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Merlin Chronicles and Scopes By Kay Dragon week of July 6th 2020

Merlin Chronicles  by Kay Dragon  for the week of  July 6th, 2020

Fourth of July has come and gone, and I find myself looking forward to Fall already. The fireworks in my neighborhood went on all month, and my poor dog has PTSD. I got her a thunder shirt and some CBD to help calm her. It did help a little, but she would not go outside in the evening.

My roommate Fred and I watched Hamilton and tuned the speakers up load to kill some of the noise. Hamilton on Disney + is so good! So much talent and what a perfect way to spend the 4th of July.

I have been busy doing private readings. Some of the consultations have been leaning more towards spirituality, but the relationship questions always come up. With COVID 19 relationships, how we get into them, and how we stay in a relationship has changed. Some folks are desperately lonely and reaching out to websites, and others are changing the way they see their partners.  Taking a more in-depth look at one another and having difficult conversations concerning feelings and expectations. I find this fascinating, and the messages that I get from spirit are so compelling.

Well enough of what is happening in my life. Here is the MerlinScopes for the week!


Kay Dragon
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Aries  week of  July 6th, 2020
Are your intentions questionable?  Make sure that you are forthright and fairminded concerning how and who your actions and behavior will affect others. For every action, there is a reaction.

Preparation is key. Removing obstacles or themes that don't harmonize with your plans need to be disregarded. Be clear about what you want and start taking steps in the direction that will lead you to that end.

Taurus  week of  July 6th, 2020
When I tapped into the Taurus  Collective, I keep hearing the Led Zepplin song "Ramble On." Now is the time, the time is now! Enjoy where you are now. You might feel a tad restless but not ready to take flight
. Use this nervous energy productively so you will be prepared when the time comes.
I see a vision of a line tethered to the ground at one end and cuffed to your ankle, which allows you to fly, yet limits you to the end of the rope.  You might be almost at the end of your rope concerning something in your life.

Gemini  week of  July 6th, 2020
Don't get too far ahead of yourself, or you might miss opportunities or connections that can become important in days to come. Look around and do an inventory of relationships and investments. Make sure everything is fair and square. There must be a balance, or eventually, resentment settles in and takes hold, especially if you feel like you have to give more to be loved and appreciated.

Spirit shows me a book that has collected a lot of dust.  Perhaps an old book that will assist you, a journal, or something that holds wisdom for you.

Cancer  week of  July 6th, 2020
I see a vision of you circling the wagons and taking a protective posture. Perhaps not just for your protection but also for those you cherish. I am getting a lot of energy around the home front, which does not always have to be your physical home, perhaps something that represents home—a definite Home Vib.  Whatever feels like home to you might feel threatened.

Avoid getting so caught up in protecting others so much that you leave yourself open to take a hit. Enlist the help of Archangel Michael to assist you.

Leo  week of  July 6th, 2020
I see a large beautiful lion lying in the grass, relaxing and swishing his tail. He seems to be relaxed and enjoying the view around him. You might find time to pause and enjoy the view this week.

Trust your intuition when it tells you that better times are coming. I see an upgrade in the Leo level of consciousness. I hear the word "fusion" and see Albert Einstien choosing to be one of your ascended master teachers this month. He is working in the area of your Crown Chakra and central nervous system. I see energy radiating and moving perhaps like kundalini fire.

I am not about to try to explain fusion to you, but this is what I copied off of the internet.

 What is fusionFusion occurs when two light atoms bond together, or fuse, to make a heavier one. The total mass of the new atom is less than that of the two that formed it; the "missing" mass is given off as energy, as described by Albert Einstein's famous "E=mc2" equation
Meditate on how this affects you. If you are manifesting something, make sure you do so with great care and finesse.

Virgo  week of  July 6th, 2020
Do what you love and love what you do. I think you will have a busy week but also a satisfying one. You are finally pulling out of a slump and will make more strides in self-care. It is almost like you lost yourself for a while, and now you are back.
Stay with what you know and don't venture out into places that you are not familiar with, or you may be disappointed. Now is not the time to start something new or risky. Plan and allow your Higher Self to prepare you for the opportunities and activities that require more information.

Libra  week of  July 6th, 2020
Please keep it simple and don't over-complicate things. Be vigilant and prepare rather than launching something that has not reached its full development. There will be a time and place, but you would do well to gather more information or tools before moving ahead.

You have lovely integrity and are known for your ability to see both sides of a situation. You may need to make a tough choice. Tune into your Higher Self for assistance with this, and I also see that you will get some sort of sign. I see a crow on a branch outside your window.

Scorpio  week of  July 6th, 2020
The Universe wants to give you all good things, but for that to happen, you will need to eliminate some dead weight. Eliminating your need to be needed would be a good start. Sometimes you attract people that spin a good tale about being wronged by so many people in their life. Take a good look at the situation and look for patterns. Perhaps there is a reason for this situation. I know you love to stand up for the underdog, but don't become part of the problem. Some day you might become part of the tale.

You might have had some issues with broken promises or regarding a contract. Don't allow your anger to control your common sense. Please step back and give it some thought before reacting. There may be parts to this puzzle that you need to see before moving forward.

Sagittarius  week of  July 6th, 2020
You don't always have to go it alone. Ask for help when you are unsure so you can avoid mistakes that will result in setbacks. Lord Ganesh is offering support in removing obstacles, especially if you are starting a new project.

 Remember to focus your intentions on what serves the highest good to all concerned, and success will come because you will be in harmony with the Universe and have the support of the Collective Consciousness. Keep an open heart and mind. Respect ideas and input from others if this is a team effort.

Capricorn  week of  July 6th, 2020
Five planets in retrograde, and you might be one of those folks who are feeling it like the loser in a World Wrestling Smackdown! You are drifting back to places and situations you have visited before with the opportunity and wisdom to make different choices. It is time to see a situation or relationship for exactly what it is and chose to participate like you have been or change your plan of action—time to stop wishing that it will change and be realistic.

I keep hearing a song by Little Feat titled "ALL That You Dream." For you. Check out the song and lyrics.

 If you are in an uncomfortable situation, that is your queue to change or step away. Pain is a powerful motivator. Wake up and smell the fresh air.

Aquarius  week of  July 6th, 2020
Right here and now is the best place to focus on your energy.  When you get too far into the future, you become anxious and unable to see what you are creating in your life presently.

Take a moment to see where your thoughts are focused. They sure take up a lot of real estate in your head, don't they? The Universe has laid out some lovely plans for you, but keep getting in the way with your thoughts.  That kind of steals the joy of the moment.

 You are wasting precious time. Time is all we have in this experience on Earth, and how you perceive it shapes the future as well as how other people see and react to you. If you use all of your energy to focus on fear, then that is what you will be preoccupied with, and perhaps miss the beautiful gift that the Universe is preparing to drop in your lap.
Prepare for something fantastic by evaluating your thoughts and deciding if the negativity is real or just possibilities that could happen. Look for the blessings and support in your life. Celebrate, and you will attract all the good in the Universe much faster and be ready to receive and share.

Pisces  week of  July 6th, 2020
Time to give yourself a little break or a mini vacation. You don't even have to go anywhere. Just do something different than what you do every day. When I first tuned into your collective, I saw you close to water. Perhaps spending a little time near a water source will help you recharge your energy.

Yes, you do have responsibilities and perhaps a project that requires using your creativity, but this is not the time to try to push. Your spiritual, physical, and emotional well need refreshing new energy.

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