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Merlin Chronicles by Kay for February 2019

The Merlin Chronicles for February 2019

Happy February!

The month of all things chocolate and love. I have been eating a bit more chocolate than usual. I have a hard time resisting those beautiful red heart-shaped boxes in the grocery store.

Denver area weather has been a bit different this year, and the East Coast and Midwest are getting it particularly hard. It looks like every time I plan on cleaning up the dog yard we are hit with just enough snow that makes that impossible. All in all, I think that we have it better than most.

I have been staying busy in my world. My friend Vonnie who plays drums has been in town, and we have been going out to jam at a Blues club. It has been a long time since I have sung in clubs and re-learning old blues songs has been fun. I might continue even though it is a 40-minute drive.I also was a guest on three different radio shows on 12Radio last month.  I will be a guest on Elizabeth Lindsay’s Angel with an Edge in February.

That is just a reminder for me that when you come into this world with gifts it is there for you to have fun with and use for your own pleasure as well as others.

You can always find me in my website or on and I also have a Merlin Meditation and channeling on www.12 academy on Monday, February 4h at 6 pm Pacific time

It is only $29 you can listen from home and even if you can’t attend you can ask a question and get your channeled message on the recording. Everyone gets a message! I close the group at 12 people and it fills up fast. Here is the link to register
I also have my Merlin Meditation and Channeling at First Spiritual Science Church if you live in the Denver area. It is on the 4th Saturday of the month. February will be on the 23rd at 12 noon. It is only $20
Or message me on the form on my website

Have agreat Month!

Here are The Merlin Scopes for February 2019!

Aries Overview for February 2019
Plans may not go as expected. You may have intended to turn right, but instead made a left and ended up somewhere that you hadn’t planned; this is purely metaphorical, but I am sure you get the point. I get the name “The Universal Trickster”. Sometimes The Universe grabs the wheel and takes us in a different direction. Eventually, we look back after the fact and know why.

Issues from the past may come back to visit. Don’t allow yourself to become submerged or manipulated by these energies. I see a vision of you stumbling a bit, and almost falling into quicksand. Then I see you picking yourself up and moving onward. So you may have a momentary lapse of judgment, but you will see things as they are and avoid the trap. Do your best to forgive others and yourself. What seems like a failure may be a win for you in the long run.

If you realize you have been involved in manipulating another person, there may be a bit of guilt on your part. If so, an apology may be in order. But don’t chastise yourself unduly.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Hermes is coming forward, and I see him holding a lantern. Call on him to bring light to any situation that seems clouded or when you need to get in touch with the Divine for answers.

Your Animal Guide
A little brown and white Painted Poney is stepping forward to assist you this month. Keep things simple and appreciate the small stuff. Green grass, an open field, and the blue sky.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Barite will balance your chakras; and if your energy feels scattered, it will pull you back to center yourself.

 Taurus Overview for February 2019
I am excited for you! You have the opportunity to release false belief systems, step out of denial and reinvent a new way of living. Change is not always comfortable and the bigger the change, the more discomfort. Stepping out of what we are accustomed to may be difficult, but the rewards are great! It is a wake-up call like the alarm going off that you would prefer to ignore, but that is no longer an option.

I see the opportunity within your reach to create a lasting future that is abundant and brings happiness. The catch is that you may have to re-define what happiness and abundance mean to you. You are being guided to go within and open yourself to your Divine and ask for the answers to the tough questions. Answers will come but they may not look like answers to prayers. Be patient. Accept help when offered.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Saint Germain steps forward with his transmuting violet flame to change all that is no longer useful or working in your life into something more productive.

Your Animal Guide
A Bat came forward to support you this month. Letting go of what no longer serves you may be in the process whether you like it or not. Know that this process needs to happen so you can move forward.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Conichalcite will support your intuition and help you ground.

Gemini Overview for February 2019
Don’t let negativity steal the beautiful opportunities that are surrounding you right now. I see you taking a step into the sunshine, but a cloud appears and threatens to rain on your perfect day. These clouds may represent an inner struggle between you and your shadow and perhaps part of you holds on to guilt, blame, or feelings of unworthiness.

You may also be dealing with someone else’s situation that may pose some distractions. Pull your energy back to yourself and know you deserve all that is good and that you have paid a lot of dues. It is time to claim your spot in the sunshine.

Also, remember success on your journey is not defined by what you have but who you are. Perhaps there is someone else in your life that needs to be reminded of this and it is time to pull in the reins and stop throwing money at a situation. You can’t buy love, but you can buy dependency.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Saint Francis of Assisi is stepping forward to assist you in grounding yourself and seeing the beauty that life has to offer. He also reminds you of the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi. Look it up if you don’t already know it.

Your Animal Guide
Sea Gull will help you rise above the drama and see things from a different perspective.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Quantum Quattro will transmute energy assisting you in healing. A great stone for protection.

Cancer Overview for February 2019
Don’t allow the behavior of others to affect your thinking. In doing so, they become a focus of your emotional, mental and spiritual energy. It creates a void and becomes a distraction to your spiritual growth and everyday life. Instead, turn your attention to the positive works that you are offering and this will lift your energy.

Happiness is a choice. You can be wealthy, middle-class or poor and chose to be happy. Who are your heroes or who do you admire and why do you admire them?. Is it all about material wealth? Can you sit for a moment and be in gratitude without allowing your mind to wander into areas of judgment or ego such as feeling that you are not enough?

Meditation is vital in being able to listen to the wisdom of your higher self and the Divine. Talk less and spend time observing the messages from spirit. You can also use this in your everyday life. There is so much you will realize about yourself from the experiences shared by others. It is a moment of connecting with truth and will bring clarity into your life.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mother Mary steps forward to dispel fear and brings hope to you so that you may reflect it out into the world.

Your Animal Guide
Racoon steps forward to remind you to become an explorer this month. You may lean towards spiritual, educational, career or relationship exploration.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Stellar Beam Calcite will open your crown chakra and third eye to help you attune to the higher dimensions.

 Leo Overview for February 2019
You may be considering learning a new skill or going back to school. I see fresh new energy and creative ideas. You seem to be motivated to make some serious changes in your career or personal life and in a good space to explore and start planning your shift from one way of living to another.

Try not to get discouraged if you get some “no thank you's.” Know this is spirit’s way of herding you into the right path or direction. It is nothing personal. You don’t want to jump at the first thing that comes your way. Now is the time to prepare and test the waters.

You may also become aware of some of the commitments you must give up to allow yourself the freedom to step into the future. If you can manage it, I would suggest waiting until Spring to make a new move. If you have already let go of a situation; this is your opportunity to plan your next step. Start working through any issues that may be hindering you such as ego or hurt feelings. Let go and allow for a new and better start.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Leonardo da Vinci is here to support you. Inventor and artist! He says “live with the promise that your passion and work can be expressed as one, you don’t need to exclude or chose one over the other”. Declare this, and the Universe will hear and respond to the shift.

Your Animal Guide
Dove flies forward in peace and love. You have worked hard and have experienced and conquered hardship. It is your time to fill your spiritual well in gratitude.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Prepare a safe, creative space for yourself with a Crystal Grid. You can do this physically or also visualize this grid surrounding you. I would encourage you to read The Crystal Bible 2 by Judy Hall, to learn how to do this and what stones to choose.

Virgo Overview for February 2019
Now is a time for self-care and relaxation. Avoid saying yes to too many projects or being tempted to start something new. You already have a lot in the mix.
Fulfill what you need to at this time and no more. There is a possibility of depleting your energy, and this month is offering you time to recuperate from the chaos and discord of the past year.  Be aware of mental chatter because it can be exhausting. Slow down and keep it simple. When you get those thoughts, find a creative solution. Read a book, take up a hobby or do something else to divert your attention.

Meditate, take salt baths, watch movies and stay close to those who you know and appreciate. There may be someone dangling a carrot in front of you to follow, but this might prove to be a distraction and a disappointment. Look for the signs and your past experiences before becoming involved. Postpone these things until March when you will be able to get some clarity on what is involved.

Make decisions based on your needs and desires. Don’t allow others to persuade you into doing something that may come back to bite you later. I would also say this is not a time to confront someone until all of the facts are known. Conserve your energy and resources.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Merlin is inviting you into his cave for preparation for the next step in your spiritual journey. Don’t be preoccupied with the outside world because there is so much more offered in the cave of deep healing and knowledge.

Your Animal Guide
A big Black Bear is stepping forward offering to be your guide and protector. He provides knowledge about listening to the inherent nature of your being and how to use your “Cave Work.” Call on him.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Larimer will help you tune into spirit, help you ground, and productively distribute your energy. It is excellent for calming your mind.

Libra Overview for February 2019
Spirit wants you to know that your prayers are being answered; so do your best to move aside and allow the magic to happen in your life.

I feel an excitement in your energy field this month and get the phrase ”calculated risk.” You may be a bit apprehensive about a relationship or situation that is new to you. Trust your intuition and let it guide you.

What is meant to be yours, will be, and if it is not, you will be shown. I see you staying on top of a situation by observing many things and the people involved. You have learned to be an individual thinker and not to follow others like sheep. Keep your aura strong and bright.
Pay close attention to your eating habits and make sure that you are getting the proper nourishment to support your body, mind, and aura. I am also getting a message about balance when it comes to daily activities. Be conscious and stay in the moment! Pay attention to your steps and stay out of your head and in the moment when walking or traveling.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
I heard that old Sam Cook song “Cupid” and Venus stepped in to support the divine feminine power of love and intuition. Sometimes love can make us unaware of our intuition or make us see what we want and ignore the red flags. Always check in with your intuition when dealing with any relationship.

Your Animal Guide
Octopus will help you become flexible in all areas of your life. Physically, mentally, and psychically. Call on her!

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pearl Spa Dolomite will bring the inner balance of your spirituality in this physical form.

 Scorpio Overview for February 2019
Dreams and feeling like you are between worlds are coming to the forefront this month. You might even feel a bit dizzy from traveling through the levels of consciousness.  You are visiting levels that may seem very animated and may have strange definitions as if there is a language of their own.
You are not there by mistake. You are gathering information in creative ways that will become clearer in the future.

Whether you are getting married, forming a partnership, making health care choices or getting a new job, you will be responsible for whatever decision you make. I feel that this is a favorable decision and it will pay off, perhaps financially.

There may be contracts or a time commitment in the works. Read all the small print, ask questions and discuss this thoroughly with all who are involved. Don’t say yes until you have thought it through and gotten some advice from someone in the know.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Helena Blavatsky offers to support and council in incorporating spirituality into your daily life.

Your Animal Guide
Humming Bird has stepped forward to help you in magical transformation. Call on her when you feel a bit confused about what is happening in your world.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Carry or wear a piece of Hematite to help you stay grounded.

 Sagittarius  Overview for February 2019
Respect the rhythms of your body. Just like Mother Earth, human bodies also have seasons. Now is not the time to push through pain or ask your body to do more than it is able. There will be a time for that; but right now is not the time. When your body complains, listen and take measures to find a correction. You may need a bit of rest or a timeout to gather your energy.

 Perhaps the Universe is asking you to sit back and pay attention to what is going on around you. Doing this will help you make the proper decisions in the months to come.
I see the possibility of some collaboration in the offerings this month. Take your time and don’t rush into anything.  Send your angels out to scout out the situation for you and bring clarity.

By the end of the month, I see you connecting with your heart and all things related to love. You may have an experience that connects you to the truth and knowledge of unconditional love and all of the good stuff associated with this feeling. Perhaps this relates to a partnership with a loved one or the Divine.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mother Teresa is coming forward to assist you in knowing that you are valued and your energy is essential on this planet. She knows a lot about unconditional love.

Your Animal Guide
A Bighorn Sheep is offering assistance in reaching your goals. There will be some setbacks, but he will help you reach the top. One step at a time!

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Frondellite will help you organize your thoughts.

 Capricorn Overview for February 2019
Your message could be related to personal and or financial situations.  I see you calling back any energy that you may have given out to others who no longer need it  Perhaps they were not appreciative, and you chose to stop rewarding inappropriate behavior with your time and patience. You may have gotten yourself in a situation that needs to be re-negotiated or where you need to break ties and walk away.

There may be some chaotic energy around you but do your best to keep your composure and not feed into the negativity. See it for what it is and don’t take it personally. If you feel duped or taken advantage of, you should realize that this is a learning experience.
Make your intentions clear and then let it go. Try not to harbor and angry feelings toward yourself or others. The Sun will shine again when you take your power back and see the irony of it all!

The good news is that finances could be good this month. Take advantage of every opportunity that you have to strengthen your bank account. Avoid anything risky or get rich quick schemes.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Lakshmi is available to assist you in attracting abundance. Call on her for assistance and listen carefully to her soft voice as she has wisdom to share with you.

Your Animal Guide
A Pigeon is coming forward with messages. The messages may be related to your home, close friends, and relatives. Another message from the pigeon is in knowing that whatever you put out into the world will always come back home to you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cathedral Quartz will help you connect with the Akashic records and higher self.

Aquarius Overview for February 2019
I see you taking a long look at your life this month. The first thing I saw when I asked for your message was the scales and you weighing some things that didn’t seem to have any form and could not be explicitly named. It looked like energy. Look at relationships both personal and business and decide if you are putting in more than your share. Balance is important and beneficial right now.

Your altruistic behavior may make you feel depleted and resentful. It may be time to even things up a bit; nothing drastic; just be aware and start making small changes as they arise.
Don’t make any long term commitments or contracts right now as I see the tide changing a bit in the Spring and more suitable opportunities will be available. Perhaps you can try things out on a temporary basis this month rather than committing.

You might benefit from spending time with your community. Being with the people who resonate with your core beliefs will give you a feeling of security.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Metatron is coming forward. He says that it is time to clean house, forget the past and move forward. You are entering a new level of your journey.

Your Animal Guide
Penguin will assist you in remembering your dreams, and he reminds you that you can be at home anywhere. Meditate and take classes on reaching higher states of consciousness. Be the student even though you may already be the teacher.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Purpurite will open your Crown Chakra and help you evolve into higher states of consciousness.

 Pisces Overview for February 2019
You might be feeling a bit emotional this month. It would be beneficial if you chose to be open to participating in groups whose goals are to explore altered states of consciousness. The tender feelings are related to the development of your soul and try as you might, there is no going back. Being part of a group, whether in person or by a teleconference, will assist you in being more comfortable and graceful in this transition. Support is important and comforting.

February may prove to be a very inspirational and creative month for you. The intense emotional feelings can act as a catalyst for original work that expresses from your heart. You don’t need to be a great artist or poet to use your creativity in all parts of your life.
You always have the choice concerning how much of your soul you are willing to expose. You may be apprehensive and feel that some people may judge you, but know this attitude may be hindering your ability to attract those who will resonate with you. They won’t know what you're made of until you lay it all out on the table.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Kwan Yin is bringing her loving energy forward to assist you in loving truth concerning abundance and how it is connected to your auric field. Our aura is filled with thoughts and opinions. Learn how to work effectively with your energy field.

Your Animal Guide
A cute little Mouse has come forward to let you know that there is always enough. Not to worry. Expand and explore your talents. You may have gifts that you have never considered worth exploring that will bring rewards.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Cassiterite is connected with astrology and will help you recognize cycles.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Merlin Chronicles and Scopes for January 2019

Happy 2019!

The year has started out a bit rocky for me but I have high hopes for 2019. I am starting to get my stride. It hasn't been without a few bumps in the road. New Year's Eve was a bit rough as that was always a special time for me and my sister. When we were younger and both married or living with someone we always would talk for about an hour on the phone on New Year's Eve.
As we got older and gave up on being married we spent every New Years with each other and the dogs. We would always have a special meal and a glass of bubbly.

I continued the tradition and toasted her on her new journey on the other side. I have found that cooking for one is not much fun but I am sure that I will get the hang of it soon.
I am so lucky to be blessed with a wonderful family and a lot of friends who keep me busy.

I don't think that you need to be a psychic to know that there will be big shifts in the government this year. I predict that many things will be revealed and brought out into the light. We are preparing for something new and exciting for 2020. I see it like shoring up a dam. Some new laws and requirements will be put into place for the next POTUS. These loopholes need to be revealed.
The "Me Too" movement will get bigger and you will see changes in heads of corporations and having their feet put to the fire regarding sexual harassment rules. It simply will not be tolerated.
The trucking industry will start offering bonuses and higher pay for drivers as they must in the demand for delivering food and goods that are needed by our population. There will also be more research and a push for autonomous vehicles to deliver goods.

More everyday folks will be looking for a deeper meaning to their lives through spirituality. Meditation, alternative medicine, and energy healing will become more accepted by the masses and medicine will gain greater regard for these services. Insurance companies will be pressured to include payment for many of these modalities which may create more regulation. Mental health will have a come back as many of these facilities were disregarded in the 90s and the government and insurance companies will be pressure to create more programs and access.

You can always reach me for a reading on www.12listen.come or at my website I am also on facebook.
I will also be a guest on C.A. brooks Simple tale on January 15th at  10 Am Pacific time and on Elizabeth Lindsay's Angel With An Edge on January 30th at 11Am Pacific time.on
I am also offering a Teleconference Merlin Meditation and Channeling on Monday, January 7th at 6 pm Pacific  It is only $29 and everyone gets a channeled message! Here is the link to register

Enough of me and my stuff.

Me and my sweet Gaia dog wish you a happy 2019

Here are the Merlin Scopes
Merlin Scopes for January 2019

Aries Overview for January 2019
Don’t forget you are not alone in this world. Spirit and your higher self is in constant contact with you at all times. You only need to raise your awareness and immediately re-direct your thoughts to a higher vibration. You will realize that all is well and gain a sense of peace within your world.

You may have a desire to serve this month which puts you in perfect alignment with the greater good of yourself and the planet. Service can be small or large; the only thing that matters is your willingness to help heal a situation or an individual. A word of caution in reaching out to individuals; avoid getting caught up in someone else’s drama. Keep it clean and judgment-free otherwise you could end up becoming part of the problem.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Look to your ancestors for guidance. You don’t need to know their origin, only the connection that you have with them in your heart. Close your eyes and allow them to step forward offering spiritual guidance and solutions.
Your Animal Guide
Kangaroo is jumping forward to assist you in moving forward with plans, especially if there is a connection with abundance. Get ready to leap forward.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Goethite will keep you connected to the earth when you are doing your spiritual work. It will also clear past life ties that are not beneficial to you on your journey.

Taurus Overview for January 2019 
You may be overly sensitive to other peoples emotional energy right now which can be exhausting. Pay attention and realize this is your cue to start pulling back from the things that others can attend to themselves Also acknowledge this is part of being the connected intuitive person that you are. Just because you are intuitive and sensitive to others needs does not mean that you are required to fill those needs. You can decide how much of your energy others are allowed. All you need to do is say “no” sometimes and channel your thoughts to more productive things.

January is a beautiful time to start that vision board or whatever it is that you do to create and manifest. Perhaps you may choose to explore some new methods. I see some good things could result from a trip to the bookstore. You might pick up a book that is for entertainment purposes that will also feed your mind with endless possibilities and feel like a breath of fresh air.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Kwan Yin is stepping forward to assist you in healing yourself and others. Remember that you can request her assistance for those in need and they will receive what they need without using any of your energy. Request; step back, and allow the Divine to work.

Your Animal Guide
A little Skunk has stepped up and of all things to say; he says that you need to stop and smell the roses and pay attention to your surroundings. Many creatures get sprayed by skunks because they are not paying attention to the warnings. Look for signs and omens.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Stellar Beam Calcite will assist you in reaching higher vibrations and spiritual growth.

Gemini Overview for January 2019 
I see you sitting on a floatation device sipping on a refreshing drink and allowing the water to take you in whatever direction it is going. Success is waiting for you, but it may be to your advantage to check in with your goals. Rather than just letting the current carry you along, you have the ability to channel this energy into whatever endeavor you may choose. I see this as being your compass for your goals for the next six months.

You may be building your business, seeking a promotion, or would like to make some changes in relationships. Know that the universe is working with you. Chart your course in directions that suite you.

There may be some circumstances that feel like deja vu moments, and perhaps you begin to question your ability to choose wisely. The reason the situation keeps happening is so you can find a more effective way to respond. It may well be a past-life situation or a soul lesson that can only be played out on this physical level of consciousness. Maybe this one of the reasons you agreed to come into this incarnation. Ask your Higher-self for clues and recommendations in tying up these loose ends.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Robert Frost is stepping forward and urges you to read and meditate on his poem “The Road Not Taken.” He has many poems for you to read.

Your Animal Guide
A Dove flies forward to help you focus on your spiritual side. Spirit is calling out to assist you in reaching your highest vibration so that you may serve yourself and humanity.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Cathedral Quartz works with Akashic records and helps you understand why you have chosen many people and situations in your life.

Cancer Overview for January 2019 
Let yourself receive! Start the new year with a clean slate and set your intentions for the next twelve months. You have an opportunity to start a unique situation that will bring more opportunities to be the person that you have always sought to become. Work from the inside out. Perhaps a ceremony using music, candles, and meditation will help you reflect on how far you have come.

Don’t try to control everything and everyone in your life. Allow spirit to bring gifts of originality and new challenges. Trying to control destiny can be exhausting, and you are going to need to focus your energy on the skills that you are acquiring. Let go of judgments that block your path. Just because you have always done something in a certain way or because everyone else does it that way doesn’t mean that this will serve you on the adventures offered in the new year.

You may explore some new type of training or perhaps going back to school to provide you with insight to latent talent or a new form of thought that will be exciting and inspiring. You might also be taking something old and giving it a new spin.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Jesus of the Christ Consciousness is working with you to assist you in building a bridge to a new reality that will create a higher vibration that will reflect in everything that you aspire to do. It is magical. Call on him for counsel in all things. Even the simple stuff will take on new results.

Your Animal Guide
An American Eagle is coming forward to assist you in seeing the value in the small subtle gifts that life has to offer. Friends, family, pets, and nature come to mind.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Dalmatian Stone will help you release patterns that have worn out their welcome.

Leo Overview for January 2019 
Make yourself ready for changes in your personal and professional life. You may be getting huge downloads and inspirational ideas that have you excited about the future. The key in your success will come from working towards a happier future by accepting the joy in your life now. Make changes and plans slowly taking baby steps and using your experiences of the past to help you build a more fulfilling future.

Avoid procrastination and try not to get caught up in your head. If you think about too many things or look at it from the viewpoint of what other people think or want you may create blocks for yourself. Trust spirit, even if the guidance seems a bit unusual. There is a bigger picture, and you need to sort out the puzzle one piece at a time, so you don’t become overwhelmed.

You may expect new opportunities this year including some that you glimpsed before and thought were lost. The choice is always yours to move forward with the latest information or relationships or leave it alone. You may find an element of reinventing yourself. Try not to be so rigid as whatever you do needs to be fun so you will attract beneficial vibrations.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
When I asked for your Light being or Spirit helper, I saw a circus, and then P.T. Barnum stepped forward in all his glory with some of his famous quotes. “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” “Unless a man enters upon the vocation intended for him by nature, and best suited to his peculiar genius, he cannot succeed.” Now there is some food for thought!

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Red Fox stepped forward to assist you. Frolicking and fun will help you make the best of every situation. Never underestimate the power of joy or others who live by that motto. The fox is playful but very intelligent. Try not to be judgemental based on society’s norms. Be spontaneous.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Barite will help you find your true self and stop comparing yourself to the success or failure of others.

Virgo Overview for January 2019 
Time to re-set and evaluate where you are and who you are. Avoid making the same mistakes or trying the same approach to issues that you have encountered in the past. You know the old saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Keep this in mind this month and chose to take a different path or a new approach. You are no longer who you were in 2018. Let it go and release worn out modalities and methods.

Your life is still in the process of changing so don’t try to manipulate or guess the outcome. Stay in the present and examine your motives. You have an opportunity to go deep and gather information from your Higher Self. Feelings of helplessness often accompany change. Use this feeling to surrender and let the Divine deliver your new world.
Avoid burnout and set boundaries for yourself and others. You need some alone time or perhaps going to meditation and self-healing groups to assist you in regaining your connection with your energy on all levels.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Lakshmi is working with you this month. Let her do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to finances and love. You can use your energy to focus on aligning yourself with the Universe who wants to share fruits of true prosperity with you.

Your Animal Guide
A Red Tailed Hawk brings news from spirit. Be flexible.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Leopardskin Orbicular Jasper will help you change soul contracts.

Libra Overview for January 2019 
Be patient with yourself and others. The holidays may have been a bit overwhelming in both positive and negative directions. Either way, this is a time for rest and re-evaluation of how you plan to use your energy and gifts in the new year.

Self-care is essential whether it includes meditation, massage or a little mini vacation. You always seem to have a lot of activities and plans so choose carefully. I see you being conscious of the work that you have done in the past and applying it to your future. Let yourself receive an influx of energy in a different way than you have before.

Expect blessings from friends in the spirit world and also in your everyday physical existence. Some folks may step up to help you without being asked. For those of you who believe in dragons and Fae folk, you will be in connection with their wisdom in practical ways. Your intentions hold the key to everything. Pick a purpose in your early morning hours, and you will find that some things will merely and effortlessly fall into place especially if your idea is high minded with the intention of helping the planet in one form or another.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Merlin is holding a lantern and asking you to follow him on a sacred journey that you can access in dreams and meditation. Listen to music that will support your travels into the deep unconscious and collective mind.

Your Animal Guide
Dolphin will help you with breathwork in healing emotional ties and cutting cords to people, soul contracts and karma that needs clearing so you can move forward. Listening to ocean sounds and music associated with water will be useful.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Flint will help you in remembering your soul contracts and your purpose; It will also help you navigate changes in the Earth such as Earthquakes and such.
Scorpio Overview for January 2019
Sometimes we find some of the darkest or most humiliating experiences of our lives creeping into our conscious minds and thoughts and find our selves asking “What the hell?”  Know this is natural and normal for this leg of your journey.

You have achieved tremendous growth throughout 2018. Perhaps you did a lot of inner work or studied with a master or got a degree. The shadow is being pushed to the surface because there is no more room for it to survive in your new multi-dimensional being. Breathe through it; see a good energy healer or write these things down and release them through fire with a little ceremony if that feels right to you. Make it a celebration as you take one more step into the being that you are becoming.

Be kind and compassionate with yourself. I see you climbing a ladder and trying to force yourself up to the next rung. It is ok to relax and sit there and experience the moment. Enjoy the view before pressing on. The chances are that this is the place where you will be able to see some fantastic things about yourself.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Edgar Cayce is stepping forward to help you heal and navigate your expansion upon a new path.

Your Animal Guide
A Lion is offering assistance in claiming your power and divinity. He says that loyalty is essential on your path. To receive loyalty, you must be loyal to yourself and others.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Chalcopyrite will help you achieve a state on “nothingness” that will assist you in shedding unwanted mental influences in your meditations and connections with spirit.

Sagittarius Overview for January 2019 
Some opportunity may show up his month. It may look great, and everyone else may support this person or situation, but some things need to be revealed just like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz. You need to see what is behind the curtain. I am not saying there isn’t some merit, but you need to look inside your heart of hearts to make sure this is the right fit for you. Do your research inside and out.

Your optimistic and trusting nature is a double-edged sword when it comes to dealing with others. See things as they are and not how you would like them to be. You are a powerful magician when it comes to manifesting what you need or want so don’t be taken in by something or someone that seems too good to be true.

Trust your intuition and don’t rely on other peoples opinions. Put your ego off to the side and have a conversation with your Higher Self and Spirit. Always remember that you are in partnership with your intuition. Trust it!

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Lord Ganesha will help you cut through the B.S. so you can see your truth in all things. He will also help you remove any blocks that may be in your path.

Your Animal Guide
Armadillo is stepping up to help you set boundaries and reveal the truth. Be careful with whom you share information.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Purpurite will help you reclaim your energy. It is also a powerful protective stone.

Capricorn Overview for January 2019 
Wherever you put your thoughts and energy, you will manifest. They say that worry is like praying for what you don’t want. Keep your thoughts and words in check.
Self-care and healing your deep emotional wounds will come easily this month if allowed. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that wonderful when you are in the middle of it, but it may be a necessary component to the process that you are experiencing. Take deep breaths and sit with it as much as you can and know that change is the only way to see the fruit of new beginnings. Lean into it as much as you can bear.

You may be caring for someone else or feel a responsibility for the welfare of another. We all have our burdens and blessings to carry, and sometimes the burden of caring for another can be a gift.  Don’t take it personally if some of your efforts don’t turn out as you would like to see them. Everyone has free will and their personal, as well as collective, karmic journey.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Kwan Yin is available to assist you in supporting you through your healing journey with love and compassion. Her wise counsel will direct you to your highest good.

Your Animal Guide
A Lark has come forward to remind you that you can find happiness within yourself. Listen to your own song in your soul to find gratification.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Creedite will help you attune to higher vibrations.

Aquarius Overview for January 2019 
Don’t worry about the small stuff. Deal with one issue at a time and keep your energy focused. Expect some changes. You may not feel prepared for this, but you are in a phase of transition which you have been laying the groundwork for throughout 2018. There may be shifts in relationships but realize that when some situations or people in your life phase out, others will be filling the void.

You may be presented with a situation that requires quick thinking and decision making. You may be put to the test. It is ok to say that you don’t know. Seek answers from those you know and trust, and also trust your higher self to guide you to the best course of action.
Trust your intuition especially in the areas of health. You may make some changes in routines that are ultimately for the best. This may include diet, medications, and vitamin and herbal supplements. Rest will also help you renew and reclaim your energy.

Expect help from someone in your life. I get the word “publishing”. If you are a writer, this could mean help in finding the right venue for your work or perhaps you will see support in something published in a book or article. Also look for someone you know who may offer assistance in your personal or public life.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Ascended Master Lord Ling will help you in accepting and navigating changes in responsibilities in your life.

Your Animal Guide
A Wombat is stepping forward to help you ground and sort through some situations where you struggle with self-esteem. Wombat brings an awareness of the gifts that you have. He will help you see things on all levels beyond the third-dimensional definitions of your talents and work.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Hemimorphite will raise your vibrations which is not always a bed of roses; but essential in growth, teaching you to be responsible for your happiness.

Pisces Overview for January 2019 
Inspiration comes in a wave this month! Think big! You could be breaking new ground and have the energy and connections to bring your ideas and manifestations to the forefront this month.

I see possible collaborations with others who are like minded and flowing in the same direction as you. Be particular about who you bring into your life and set boundaries. You don’t need to feel guilty about rejecting those who are not on the same page. You have an excellent way of compassionately explaining your vision without insulting or hurting others’ feelings.

Keep your intentions pure and simple. Sift through the ideas that others bring to you and only accept those that feel like they are in harmony with your vision. I see you taking the reins, and all things will fall into place.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Queen Elizabeth I is stepping up to assist you. She always had a flair for doing things her way and didn’t follow the playbook. Call on her!

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful, feisty little Terrier is stepping up for you. Although she may be small, she is feisty! She is excellent at digging out vermin and dismissing them without making it personal. It is primal and instinct. She will assist you in weeding out what doesn’t serve your best interest.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Labradorite will increase your psychic gifts and protect your aura from negative influences.

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