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Merlin Chronicles by Kay August 2019

Merlin Chronicles   by   Kay                      August  2019

I am happy to say that Mercury is moving out of retrograde and once again moving forward. Communications and misunderstandings have made this a difficult time. We will still be in the shadow of the retrograde for the first week or so. That means it would be beneficial to continue to handle all communications carefully. It is best not to overreact or overcorrect anything related to the heart or the ego. Mercury has been traveling through Leo and Cancer, which has made some of us overly sensitive.
If you have something to say, that might be controversial it might be best to verbalize it to that friend that you have who will always tell you the bare naked truth about how others could perceive something that you feel.
Midmonth August could be a good time to move forward on some new projects, especially if it is health-related. Try to take a couple of days to clear your schedule and have some “me” time.
I am offering a Teleconference August 5th at 6 pm pacific time. The session fills up quickly. It is recorded so you don’t have to be there live to get your channeled message.
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Here are the Merlin Scopes!


Merlin Scopes for August 2019

Aries Overview for August 2019
I see a vision of a hamster in a cage on a wheel running and running but staying in the same place. Perhaps you have been conditioned to doing the same thing over and over and not getting the results you wish. The nature of this almost feels addictive. The good news is the cage is only an illusion, and you are being guided to step off the wheel and allow the universe to guide you in a new direction.

You could be in a place of self-reflection and be able to see the adversities that you have experienced in your life are meant to make you stronger. You are in a beautiful period of opportunity to take a step in a new direction and use what you have learned to forge a new way of thinking. You may also use your wisdom to assist others and help guide them on their path. I also see the possibility of your mentoring others. Somehow this will also help you in your spiritual and emotional growth.

Perhaps you are planning on traveling this month; and if so, pay attention to all of the details, including short trips. Be a defensive driver as other folks may be lost in their thoughts and not paying attention.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
John F. Kennedy has come forward to share some wisdom with you. He takes me to one of his famous quotes. “ Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

Your Animal Guide
A Canadian Goose steps forward to offer assistance. Pay attention to your environment, and look for signs and symbols. Music is beneficial for you at this time. Don’t try to control the music; let it into your soul. Classical music is good as it is pure and doesn’t have words.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Herderite will increase your vibration and open your third eye.

Taurus Overview for August 2019
Now is not the time to push forward. Try to remain patient and allow the universe to bring together the right ingredients to create the perfect results you desire. I know you have a strong drive and would like to see some tangible results, but this may not be what is happening in a relationship or project at this time. You may even not get something that you have coveted for a while. Know this only means this is not right for you and something better will reveal itself in the future.

Use your time and energy wisely. You can plan. I even see a plan” A” and then a plan “B” that will be possible should the plan” A” not work out to your liking. Review circumstances and use the information to make better choices in the future.

You may receive some valuable information, so be sure to leave yourself open to the opinions and counsel that someone might offer. You have your ideas, and perhaps you can incorporate both; this will create a better plan of action.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Lady Liberty is stepping forward for you to support you in making choices that will allow you the most significant avenue to personal freedom on a level you have not thought possible.
Your Animal Guide
A big black and white Cow with a bell on her neck come forward to assist you in feeling nourished and cherished. There is a significant “Mother” energy she brings with her. Whether your mother has passed into spirit, never been in your life, or is currently on the planet, there is a strong message of lessons learned from your relationship with her.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Mystic Topaz, according to Judy Hall, has a very high vibration that will help you trust the universe and “being” rather than “doing”. Topaz will assist in problem-solving.

Gemini Overview for August 2019
Turn all of your hopes and dreams over to the Divine Presence of God. I see a beautiful aqua color surrounding you, and it is almost as if you are swimming in it, buoyant and carefree as you release all of your concerns to the Higher Power for manifesting. Things may not always look as you planned, but it is all good just the same. I see a smile and a bit of a giggle. Know that whatever experience you have is custom made for you.

The best way to create movement for yourself is to start sending loving intentions and prayers to others around you. Perhaps you are a prayer warrior in which case you can send out healing and abundance prayers for those in need. These may not be the people your ego tells you are the most deserving, but all the same, there is a need for you and those affected to change the energy in your lives swiftly.

You may be familiar with the “I Am Presence.” You get to call the shots as this is the God presence that lives within all of us where you can set your ego aside and expand the highest and best for all, no matter what your personal experience has been. Unconditional love is powerful, and using this principle will create Divine order for all concerned, including yourself.

You may be contemplating a physical move for yourself at this time and undecided about where you will land. Let Spirit guide you to a place that offers the most significant amount of healing and happiness for yourself. If you are selling your house at this time, it may go quickly this month.

Perhaps you are not contemplating a move in which case the movement that is needed is between your ears. Changes in thought patterns will create more understanding and improve your life in many ways.

 Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Saint Frances, so loving and kind, will assist you in finding your direction. Pay close attention to signs from nature and bring these images into meditation or visualize these to help you relax and revitalize
Your Animal Guide
A large Beaver has come forward to assist you. He is, after all, a master builder and will guide you to the proper places to visit or even a new home if you are looking. A new home can mean many things. Perhaps a healthy emotional foundation to build upon. You may also be looking for a group or job that feels like home for you. Ask him for assistance.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Nirvana Quartz will help you connect with your “I Am Presence.” It will remove any blocks to your Spiritual growth.

Cancer Overview for August 2019
Your Sacral Chakra is orange in color and associated with your creative and emotional wellbeing. If it is compromised, you may be operating from a place where your emotions are driving you or perhaps, seeking approval from others by doing all of the things that you think will help you achieve the acceptance you crave. We all desire to be loved and do our best to behave in a manner that will help us reach that goal.

You are being encouraged to do some work on your sacral chakra to help separate your authentic self from being a people pleaser. You will find a new joy in balancing and accepting your creative expression. You will learn how to use your emotions more effectively rather than letting them use you.

 Avoid allowing someone else’s negative behavior to roll downhill on to others in your life, such as family, friends, and pets.  If you have a bad day at work; check it at the door and do some sacral chakra work before you decide to share.

I see new opportunities and new beginnings this month! Joyful energy that could be coming from the new opportunities in the outer world or joy in finding those opportunities to live in pleasure internally.
Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Edgar Allan Poe is stepping forward to assist you this month. Brilliant, deep, and mysterious are the ways of the imagination in which man can process and predict his future from his present state of being. One of his famous quotes is. “It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, is a dream.”

Your Animal Guide
Pigeon has agreed to assist you at this time. He carries news and messages. Some may be concerning friends or family. Even in difficult times, stay the course with conviction.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Adamite shall be your port in the storm. No matter what is going on around you, this stone will bring you back to the center and calm the emotions. Great for communicating and the Throat Chakra.

 Leo Overview for August 2019
Spirit is directing you to do some specific breath-work. Do this two or three times a day in intervals of three deep breaths, holding the breath for seven counts, then release slowly.
The mind-body connection is more critical than ever right now. You might need a little extra help grounding as I see a bit of disconnection in your root chakra, which could result in forgetting where you put your keys or your favorite shoes. You might be lost in thought and going through your day on autopilot. It is time to get back behind the wheel.

Perhaps you believe this is not a very productive time for you, but remember, timing is everything. You are being asked to take your journey to your inner awareness and see what needs to be tended to before you can move forward. Know that this is just a period in your life when stillness is required to clear away some garbage that has accumulated from the past.

Now I hear you saying  “But, but, but”. Let go of the buts! Higher forces are influencing certain areas of your life right now in preparation for further change that will put you where you need to be — patience my friends.  Ride the wave and don’t get sucked under by the current.

Avoid getting caught up in other people’s drama. Sometimes this can be a distraction to keep us from dealing with our stuff, and the results only make the load we are carrying heavier. Just be. Just breathe.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mother Cabrini is coming forward with an invitation to solicit her assistance in all you seek to find. After all, she told the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, who only had a small pond, to turn over a rock and they would discover an abundant flowing stream. This stream still supplies water today. Perhaps she can show you the stone that will lead to your abundant flow.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful; large White Buffalo is stepping forward to assist you in faith, abundance, and manifestation. New beginnings. He tells me.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Hematite with Rutile brings deep karmic and soul cleansing. Great for soul retrieval work!

Virgo Overview for August 2019
I see a vision of you walking on a beach, and a huge wave comes ashore that goes over you but never touches your skin. You appear to be walking in a tunnel or tube. I am not familiar with the different types of waves, but this one looks like the kind that you may see in pictures with surfers, and they look like they are about to be engulfed, yet they continue to stay on their boards untouched. The interesting feature in this vision is that you are walking away. You are walking casually and sure-footed. You may not know where your destination will lead, but you are walking calmly. You could be in a period of walking away from a job, experience, behavior, attitude, belief, and headed toward a new phase in your life.

You may be stepping into a position or situation where you will share an intimate part of your journey in a way that will help others. You are naturally wired to be of service in some way or another, and this is part of what makes you feel fulfilled and whole.

Although you would prefer to to be singing in the chorus, going unnoticed, you may be put on the spot in taking a leadership role which might make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Change is inevitable, and growth only comes through change. Stagnation is not an option anymore.

I get a Cinderella feeling with this vision that shows me you are offered a glass slipper at the end of this transition. I hear the phrase” if the shoe fits; wear it.”

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Thor, the God of Thunder and Lightning, steps up in a big way for you offering protection, change, and fertility. His mighty hammer is a double-edged sword as it can be used to kill but also to revive life. He can help you sever ties or restore a situation if you call for his assistance.

Your Animal Guide
Pegasus is the child of Medusa and Poseidon. He was left orphaned and raised by the Muses at Mount Helicon. When he sticks his hoof against a mountain, streams of inspiration flow. He is offering assistance to you in matters requiring inspiration. Call on him.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Orange River Quartz will activate your Sacral Chakra to the soul star according to Judy Hall. The stone will reconnect you with your soul purpose and motivate you.

Libra Overview for August 2019
I see a lot of transformations happening with a few of the astrological signs this month, including yours. You might be in a period of surrendering to the inevitable in some relationships in your life. Don’t allow this to become too personal, and you will be able to break away with grace and ease.

A valuable lesson learned through this process is that forgiveness is critical in changing old and existing relationships. You might find that you don’t need to cut a relationship entirely but to allow it to morph into something more meaningful.  Perhaps this will not look like what you intended in the beginning; but look at the positive aspects of this evolution. I see you finding yourself in this process.

I always need to caution you about overextending yourself and making too many commitments. You are like a kid in a candy store sometimes, and you have so many fun and exciting choices! You are entering a period of much-needed self-healing and lending some of that radiant energy that you have been giving out back to yourself. Physical, emotional, and soul healing will assist you in so many ways in your life.

See yourself healing on all levels. You don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner or enlist in any healing modality to sit with yourself and visualize yourself being engulfed in a gentle light that looks and feels like the sun. You only need to use your imagination and intention.
There are possibilities of new partnerships or perhaps a reunion of some old relationships. There could be a project or purpose in mind that will help you discover your awesomeness as well as the gifts that others share.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
I have to say that some very out of the ordinary Ascended ones have been coming through to offer guidance lately. I have never gotten TV or Movie stars before… Haha. Lucille Ball is quite adamant about giving you some advice and guidance about making yourself “the first choice.” One of her quotes. “Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

Your Animal Guide
A Starling is coming forward to offer assistance in being assertive in groups without being too pushy. Your authentic voice needs to be heard to be more productive. You can be part of a group without losing yourself in the process. Call on her when needed.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Lazulite will give you self confidence and intuitive solutions for troubling issues in your life.

 Scorpio Overview for August 2019
You may be feeling a bit uncomfortable with the state of the world or perhaps the conditions in your inner circle. You cannot go back to the way things were in the past, only forward. Sometimes change can seem chaotic and have you longing for how your life used to be back in the day.  There were some exceptional core values and experiences you cherish, but know that those fundamental values still live on with you no matter what goes on in the world.

Clinging to the old ways can make a person stagnant and unwilling to evolve and take responsibility for making significant changes in life. When you came into this earthly body, you knew that there would be some turbulence and obstacles to overcome. Most of our obstacles come in the form of our willingness to make changes and evolve.

Resist getting sucked into the lower collective consciousness that professes doom and gloom. Turn your thoughts and goals toward creating a plan for how you will ride the wave using your authentic creativity. Become the Grand Marshal of a new parade leading the others to new ways of turning the tide in a new direction. Courage is called for right now.
You may not know what that looks like right now, but trust the Divine to guide you in the right direction. I see an opportunity for you to make some revisions in your Cosmic Blueprint, providing you are willing to take a leading role.

There may be some folks that don’t understand what or why you are doing this, and that is ok. Unchartered territory makes them cautious, and they may try to pull you back in line with the status quo. Choose associates carefully right now.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Call on Ascended Master Djwhal Khul to assist you in navigating and adjusting yourself into new ways of navigating changing energies and ideas of the world. Nothing can stay as it is. A new awakening is yours to embrace. He will support you when you feel a bit on edge or uncomfortable.
Your Animal Guide
Dragonfly is supporting magic and transformation in your life.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Dendritic Chalcedony will help keep you grounded in the present.

Sagittarius Overview for August 2019
Your light is shining bright this month! Like moths to a flame, others will be attracted to your warmth and optimistic nature. You can start some new projects and relationships this month and include others if you like.

Control may be an issue that you struggle with due to past relationships in which someone has tried to control you, so your only way of coping with this has been to take control of situations yourself so that you don’t become disappointed or feel suppressed.

Sagittarius needs the freedom to explore, socialize, and wander. You may have not always been the recipient of the support you deserved and desired, especially in your younger years. You may guard against someone ripping off that bandage you created to protect those wounds. The bandage was your survival tool.

You are being encouraged to let down your guard and allow others to support and collaborate with you at this time. You know the difference between someone trying to control you and someone who wants to bask in your glow and become part of your flame.
Pay attention to your feelings. There is a difference between recognizing an intuitive red flag and reacting defensively to emotions of past unpleasant experiences. If you misinterpret these things, you may deflect opportunities to give and receive friendship, fun, and love. Take a moment to sort it all out but make the best of the moment and enjoy the attention.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Archangel Chamuel is offering to give you assistance with matters of relationships and love. You don’t always need to be looking for a Soulmate or Twinflame to ask Chamuel for help. Love is in every part of our lives.

Your Animal Guide
Butterfly encourages you to become more spontaneous and allow yourself to have fun. He also speaks of transformation and change. He says to be observant of signs or messages from those who have passed into spirit. These are messages of love.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Molybdenite will help you in matters that concern recognizing and accepting your shadow. By doing this, you will be able to connect to the Divine. Accepting and loving ourselves, flawed as we are. Release feelings of unworthiness that interfere with our connection to our Higher-self. Understanding that these flaws are what makes us even more loved and desired by the Divine.

Capricorn  Overview for August 2019
A situation has come to an end. Know that it has served its purpose. Trying to continue in this present experience or state of mind is no longer positively serving you. Always recognize the upside of your experience and how you have grown through this process, and allow yourself to move forward into new fertile ground.

You are allowed to move in a new direction that will bring more satisfaction on a personal level. Things such as this cannot be measured by how much money you have or living a lifestyle supportive of being rich or famous. It is in satisfaction of living your life authentically and with a purpose that comes from an inner spark of joy.

Try to get out of the way and allow the Divine to guide and support you. The things that you are seeking need time and space to come to fruition. Take help when offered. Sometimes you tend to want to do everything yourself in some areas of your life. Don’t be afraid that someone else will steal your fire. You will get the credit due, and others may offer a supportive role that will help elevate you in directions that you never thought possible.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Arthur Conan Doyle was a brilliant man who was a doctor,  involved in politics, an advocate for justice, the author and creator of Sherlock Holmes and other publications, and also a Spiritualist and a Free Mason. He is offering you support in many ways this month. His views and wisdom of the world are diverse and vast! Ask him for assistance in any area you chose. He will help you find solutions, truth, and guide you in what actions to take. Call on him!

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Snowy White Owl is offering assistance in your life. He knows of your big dreams and will support you in areas of endurance. Movement into a new experience! Some of your work with him now may come into play in the Winter months call on him now.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Creedite will bring clarity in channeled messages from Wisdom Beings.

 Aquarius  Overview for August 2019
You may feel like you have reached a crossroads in some area of your life. I don’t see any way of being able to go back to what worked for you in the past. Try to take a little time for yourself and resist looking outward for solutions or blaming other circumstances or people for unpleasantries in life. Go inward and see what needs to change. You can’t always have things your way so perhaps take a closer look at what could be causing the hesitation in your life.

You have a fantastic opportunity as I see you working on these issues and making progress. It is like watching the Sunrise in the east slowly peaking through the trees and bringing light and love to the Earth and all that lives. You will find great joy in joy itself. Perhaps you will have a closer connection to your Higher Self and The Divine expression of God. I see you realizing and celebrating that connection in everyone and everything around you as you surrender your beliefs and patterns to the Higher Power.

You will find good connections and fun in collaborating with others this month. Have no expectations except that you are tuning into the highest form of love that connects us all. Listen carefully, and you may hear a note or hum that represents this vibration. Don’t allow thoughts of doubt or needing to have things in a specific order to interfere.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Jesus of The Christ Consciousness is coming forth to guide you with a new conscious awareness concerning abundance, love, and the true meaning of power. I see his hand reaching out to you, offering healing and life.

Your Animal Guide
A Donkey is stepping forward to help you in connecting with your true self and the basic principals of the universe according to the teachings of the Divine. Move slowly and leave your burdens of human-made ideas behind. Meditate, pray, ask for direction and above all, truth.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Pearl Spa Dolomite, according to Judy Hall, is a stone of attunement. Real spirituality in inner balance that is expressed in everyday life.

 Pisces  Overview for August 2019
I see a vision of you walking up a slippery hill carrying a bowling ball. You want to get to the top so you can get it rolling down the other side. You get about halfway up, and you slide back down to the bottom of the hill unable to reach the top. Perhaps this is a sign to put some things on pause right now and conserve your energy.

The time is not right, and you are being guided to rest at the bottom of the hill in contemplation. Sometimes these things are uncomfortable as we may need to take an inventory of ourselves, our motives, and how we can forgive ourselves and others.

There may even be some things that you were unaware of that reveal occasions when you could have offended someone else or unconsciously created hurt feelings in another. Although these were unintentional, another was affected all the same. We are all human, and in times of stress, we focus on what needs to be achieved at work or perhaps you have been required to keep confidential information which feels like a burden that you are not allowed to share. Sometimes we lash out during these times.

Be gentle with yourself during this period. Spirit is preparing you for more significant projects in the months to come. Just do what needs tending to and make time for self-care. Perhaps a massage, the beach, soaking in hot springs to help your energy and find your balance again.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
William Shakespeare is stepping forward. He tells me he offers you his condolences as you may enter a period in which you are mourning the death of some concepts or beliefs you held dear for so long. His energy is quite lovely as he has never come forward through me before. His quote, “ all that glitters is not gold” may relate to a person or ideal that you held in high esteem only to find out that there are some flaws. Also, his quote” To thy own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” He will help you process these issues.

Your Animal Guide
A Dove has come forward to assist you in spiritual renewal.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Paraiba Tourmaline will support you in having compassion for yourself and the planet.

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