Thursday, December 1, 2016

Merlin Chronicles By Kay December 2016

Hi There,

Well last month was quite a ride. The energies and emotions are still running high and many of us are on edge. I think that some folks have found lots of reasons to question or second guess their intuition or their connection to God or the Divine.

Sometimes we need to realize that when we get blindsided that there is a Divine purpose and perhaps we are not meant to see some things. Perhaps it is that wake-up call that we need from time to time. Sometimes things truly are out of our control and a higher power seems to be guiding events. This seems to be that huge shift that we all talk about but it certainly is not the way some of us thought it would be. Thinking might be the problem. We think and plan and assume and sometimes we need to let go and allow the changes to take place individually as well as on a greater scale.

I agree that we are Co-Creators but sometime we need to remember that we have to trust in that Higher Power to correct the path that we have collectively created. This is not always pleasant or to our liking. Sometimes it is shocking.
All I can say is that I am going to ride the waves the best that I can and go back to gratitude for the small things in life like a laughing baby, singing, playing with pets, a walk in the park and spending time with my family.

I wish the very highest and best for you in this season!


Enjoy the Scopes!

Merlin Scopes for December 2016 by Kay

Aries…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
December may bring a different kind of energy than what you have been experiencing in your life. I see a vision of a beautiful wave of light moving through your being. Some may experience this physically; but I also see a spiritual and emotional connection with this interesting wave of light.

This may help you create a new way of seeing what is truly important in your life. If you can see the simple beauty in life as it truly is, then you may be able to discover your definition of peace and wealth and what it means to live a successful life. It is an inside job and personal. It cannot be dictated by others or measured in dollars and cents nor in the advertisements found in a magazine.

Make time to be just a little more available to others who may need your help in one way or another. You will always have something to give even if it is only advice or letting someone know that people do care about them.

Your Light Being
Lady Portia has stepped forward to offer her assistance in creating a bridge of light between your present circumstances and new possibilities. Call on her!

Your Animal Guide
A Seagull has come forward and he is saying that what you thought yourself to be may not be what you are at all. This is an interesting vision as he lands on the water and becomes a duck.  Be open to new possibilities and new ways of seeing yourself and your skills.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Amethyst is both protective and transformative.

 Taurus…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
Do not make a big deal of things that are a result of your small insecurities. Peacefulness will come from within, once you have cleared out what can only be described as, imposing thoughts. They are imposing on your willingness to accept and believe in your own happiness. This is you being your own worst enemy.

Listen to your heart but don’t get too caught up in future plans. There may be something you need to pay attention to before moving forward on some aspect of your delivery. This could be delivering a persuasive idea or in how you expect a proposal to move forward.

I am also guided to tell you, ‘don’t get fooled again’ referencing ‘The Who’ song. This could even be a way of seeing things according to what you desire rather than how things are at the moment. The lesson is patience and persistence in moving toward an alternative way of bringing joy into your life. Watch for signs.

Your Light Being
Merlin is working with you. He keeps saying ‘Hocus Pocus’. This is what magicians say to draw the crowds’ attention away from what is really happening behind the scenes. Whether it be sleight of hand or just spending so much time trying to figure out how to do the trick; you could be fooled. Accept help that you can’t always see.

Your Animal Guide
A deer steps forward. He is a buck with a huge rack of antlers. He says he will help you take the lead on something as soon as the opportunity appears. Surround yourself with supportive gentle people.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Yellow Tourmaline will strengthen your solar plexus and support you in business affairs.

Gemini…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
It may not be wise to stumble around in the dark unless you have some important information that will help you find your way. If at all possible, wait until you can find someone in the know to assist you in this.

Resist making hasty moves just for the sake of doing something. Don’t allow others to manipulate you because they have assisted or lent a hand with your accomplishments. In other words, there may be those who would ride on your coat tails if you allow this; and they may have their own agenda and self-interest.

Sometimes you can’t make everyone happy and you may lose a few admirers as you make some long needed changes. Change can be intimidating; but unless you make some changes you will find the future slipping away from the path of your hopes and dreams.

Think about new ways of offering your service. You may feel a little burned out if you don’t change things up. I hear the word ‘expansion’.

Your Light Being
Michael Archangel will help support you in making changes. He will also help you cut ties to things that need to be released.

Your Animal Guide
A fat Mouse has stepped forward to help you. She says she does most of her work in the shadows and during the night hours. This is the time to learn how to adapt to changes. You may need to spend some time searching in the shadows to bring clarity to a situation or relationship. To know about someone, sometimes you need to find out how they think.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Rubies are great for the heart chakra and help you follow your passion.

Cancer…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
Never let anyone tell you there isn’t enough to go around. There is enough and then some! Let yourself be guided by the Angelic Kingdom and the Masters of Higher Consciousness. If you are not accustomed to working with them, then perhaps it is time to give it a try. What have you got to lose besides your fears which may or may not be real?

I see you surrounded by wings. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find a feather or two. This is a great time to be in meditation, as I am seeing a vision of your third eye chakra and crown expanding and allowing new experience and information to softly expand your consciousness.

This may sound a bit corny; but what I see this developing into looks like a halo. It is the creation of a pure channel between you and the universal intelligence. In simpler terms it is like building a bridge between your intelligence and that of a higher source. I hear a voice saying ‘All things are possible.’

Your Light Being
Jesus of the Christ Consciousness is in agreement with your vibration and is available to share patience and purity of the secrets within this month.

Your Animal Guide
An Eagle and a Hawk have stepped forward to assist you in reaching higher dimensions and seeking what you may need.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Zeolite will help you attune to higher healing vibrations.

Leo…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
You might be feeling creative and would like to spend some time on whatever it is that makes you feel that special joy in completing something that you love. This is a very healing process for you and keeps your mind actively engaged in something positive.

There are things in the world you cannot change; however, when you are immersed in a creative process making something beautiful, this allows you to be in control of one simple thing in your life. This is almost like a point of creation in many ways for you and it will lead to more feelings of success.

You might start making some slight changes in your life in small ways that will lead to a natural progression of expanding your gifts and opportunities. I see a vision of you walking on a path that seems to get wider with each step you take. You appear joyful and comfortable with this expansion!

Your Light Being
White Buffalo Calf Woman is offering guidance and creative expression in simple ways of making change. Clearing up past information that effects your boundaries and self-definition will assist you in finding your true self.

Your Animal Guide
Tiger is stepping forward to assist you in building boundaries so others expectations of who they think you are will not conflict with finding your true inner beauty and allowing your gifts to unfold and blossom. This may look a little different or out of character to others; but you are being true to who you have become.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pyrolusite will help you redesign your life. It will repel the psychic thoughts or control of others and fortify your aura.

Virgo…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
This month is going to be particularly meaningful to you. You will explore new ways of expressing life and how you see yourself participating and contributing to it. Leave yourself open for many possibilities to help yourself and eventually use this for the benefit of others.

Your world has been turned upside down a bit as you have taken off the rose colored glasses and are beginning to see people and the world around you in a totally different fashion.

Perhaps their core values are not what you thought. Perhaps yours aren’t either. Seeing others for what and who they really are is not always such a bad thing. It wakes you up! It allows you and others the freedom to be who you are and gravitate in different directions. This may cause some adjustment in your life; but this is perfect and will allow new activities and people to come forward. You’re a mutable sign.

If folks are just not who you thought they were, then perhaps you have been making untrue assumptions. Instead of assuming you know, observe and start listening. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention or saw them as you would like them to be. What you see is what you get kiddo.

Your Light Being
Saint Germain will help you transmute energies and keep your focus within the light. As long as your intentions are honorable, you will see darkness turn to light in your own personal world.

Your Animal Guide
A Caterpillar is slowly inching forward. He is a beautiful green and offers proof that all things can become transformed and beautiful.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Sapphire will calm, protect, and attract goodness into your life.

Libra…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
Remember when you were young and you wanted something so badly you just didn’t think you could stand to wait a minute more for it? There is something coming up you wished for and are ready to receive. This may be in your material existence or a gift of spirit.

This may require a surrender of something else that you have hung on to for many years. Know that in the end there is always a new beginning. The sunset is always followed by the dawn of a new day.

Accept any and all invitations; if possible, as this is a time to celebrate and know that just your presence will bring joy to those around you.

Your Light Being
Master Jesus speaks of Atlantis and the gifts as well as the destruction of character and the earth. He asks you to go into meditation and accept a crystal that holds memory for you and you alone.

Your Animal Guide
A Horse steps forward to assist you this month. He is a beautiful dapple grey stallion that will assist you in your travels, especially in your soul travels out of body during your sleeping hours. He will protect and guide you.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pink Chalcedony brings out the sweetness and creativity in word.

Scorpio…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
This is a time to practice gratitude and willingness to share your good fortune with others. There may be a special gift under the tree for you. But even if it doesn’t feel so special to you, see it as a blessing and know that your higher self, your angels, and guides have a plan for you.

Don’t try to force things to be as you would like to see them or try to bend situations or people to your will. I see a vision of you turning soil with a spade. In this you must know time and patience is required in the successful harvest.
If a new job is what you are aiming for, wait for the best offer. Don’t accept something that doesn’t fit and try to make it work just because it sounds impressive and strokes your ego. Wait until you are completely ready and the right opportunity will appear.

Your Light Being
Archangel Michael will protect and guide you. Remember his energy and help is not always warm and fuzzy. Sometimes he will give us a little slap on the hand if we choose to ignore his messages.

Your Animal Guide
Ground Hog will help you dig up what is needed to start at the beginning or the root of a study or situation. The foundation must be solid.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and will assist you in new projects as well as increasing your psychic abilities.

 Sagittarius…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
I see a vision of you standing in the center of the sun. All things in your life are about to become clearer and brought into the light. This will reveal itself not only consciously but also in your physical reality. This is coming from a dark hidden place within the subconscious and hidden deeply within your physical body. We carry all of our experiences in our body as well as in our memory. This could be seen as cell memory.

Some things may change drastically and it may feel as if this is a showdown. You may become aware of an imbalance in work or personal relationships and think it is time for a change. Perhaps there is a physical ailment that has haunted and hindered you for quite some time. A revelation around this issue may help you move in a more productive and joyful direction.

Speaking of joyful, it is also a wonderful time to have fun and allow others to host you for a change. Take some ‘me time’, even if it just means curling up with a good book and a cup of tea.

Your Light Being
Goddess Lakshmi is dancing in your energy field to bring joy and abundance to your life. Welcome her and invite her into you world.

Your Animal Guide
Zebra will help you take a bit of a break that will allow you to find a different way of approaching a problem or disagreement with someone.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Staurolite will bring you good luck.

 Capricorn…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
Life has certainly thrown you a few curves lately but know that sometimes you need to let go of the safety line and go with the flow.

Be honest with yourself and others. Now it is more important than ever. Realize you have earned some good karma in the ways you have helped others.  When you need it, some of them who are able, will be there for you. Through humility you have been guided to assist others without expecting anything in return. Your honesty may include being honest about your situation and being willing to ask for assistance when you need it. 

It may seem like you have been taking one step forward and two steps back; but this is not the case. You are building momentum to prepare you to successfully cut through the big winds that might be coming your way soon.

Your Light Being
I see a group of Angels surrounding you in a heart shape circle singing in a beautiful harmony. ‘Close your eyes and listen’ they are saying. We know what you need before you even ask.

Your Animal Guide
Platypus said he will come to remind you that you are prepared for every situation and have friends. They may be a very diverse group, but they all have one thing in common, you. He wants you to laugh more.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Boji Stone will heal energy blockages and help you ground.

 Aquarius…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
I am hearing ‘all is not what it seems’. Try not to be too attached to anything or anyone. This type of thinking will keep you in a prison of your own making. In truth, everything is of Spirit and there is no way to hold on to Spirit. It runs through you emanating through your words and actions.

That being said, this would be a perfect time to go through your house and let go of things you no longer use but hang on to just because… Delete those emails that have been sitting in your inbox. Perhaps go through your Social Media page and let go of people in your friends list that you don’t even know.
This is a way of pulling your energy back in. You may have felt a bit empathic. Believe it or not, some of these contacts and things that you hold on to may in fact be holding on to you.

Make this a thoughtful and purposeful action. I guess you could see it as a ritual, if that makes more sense to you. Give gratitude to everyone and everything you choose to release.

Your Light Being
I see a Franciscan Monk fanning a bon fire and as he turns his face to me, I recognize Saint Francis clearing and releasing. He will assist you in finding the importance in this act.

Your Animal Guide
A mother Spider comes forward to assist you in making a spiritual web to assure you will have all that you need.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Wulfenite will help you balance the positive and the negative in life.

Pisces…   Overview for the Month of December 2016
You may have some difficulty in letting go of things that are not in your best interest and almost completely out of your hands. I see a tug of war. On one end is you. On the other end is also you! It may be time to let go of one or the other. Either way you might end up with sore hands; but these too will heal with time.

You may be feeling a bit insecure and unprotected due to circumstances beyond your control. This can be an opportunity to take a look at these fears and feelings and adapt healthy ways to deal with them. You can learn to ride on top of the wave instead of allowing yourself to get sucked under and sink.
You might try making a list of your fears and challenging behaviors. Simply channel possible solutions and answers by asking your higher self for suggestions to help you grow and become stronger.

This is not a surrender to the shadow but a way to personally become a greater human being and help others too. It feels as if you are being called to assist a revolution of sorts.

Your Light Being
Ascended Master Buddha in all of his glory created a beautiful fan of great colors and vibrations. Call on him and study his wisdom.

Your Animal Guide
Elephant boldly stepped in to assist you. He has great love and compassion for you and will lift your spirits and remove all obstacles. Be aware that when you ask for him to remove all of those things that are not for your highest good he will; and you may be a bit surprised.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Merlinite is a magical stone that holds the wisdom and intelligence of many great masters.

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