, so you may need to give those situations some thought.

There may be others who would prefer that you dim your light. There is nothing that you can do to avoid someone else's feelings of jealousy or envy. The best position to take would be not to react and avoid any confrontation or snarky remarks. Don’t fuel the fire.

Be conscious of bumps in the road when pursuing business or personal relationships. If they are onesided, this is not a good fit for you. Step back and take the time to reevaluate the situation. If something is taking all of your energy and you are getting little or nothing of value in return, you will eventually burn out, left with nothing but the ashes.

Offering assistance to someone is different than rescuing them. Pay attention to just how far you will go to help someone who seems helpless. Release the drama and turn that energy back to yourself.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Chiron, the wounded healer, is stepping up to assist and offer support to you. He has the wisdom and compassion that you need to work with some of the issues that you are now facing. Call on him.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Parrot comes forward to work with you. He seems quite affectionate and is encouraging you to take a look at something that you thought about doing but put on a back burner. Especially if it has to do with color, light, and sound. Also, be careful of what you say to others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cassiterite is associated with Astrology and will help you understand major cycles in your life.

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Merlin Chronicles and Scopes for October 2019

 September 27,2019

 Merlin Chronicles and Scopes for October 2019

I am going to keep this brief and get on with the Scopes. I am so sorry that I didn’t get September Scopes out, but I was not feeling well. I am currently on my second round of antibiotics and can’t wait to complete them. Ugh!

My daughters and I took my sister ashes to New Mexico, and I have been struggling with respiratory stuff since that trip. She loved New Mexico and on the 21st will be the completion of the first year of her leaving the physical planet. I have lost many people in my life, but I miss her the most.

I have made some changes to my Facebook account. I will continue to share the chronicles and Scopes publically, but I am limiting my other posts to Friends only. I have been getting bombarded with friend requests and weird comments. Someone I have blocked for years even found a way to message me on I.M. I find this a little unsettling. I might also weed out my friends' list. I am sure that many of you are experiencing the same thing. I will keep the Chronicles and Scopes Public and feel free to share them. I love hearing from people all over the world who find this helpful!

Be sure to read the Scope for your rising sign as this might hold more information for you.

So … Here are The Scopes for October 2019!


Merlin Scopes for October 2019

Aries Overview for October 2019
You have the potential to achieve success in areas of your life where you have felt limited or unable to manifest your desires. You may have some issues come up from the past that threatens your ability to shift into a higher frame of mind. It is time to disassociate from this way of thinking and allow the past to be part of the picture but not the hand that paints the broad strokes.

Feelings of unworthiness or negative experiences are coming forward to allow you to clear them and allow space for success and joy. I see you dealing with them one at a time, and instead of these feelings controlling you, you will be managing them.

I see you achieving these changes, and how you want to use this new freedom is entirely up to you, but know that it involves aligning yourself with a higher Universal vibration. When your goals are of a higher purpose, success comes swiftly and is more rewarding.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Saint Germain is stepping forward to assist you in transforming the harsh energies in the environment and old patterns into positive energy.

Your Animal Guide
Rabbit is suggesting you pay close attention to your diet. He will also help you move out of the way of any of oncoming energetic traffic that could blindside you. Connect with him daily.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Elestial Quartz will clear blockages and assist in creating positive changes.

 Taurus Overview for October 2019
Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes or poor choices you have made in the past. Sometimes we all get caught up in a moment of wishful thinking and allow it to sit in the driver's seat. Perhaps you didn’t pay attention to your intuition, or that small nagging feeling of knowing something wasn’t quite right; and now, in hindsight, you see the message with regretful clarity.

Make time to revisit your intentions and get some clarity on what you desire in your life. If you have a business without a business plan, now is the time to write one. If you already have one, it is time to re-read and make some revisions as things may look different since you wrote it.

Looking deeply at your intentions concerning a relationship and what expectations you may have could be very beneficial. You may have only been seeing things through rose-colored glasses or have unrealistic expectations a partner or friend is not capable of fulfilling. It is time to get real.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Carl Gustav Jung is stepping forward. He is famous for his work with the Collective Consciousness and archetypes. Spend some time meditating and connecting with his wisdom. One of his Famous Quotes, “Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes.”

Your Animal Guide
Wombat is stepping up as your animal spirit guide this month to help you get more clarity on what you truly desire. Know the Universe wants to give you your heart's desire and more. Don’t put any limits on what you want. Always say, “I want this or something better.”

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Calcite will cleanse your energy so you may have a better connection with your higher self.

Gemini Overview for October 2019
Spirit is guiding you into new directions and opportunities to grow. There are choices to be made that only you can decide. You can’t give your power away and hope for the best. The soul decision relies on you. Sometimes we like to let others make our choices, so we don’t have to feel the full weight of responsibility and outcome. If the answer is not “yes” then it is “no”. Wait until you receive more guidance and are in a place where you know what you want.

 Don’t base your choices on the actions of others. Remember that you are wicked smart and a powerful being who can stand in your power without making choices based on reactions to others. All of the love and energy you have been giving out to others belongs to you. Reclaim it and awaken the sleeping dragon that lives within you.

You may be thinking about making changes in your home life. Perhaps things have changed in your personal life, and you feel the need to move on to somewhere else and start fresh. Before you make this move, look inward and see if this is where the change needs to occur before taking the problems to a different location. When you feel as if you have made the changes within, you can feel confident in making a move. Home can also represent how you are feeling about your physical body, career, and social life.

Try not to worry about finances. There will be enough, and you know when things get tight, you can manifest what you need. You are not a victim of circumstances.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
I see a beautiful Lady of the Light, sending messages and shining a light on all of those dark areas that have kept you from reaching your highest potential. The dark places are only small clouds of fear that when seen in the light, are small and insignificant.

Your Animal Guide
A Water Dragon has stepped forward and tells me he will help you remember who you are and remind you of the powerful gifts of wisdom and strength of spiritual knowledge that you brought with you into this incarnation. “Go to the Akashic records in your meditations,” he says.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Menalite will help you rid yourself of fear and connect to memories of your soul.

Cancer Overview for October 2019
You might find yourself going full circle with an issue you have dealt with before. These patterns tend to repeat themselves to offer you the opportunity to make changes that will have a more positive effect on the outcome. You might be able to get it right this time. Take time to review the past and how you handled the situation and make necessary changes and be done with it if you can. Sometimes it takes us a lifetime to change patterns that don’t serve us. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You may need to be the person that takes the lead in a situation that needs sorting out. “Handle with care” is the message I am getting. The issue at hand will require diplomacy and being sensitive to all parties involved. Some boundaries need to be made clear.
Being the leader isn’t a personality contest, and if you let things go, hoping they will resolve themselves, you are mistaken. Decisive action requires a reliable pair of shoulders to endure the weight of the matter. Changes need to be made that benefit all parties. Look at different ways of handling situations rather than saying, “This is how it is because I said so.”

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
The Lords of Karma are gathering together to assist you this month. Weighing and balancing all possibilities and motives. Look for resolve in higher teachings and remove your ego from the playing field.

Your Animal Guide
Swan is coming forward to tell you to keep your faith and look for the good in others. Loyalty is paramount.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Tree Agate will clear negativity and support you in the changes that are coming up so that you understand the karmic lessons.

Leo Overview for October 2019
You may be itching to try something new and different, perhaps risky. Something inside is urging you to cut ties and head into unchartered territory. Make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. The wrong reasons could be founded on ego or hurt feelings. Be logical, and don’t allow your emotions to rule your decisions. Take a time out and sort out the details.

 Perhaps make a list of the pros and cons. Is your choice governed by an emotional response or not feeling valued? Sometimes it is best to put your pride aside and realize that everything is not all about you, my beautiful lion.

Examine all details before jumping in headfirst. I am not saying you shouldn’t look forward to making a change, but do so at the right time and keep your security intact for the time being. Ask spirit to point you in the direction of your highest good.

There could be some good news on the homefront. Perhaps a letter or a message comes that is welcomed or something that will benefit you in some way. The good news may be concerning a spouse or family member.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Saint Francis of Assisi is stepping up to support you in matters concerning grounding yourself and getting out of your head. Try not to overthink or chew on your problems or worry about what other people think. Spend some time in nature connecting with animals if possible. They could care less about what others think of them. They live naturally and authentically according to their perfect nature.

Your Animal Guide
Leopard wants you to embrace your intuition. Watch for the opportune moment and then act decisively.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Limonite will help you ground, protect you, and control your thoughts.

Virgo Overview for October 2019
Some clarity at last! What you want isn’t always what you get. You will come to realize there are few things you have control over. One of these things you do control of is how you choose to respond to experiences that would typically create an emotional reaction.
Be prepared for situations you have faced in the past. You can accept situations as they are by not taking anything personally. Take a step back and experience conditions as a third party watching a movie rather than becoming part of the mix. Don’t allow your ego or emotions to run the show. Don’t get sucked into someone else's drama either.

Karmic relationships are key this month. Handle even the smallest subject with great care and thoughtfulness. Step back into a place of neutrality and don’t allow your past to dominate your future. The gift you will receive from this is emotional freedom from bondage that has held you back in some areas of your life. In doing so, you will be able to forge ahead into new relationships and perhaps even better health. There seems to be a correlation between health and resolving long-standing emotional issues.

Sometimes when we are feeling unwell or stuck, our bodies are pushing us to pay attention to some issue that we need to take time out to resolve. Overall, the energies of October offers the opportunity to reclaim your power through a balance of self observance and surrendering the things you have no control over to the Divine.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
John the Baptist is coming forth to assist you. He brings a message of repentance which, in this case, means giving your will to the Divine. The weight will be lifted from your shoulders when you realize and accept there is a Higher Power that has your best interest at heart.

Your Animal Guide
Penguin is stepping forward to let you know that you can handle any situation that comes your way. He has the tenacity and the ability to handle whatever comes his way. Call on him when you need that extra push to get things done or need a renewal of energy.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Quartz with Ajoite will draw karmic wounds out of your body. According to Judy Hall; the space left will be healed with unconditional love and reframe cellular memory.

Libra Overview for October 2019
Get ready for new opportunities by putting the finishing touches on any project. Get rid of anything that is not useful or that may bring your consciousness back to a place when you may have felt underappreciated, or feeling like you are not enough. Do this carefully and don’t throw out something that may be the core of your creativity.

Think Big! Doors are opening if you choose to walk through them. You are entering a fascinating time in which you may enjoy the company of new people in your life but always keep in mind those who have supported you in the past. They are essential to your success, and others will observe the grace in which you handle them. You might finally get the recognition for some skill you have acquired throughout your life.

Put your worries about finances and security in the hands of the Universe. You may feel like you are taking a big chance in stepping up but know this is your time to shine. Your ideas and words will be well received by those who need to hear.

Your intuition is spot on at this time so take a little time out of your day to reflect on any messages that may come from the Divine and those who have passed into spirit.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Vincent Van Gogh is offering support in all that you create this month. He was never a conventional person on earth and wants to help you in succeeding with your heart's desire in creative matters. Don’t accept mediocracy in effort or try to conform to others expectations of how you should proceed in life or your work. We are all artists in our souls and need to express our uniqueness and individuality. Do not allow others to censor the gifts of your soul.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Grey Wolf is stepping up to assist you as your spirit animal. He is here to offer you protection and kinship. Don’t be concerned with competing with others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chinese Red Quartz will help you find the treasures in every experience as it has shaped the person you are today. It will aid in forgiveness and help you realize that every person or situation that has crossed your path was a teacher.

 Scorpio  Overview for October 2019
New opportunities may be offered for you this month. A note of caution about jumping into a business transaction or relationship that is not a good fit for you. You may feel like you are little off-center and start reaching for a new place that feels like home to you.  There may be some endings in your life, which have you reaching out to fill the void.

You would be wise to allow the air to clear before leaping into the same type of drama with a different cast of characters. Don’t be tempted by the superficial fa├žade as you may find that under the surface lies some dark and turbulent waters.

Go inward and discover why you react in the same manner and resist the temptation to do what you have always done so you can break the chain of events. It is time to surrender to a higher power and receive what is in your highest good. Avoid anything, including alcohol, drugs, or obsessive behaviors, that will take you off the path of self-discovery. I know this can be difficult, but you are being asked to be courageous so you may make giant leaps into a new reality for yourself.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Angel Raphael is the Holy Healer and offers you shelter from the collective chaos that surrounds you. Call on him to help you stay grounded and receive the healing that is needed to transform pain into peace.

Your Animal Guide
A big Barn Owl has come forward to assist you in seeing through the darkness.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Poppy Jasper will give you the courage during self-assessment and will help you ground.

Sagittarius  Overview for October 2019
Make your health a priority this month. Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, and the right foods to support the enormous influx of energy I see coming through you this month. It almost feels like a purge is needed to push out the old and welcome the new. Sometimes these things can show up as a cold or some other ailment. The seasons are changing, and our bodies require some adjustments in the foods we eat. You have a lot going on this month and need to focus on self-care first and foremost.

There may be some unexpected events that take you by surprise. I can hear you saying, “You can’t make this stuff up!”  You may need to make adjustments or put a project on hold for a time. Know this is just a little delay and that the angels are working in the background so you can move forward when everything is in place. The angels tell me they are rewriting the script.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mother Mary comes in as The Madonna this month, which is the name used in beautiful works of art where she is portrayed with Baby Jesus. She says she will be here to support you in relinquishing the old and embracing the new. She also reminds you that sometimes it is healing to be in the presence of timeless art. All creativity is channeled through individuals by the Divine. Perhaps this is a perfect time to visit a gallery and bask in the creative energy.

Your Animal Guide
A little brown mouse steps forward and will help you find what is missing. It could be in the details. Take your time and don’t rush through important work

Your Stone or Mineral Help
Tree Agate is an environmental healer and will give feelings of safety in troubling times.

 Capricorn  Overview for October 2019
Time for an inventory. Contemplate any feelings of anger or resentment you may be harboring. You have the opportunity to release the heavy burden of bearing the weight of these feelings. You might also take a look at your past behaviors and see where you have hurt others and consider making amends or an apology for your part in these situations. It is like making a clean sweep which will allow you to move forward in a positive direction.

You have come a long way in your journey of self-awareness and growth. Just look how far you have come! I know you have unfulfilled goals, and spirit is saying that these things can happen. Be patient and kind to yourself. Be open to all possibilities because you don’t know where they may lead. Don’t get caught in narrow-minded thinking. Allow room for the Universe to bring some creative plot twists by merely going with the flow.

There is a possibility of repeating old patterns that haven’t served you well in the past. Be aware; if you don’t see another way to handle a situation or relationship, ask someone you trust for guidance, so you don’t fall into the same pit again.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
William Shakespeare has come forward to offer his guidance for you in regards to the many shifts and changes in your life. Actions occur in, but a brief second; but the memory of such acts lives on forever. Choose your course of action with your conscience.

Your Animal Guide
The Meadowlark has come forward to offer abundance and loyal companions. Call on him.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cathedral Quartz holds a link to the Akashic record where you can tap into the lessons of past lives and explanations for what you are experiencing in this life. It will connect you to your guides and teachers in the spirit world.

Aquarius  Overview for October 2019
We all, at times, feel like we have lost our compass and feel unsure of the path we are on. Sometimes we feel like we have to fake it until we make it. Instead of struggling with your purpose or fishing for a way to expand your income or visibility, you might consider just being in a conscious state of Nothingness. It is ok if you don’t know the answers to everything. Sometimes you put more pressure on yourself than you need.

Journey inward and be in the moment. Love and accept yourself as you are now and stop focusing on your insecurities or perceptions of what you are not. Let the Divine guide you into a place where you will find the perfect fit. Don’t try so hard because in doing that you will block yourself from receiving. Just surrender and allow.

Avoid getting caught up in the commercial world where those supposedly “in the know” know everything because they know nothing. You are unique, and your gifts are not something that can be mass-produced. You are part of the Collective Consciousness of the world, and no matter how small you perceive your role; know that you have a significant impact on the lives you touch.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Gautama Buddha is close to you this month and encouraging you connect with him for further instruction on how to live in the world, but not to become caught up in the desires of man. Learn how to control your life through passive integration with the power of “The One.”

Your Animal Guide
Dragonfly comes forward to offer magical transformation.

Your Stone or Mineral Help
Calcite Fairy Stone will provide a safe space to work on your spirituality. It also encourages you to connect with the earth and care for your environment.

Pisces  Overview for October 2019
No matter what you are experiencing at this time, try to see the glass half full. Don’t look for all of the pitfalls or negativity in your circumstance. Be thoughtful and pay attention to the details. It is a time to slow down a bit and take it one step at a time. You have great potential for abundance at this time, but make sure you make time to spend enjoying it with those who matter.

Be clear about what you want and how you express it as you are in a high cycle that will allow you to manifest your desires. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Now is not the time to sit on the fence or be wishy-washy, or you risk letting some opportunities to get lost by indecision and not giving enough attention to the details required.

You have been paying a lot of dues, and sometimes you don’t think you deserve more. Don’t feel obliged to stay in a situation you have outgrown or where you intuitively feel the cycle has come to a close. There is a karmic feel to some experiences in your life and to continue to serve out of gratitude or guilt will only bring in new debt caused by resentment.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
The Lords of Karma have come forward to offer you a different perspective on how you may serve. You do know all you have done in the past was no mistake, and you have been a teacher in some capacity for yourself and everyone who came across your path. You now have the opportunity to choose a new way to serve. You can always write a letter or petition to God or The Lords of Karma.

Your Animal Guide
A huge ancient Sea Turtle has come forward to offer assistance. He is quite beautiful. You are in a very creative period so don’t allow others to intrude. Spend some time in solitude and don’t rely on others to define your abilities or put limitations on your life. It is time to be more independent as this will allow you to make the choices you want and not based on pleasing others out of feeling obligated.

Your Stone or Mineral Help
Frondelite will help you organize your thoughts.

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