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Merlin Chronicles by Kay for July 2019

Merlin Chronicles     by Kay                             July 2019
I hope you are having a wonderful Summer or season depending on where you live. I know some of you live in other parts of the world.
The energies have been pretty intense for many of you. Intense doesn't always mean stressful in a negative way. Perhaps a lot of fantastic new opportunities and people have come into your life, which has been my experience.
I took June off from writing the Scopes for some much-needed downtime. I was feeling energetically empty. Not in a negative way, just exhausted, and a need to fill my energy from my spiritual well. I went to Florida to see my Granddaughter with my daughters. We had a wonderful time. Family, fun the sun, and the ocean filled my spiritual well!
More and more musical opportunities with beautiful people keep coming my way, and I am embracing and cherishing every moment.

We have two eclipses coming up this month. A total Solar eclipse on July 2 and a new moon in Cancer. A fantastic time to begin new projects, especially in areas involving all things Cancer. Your home, nurturing, Mother energy, and intuitive. Water energy is mystical, profound, and sensitive. Try not to over-react if you or others seem a bit thin skinned. You might be wearing your heart on your sleeve and initiate deep conversations. Showing your furry little underbelly is a possibility. These energies will probably be affecting us a few days before and a few days after. Pay attention to those synchronicities and intuition.

The Lunar eclipse is on July 16th in Capricorn, which is opposite in some of the qualities that Cancer hold. Capricorn is Earthy, masculine, goal orientated. Cancer is fluid, feminine, creative and can slip through your fingers unless it has something to contain or channel all of this beautiful, intuitive action received from the Solar eclipse. You can make all of this work for you.

Receive and plan during the Solar eclipse and give it form and purpose from the  Capricorn Lunar eclipse. My guides are telling me that this can be a six-month process that you will be able to use if you focus. You might want to write on a journal, a vision board, or whatever forms of manifestation you use.

Pay attention to unusual opportunities. Just because it isn’t something that you usually do doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t say yes to something new.

Here are the Merlin Scopes for your sign in July 2019. Also, check your Rising and Moon sign using this information.

Merlin Scopes for July 2019

Aries Overview for July 2019
You might be experiencing thoughts from the past as we have Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto all in Retrograde motion this month. Your past and future are equally important, as the past holds memories that transfer into powerful tools of success and achievement in the future.

It can be a tricky process, and at times, you may need to pull yourself out of the dark side of the past. There may be some situations that didn’t turn out as well as you would have preferred. Realize this is the gift from the past that will offer an opportunity for forgiveness for yourself and others that will help you adjust an attitude or a belief that may be blocking your joy. That being said, I would also caution you to avoid getting caught up in the good old days unless you are using them constructively in the present.

Pay close attention to your emotions and how you react in situations that trigger feelings of low self-worth or defensiveness. Search your past, and you may find out the experience that created the negativity may have been misinterpreted as you review it through the lens of greater maturity. You may now have the foresight to see it differently.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mother Mary is working with you in conscious clarity, especially in matters of love. With a wave of her hand, I see her moving energy from around your ears and crown area. Call on her for clarity.

Your Animal Guide
A massive Elk has stepped forward to remind you to pace your energy for the long haul. Don’t try to do so many things in a small time frame or you might burn out.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Paraiba Tourmaline will bring harmony, light, forgiveness, and compassion.

 Taurus Overview for July 2019
You may find yourself reliving an experience involving a person or some scenario that seems so familiar, yet you can’t quite remember the circumstance. Perhaps you have never even met this person before or been in this place. Sometimes these déjà vu moments, perhaps involving other lifetimes, bring huge lessons from our past into this incarnation.
Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in the novelty of this feeling. Watch for the lessons which come in the form of red flags. Avoid giving your power away to anyone. The universe is asking you to step up and step forward in your own life and for others who may depend on you.

July is a perfect time to research, ask questions, speak up, and make sure your questions about a project or situation are thoroughly explored. Communication is a must! Don’t fall into wishful thinking or think that somehow the universe will take care of everything. Not all people see the world in the same light as you. Don’t assume they know what you need. Unless you make it very clear and concise, sitting back and allowing others to make choices for you is not wise. It may create a setback or put you in a situation where you will have to go back and tie up loose ends and may leave you feeling resentful.

Be mindful of the July Mercury Retrograde cycle compared to past retrogrades. You may want to start a retrograde journal so you can learn how to navigate these periods more effectively.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Ascended Master El Morya will serve you in working with your divine purpose. If you question where you are on your path or if you are in alignment with your soul objective, ask for his help during meditation and prayer. He tells me if someone will make the 14-day vigil of prayer and meditation before going to sleep at night that they will receive more clarity and confidence in the messages they receive from spirit. He also shows me a compass, and perhaps this denotes direction.

Your Animal Guide
When I asked who would volunteer as your spirit animal this month, a beautiful red-breasted Robin stepped forward. He has a twig in his mouth and is quite busy working on a nest with his mate. Accept something new in your life as he represents renewal and new life. If you stick with the same old things, you will get the same results.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Molybdenite will help you work in harmony with your higher self daily. The stone will also assist you in accepting yourself just as you are and letting go of the past without judgment.

Gemini Overview for July 2019
Read between the lines, whether it’s a verbal agreement or a written contract. Slow down and know you need all of the information and knowledge of how it will affect you. You might find this approach is appropriate in business and personal relationships.

You might choose to spend some time alone in nature, at the beach, in the forest, or even in your backyard. It seems as if you know you’re right on the edge of something that will powerfully affect you. Conserve your energy and if possible, do your best to avoid electronics for a set period every day. Sometimes they can make your energy a little bit wonky and unpredictable. It could be that you are highly psychically sensitive and you may have a difficult time tuning out, especially to some of the events happening in the bigger picture. Perhaps through this, you will experience a slight difference in perception of how you can have more control over your happiness and success.

I see you spending time in a gestation period gathering new information and taking care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being as you prepare for something new, a birth of some sort. Sometimes we forget that the quiet times are the foundation on which we build our success and happiness.

All things come in season, and these things can’t be rushed. Relax, enjoy, and nurture yourself. As you do this, the universe will come running forth with new ideas, opportunities, and love that will have you flying high by the end of the month.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Madame Helena Blavatsky is offering to assist you this month. She says that it is all very elementary and you would do well to take a step back. The interpretation of this message suggests going back to the beginning of your spiritual growth. Think back to when you used to spend time in contemplation and were excited about all of the possibilities.
One of her quotes states, “before the soul can see, the Harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion.”

Your Animal Guide
A little red Rooster is stepping up and offering to assist you. He symbolizes wisdom, protection, and the ability to connect with a divine. You would do well to communicate with him during meditations or when you are simply walking in nature.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
According to Judy Hall, Sichuan Quartz has a very high vibration and integrates matter and spirit. It is attuned to the White Flame and supports telepathy and clear communication with your soul and Akashic records.

Cancer Overview for July 2019
I see a vision of you throwing seeds out into the universe. Each seed contains a desire, a wish, a concentrated effort to breathe new life into old behaviors, actions, or social norms that may seem logical to you right now.

It is almost as if you are ignoring the obvious correction and wanting to take a back door approach to correct it. There may be others in your life that have made suggestions, which makes you inclined to dig your heels even deeper into the ground. Avoid cutting off your nose to spite your face or allowing your ego to make decisions for you.

Reassess the situation at hand and be open to receiving help when offered. You seem to be going back and forth between giving your power away on the one hand, and holding on so tightly that you are squeezing the life out of a relationship, concept or perhaps a business that you genuinely identify with on a personal level. Choices need to be made; you can’t have it both ways.

Pay attention to signs from the universe and your higher self. Try to remember that if you do what you did, you’ll get what you got. If a situation starts feeling too familiar, then it’s time to reevaluate the choices you have made.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
St. Francis of Assisi is stepping forward to assist you and offer guidance in all areas of your life. I see a vision of him walking forward to you, and he is engulfed in a beautiful green light, which he offers to share with you. He recognizes the fact that as humans, we need certain things to survive. He is sharing a gift of healing in the areas of abundance and finances. Bring in into your meditations and prayers.

Your Animal Guide
Grandmother Spider is here to remind you that your being is within your heart. Close your eyes and visualize your heart. Pay close attention to the beat and speak to the divine in your higher self, asking for opportunities that are in line with the vibration and rhythm of your heart.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Ice Quartz is useful for karmic healing. It will help you release emotional blocks. It will also help with patience if you are feeling anxious about why some things have not manifested in your life.
Leo Overview for July 2019
The sun will soon be in your sign, and you may start feeling its influence a bit early with the effects of the New Moon and upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses. It is all about you. After all, you are the Lion of the Pride.

Focus your energy on your own needs and trust your intuition. Others may want to help, and this is an excellent time to listen to their advice, but the overall decision is yours. Is there something you don’t want to hear or acknowledge?

Freedom is exquisite, but as you well know, it usually comes at a cost. You are at a crossroads with some behavior, situation, or relationship, and you are being asked to take a more in-depth look and perhaps set your sights in a new direction.
I hear the  Leo Collective says that only good can come from this conscious decision. You might find yourself saying “enough is enough” and shift your sight in a new direction, or the best case would be to surrender to the Universe.

You will manifest wherever your conscious mind takes you. Worry is a waste of time when you could be dreaming about success and happiness. These things may not come as you would expect, but be open to new experiences of joy and receiving. The Universe is listening and shall respond.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Albert Einstein is stepping forward to assist you this month. He shows me he was born with the ability to balance his Crown Chakra to receive creative information from the Divine with his intelligence. He has a famous quote. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world.”

Your Animal Guide
A very tall Gander ( Male Goose) is requesting to be your Spirit Animal this month. Use your skills of adaptation. He is showing me how he stretches his neck out to be able to see what is beyond the other side of the lake.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Eudialyte connects the kundalini and opens the heart chakra. It will align Earth and Spirit, according to Judy Hall, and create reorientation. It can help you grow through joy rather than pain.

Virgo Overview for July 2019
Avoid letting your mind drift into a place of lack. I am not just talking about money and possessions, but also in the areas of not feeling good enough, intelligent, talented or good looking enough, to be in the company of others, who you might see as being at the top of their game. Everyone has feelings of insecurity. The only way to deal with these thoughts is to learn to work with them. In a sense, you can change these feelings into humility, which is much different than insecurity and lack.

The answer is in not having difficulties in relationships with others, but in developing a stronger relationship with yourself, We are all connected, and you can find that thread of recognition within.  Start by recognizing feelings of insecurity and lack. Ask for help from your Higher Self, The Divine, or perhaps a good friend or counselor. Give a voice to these feelings as they are asking to be heard so you can see what this is really about and make corrections.

Retrograding Mercury tells us it is crucial to give validation and respect to situations from your past as they will still be playing a part in your future. But, you get to delegate how much energy each shall receive.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Kwan Yin is stepping forward to assist you in developing your healing abilities by consciously working with your inner voice. You have so much more power than you know.!

Your Animal Guide
A Flea has stepped forward to assist you. He may be small, but he is mighty and has sharp teeth. A powerful protector, resilient, and will help you channel your inner strength.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper

Kakortokite will build your self-confidence and attract your Soul Group. It also clears a path by allowing you to revisit Soul Contracts by making amends to those things that no longer suit your personal and the group purpose.

Libra Overview for July 2019
July would be an excellent time to take a vacation or make a conscious choice to pull yourself out of the daily race and give yourself a rest. You may have fashioned your activities in a way that suits you, but sometimes we all need something a bit different.
Just because you pull back for a short period does not mean you aren't productive. It can be useful to surrender all of those plans,  thoughts, prayers, and vision boards. Releasing the timelines we put on ourselves gives some freedom and space for the universe to interpret the best scenario for our stage of growth.

I see some sweet business and personal relationships opening up for you. Rest while you can because you will be quite busy at times. Map out days or weekends that are set aside for fun, socializing, or relaxation. I see a nature theme connected to this, which could be gardening, hiking, visiting a National Park or even a local gardening center.

 Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Archangel Raphael is offering support this month to assist you in methods of healing body, mind, and spirit. Go deep into meditation with him. He is telling me this is an opportunity for you to engage in some deep healing in areas of your life force that have been awaiting this attention for a long time. Ask for assistance from him in revealing these issues and how to heal them.

Your Animal Guide
Armadillo will help you create healthy boundaries and protection from others and your self. Before you jump in to offer help in any situation, take a moment to check in with your Angels and Higher Self to ask if you have the desire, time, energy and most importantly; what your intention or the reasoning is for volunteering.
Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Dream Quartz will help in meditation, protect you during astral travel, and will help you free yourself from behaviors that limit your growth.

Scorpio Overview for July 2019
You have the opportunity to create a new balance in relationships, past and present. It’s almost like going through Facebook and evaluating the friendships you have made. You might find yourself evaluating the relationships with people and situations to see which are productive and bearing fruit in your life. Which are positive and leading you on a healthy path. You might find yourself eliminating a few.

Perhaps some relationships need to be tended to and nourished. Sometimes we get caught up in so many contacts in our life that we give our attention to those who make the most noise rather than those who support us in the most basic and valuable ways.

I see you looking at relationships through new eyes, which alters your perspective and purpose. I would say you see situations more through your heart center rather than with your ego. 

Sometimes we look at a person or situation and ask ourselves how this serves me in meeting my needs, rather than recognizing the gifts that lie underneath the surface. It is in sharing ourselves that we begin to remember our real purpose.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mother Teresa is stepping forward to assist you in knowing the currency of love and value on a Universal Scale. You learn to receive in the art of giving.

Your Animal Guide
Lizzard will help you examine your intentions so you can understand the difference between the Ego and Love. He will also help you re-create new plans and pathways.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Limonite will help you ground to the earth and protect you while doing metaphysical work.

Sagittarius  Overview for July 2019
I see a vision of you walking a tight rope. On one side, I see the bright, positive male Yang energy and on the other is the Yin feminine energy. I see you carefully using your arms to balance yourself, so you don’t fall deeply into one side or the other. Although they may be total opposites, you need both of these to create a healthy balance in your life.

Be cautious when it comes to making rash decisions. It is always wise to take an inward inventory and try to separate your ego and emotions from your reasoning in making choices that will affect your future. Remember that we will experience both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse this month as well as multiple planets moving in retrograde motion. This is an ideal time to go back and work on all projects and tie up loose ends.

Many people consider themselves to be lightworkers sharing the light with many places and people who were previously in the dark. With that being said, we must recognize that light needs the dark, just as the dark meets the light. You don’t need to identify yourself with one or the other completely. You can be a spiritual being, who has come into this incarnation for personal and collective growth and healing. Balance is what we strive to achieve.

Pay attention to your dreams, meditations, and daydreams. These can be keys that unlock your ability to understand your part in this the shift that is happening on this planet.
Love, gratitude, and appreciation for the planet and all of her creatures and creations will assist you in remembering who you are, instead of who someone else tells you to be. You are authentic and original! Embrace this gift!

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Ascended Master Lord Hilarion will assist you in healing yourself from within. He will anchor a seed of light that will grow and expand through your entire existence. I see this affecting experiences that will serve by becoming wisdom teachings, rather than focusing on mistakes that you may have made or in ways that you have been persecuted by others. You will be able to clean house, emotionally and spiritually so that you may welcome a fresh new perspective and gratitude for the experiences in your life. Seek him out in meditation and prayer.

Your Animal Guide
A beautiful Ladybug has come forward to assist you in recognizing magic within your life. Bring her into your thoughts and pay attention to ladybug sightings.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Alexandrite is a powerful Guardian stone. It will help you connect with the wisdom and knowledge storage in the library at Alexandria. It will also help you see both sides of the situation. It will also help you strengthen your willpower.

Capricorn Overview for July 2019
Be clear when it comes to your intentions and where your attention lies. Getting too far ahead of yourself could create problems in the foundation of your work. Start focusing on the small things first, and then build upon that, especially if you are entering a new relationship or planning a new career. There will be opportunities available to you, but moving forward on these will require courage on your part. Sometimes change is a bit intimidating.

Watch out for red flags concerning getting involved in situations that have not served you well in the past. You could be inviting more drama into your life. You may be tempted by those who are living in situations that you have outgrown. Creating healthy boundaries for yourself is not selfish; it is essential to your welfare and happiness.

You don’t need to take a step backward, to feel like you belong somewhere. You are entering a period filled with tough decisions, and you are required to take responsibility for the situations that will affect you in a positive or negative direction. Make sure you are not making a victim’s choice. You can only help others if they are willing to help themselves.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
St. Joseph is offering his assistance, especially in issues concerning family or home. Perhaps you are involved with issues around selling or buying a home. Or possibly problems around a roommate or family member that you need to assist or be involved in somehow. Ask Saint Joseph for assistance.

Your Animal Guide
A Red Fox is stepping up to remind you that sometimes life requires us to be adaptable. Embrace changes and learn new ways to cope with circumstances.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Crystalline Kyanite will help you in smoothing out relationships, improving communication, and bringing harmony into your relationships. It will also help you in connecting your vocation with your soul path.

Aquarius Overview for July 2019
I see expansion happening; this could take form in your professional life, your creativity, relationships, or even perhaps the incorporation of a new family member into your life. Remember family members are not always in human form. They can come in the form of animals and for those of you who study and have been working on expanding your consciousness and spirituality, perhaps a new spirit guide.

Try not to be disappointed if others are not able to live up to your standards. Sometimes your high expectations can interfere with developments in your life as well as the progress in the growth and well-being of others. Even though you are not intentionally trying to hurt someone on an emotional level, you may leave them feeling as if they are not good enough.
Perhaps this is something you may want to explore within yourself. Have you ever been made to feel as if you are not enough? Know that you wouldn’t have the gifts, talents, and opportunities that have been coming your way if you weren’t worthy.

Communicating with others is very important at this time. Especially listening to what other people are telling you as sometimes we only hear what we want to hear and try to read between the lines.

Remember, when someone is telling you something about who they are, these things need to be taken at face value. What you see is what you get. It may not be what you want, but you must acknowledge what the truth is, and accept the reality of the situation. Someone may have great potential but lack the desire to follow through with anything. You can’t do it for them.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Mother Mary is working closely with you this month. If you choose to meditate with her, I see her sending beautiful healing energy through the palms of her hands and focusing on your heart. Focus on your heart. You may see what looks like a movie to me. Know that this movie is unique and very intimate in its content.

Your Animal Guide
A Condor is coming forward to assist you in connecting with profound wisdom. He will support and help expand your intuition. Meditate with him.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Natrolite will help you align with your light body. It is also an excellent stone for channeling.

 Pisces  Overview for July 2019
You love to be needed and to be useful to others, which makes you perfect in any position that provides any service for people, organizations, and even pets. You are very loyal, and perhaps your loyalty has been tested over the past six weeks. Sometimes it is difficult to continue giving in a situation when you don’t feel like you are receiving the respect or compensation. Balance and boundaries are essential. Everything is not always black or white. There is a grey area.

Perhaps this is a valuable time to respect the intuitive nature of your mind and body and listen when you are being guided to slow down to enable you to be more effective in everything you’re doing. Don’t allow others to ask for more than what you are prepared to give at any moment. Of course, you will get it done, but not at the expense of your energy and happiness. You need to have energy and your creative space to accomplish what you desire.

Try not to focus on the future or start thinking that you won’t be financially or emotionally prepared when something changes in your life, for example, when you retire or decide to find a new career or relationships.

Right now you are very sensitive to some of the free-floating anxiety currently invading the thoughts of a large group of people on the planet, and you may be picking some of these things up that are not yours. Trust the universe; ask for what you need, rather than focusing on what you want. I see the Universe holding a vast net under you to catch you if you fall.

Your Light Being or Spirit Helper
Pablo Picasso is stepping forth to assist you in working with your intuition and your creativity. Like any artist, creation starts with a desire to create something unique, something that will be a witness to the purity of the soul. He will help you find that within your heart.

Your Animal Guide
A Platypus has agreed to assist you this month. You are very sensitive and should pay attention to the cues that your body gives you. Make sure you do things at your own pace and don’t allow others to dictate.

Your Stone or Mineral Helper
Gaspeite is a very protective stone that will help heal you from feelings of resentment, anger, and hurt. It will cleanse and clear the liver and gallbladder.

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