Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Merlin Chronicles Message from Merlin 5/20/15

Merlin Chronicles  … May 20,2015
Hi Everyone,
I really am trying not to blame mercury retrograde but this is the 3rd time I have tried to write this without losing the entire piece.

I have been dealing with some physical inconveniences and have been a bit M.I.A. on my blog and for this I am apologize. I truly love doing this channeling.
So many people have chosen to step out of their physical bodies over the past few weeks which leaves the rest of us feeling a bit empty and wondering what our new role is in the world is and what it will look like without that person it.

 This also relates to jobs, communities, homes and other things that are now not in our lives. This has many of us looking back and reevaluating our roles and intentions for the future. Even if a person only had a small impact on your life know that there will be an effect. Maybe these losses were divinely orchestrated to be processed during the Mercury Retrograde. That is what the retrograde is all about. Looking back.

Let’s see what Merlin has to say.
There will be a bit of a shift in the nervous system leaving many of you without the appropriate words to attach to an emotion. This is just the beginning of the whole process. Your words may be a bit out of sync as your timing is off when you try to think of the come-back comment that is usually stored in an easily accessible place your short term memory.

This is a good time to set limits on stressful occupation of the desire to eliminate workings of the shadow and people associated with this. Let yourself be ruled by the divine process and don’t let yourself get too religious in setting goals around clearing space such as material and contractual objects.

I know that in this age releasing those things that no longer serve you is popular and a positive practice. You need to take time to process these things and understand how they are related to other parts of your being. Especially when there has been an emotional attachment to something. 

Be sure that you sit with some of these items or situations in meditation or prayer so you understand the attachment that you have to this this and how it may have been effecting you before you release the item. If you simply toss the item, situation or relationship that no longer brings you what you desire without knowing the true representation of this, you will remain in the shadow and control of this pattern until it is unraveled and appropriately understood.

 Only then will you be truly free. The effects may vary, including physical, emotional, spiritual, materially and in your ability to fully give and receive love.

I send you all the love and peace that you have been praying for,


I would love to include the MerlinScopes for the week but "Word" is not responding and I can not get that file. Have a look on if you want to read the Scopes.

Have a wonderful week

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