Monday, November 10, 2014

MerlinScopes for the week of Nov. 9th

We are starting out the week in Colorado with a sudden change in the weather. Brrr We took the dogs for a walk this morning and by the time we got back the wind was blowing and the clouds were rolling in from the north.

Although many of us would rather have the sunny warm days there are always those who love the cold weather. I try to think of the cold weather as an opportunity to be challenged by new changes.

If you love to snow board and you live close to the mountains this is a perfect time of year for you. There are always those of us who are not into the slopes who find other ways of to deal with the winter months.

I try to think of it as a way to get closer to my divine self and learn to live with myself and those around me more effectively. After all, we spend a lot more time indoors trying to find movies and activities to share with the folks we live with during those days that keep us close to home.

The message that I am getting from spirit today is to adjust with the weather. I am seeing a field of wheat swaying back and forth with the wind. Be flexible and eat foods that are complimentary to the season that you are in. Stay focused on your feet as you ground yourself to the changes in Mother Earth. This will help you keep your balance no matter where you are.

Have a lovely week my friends


Aries… The week of November 9th

If you want to make things perfect, I would suggest that you move out of the way and allow the divine presence within to control the flow. Things may not be exactly as you would like them to be but they are moving in a more positive direction.

This is a good time to fill yourself with the spirit of giving and forgiveness. Perhaps you have some hobby of creative endeavor that has been sitting on the back burner for some time. Now is the time to bring it forward as you have the flow creation just waiting for an invite to come play with you.

Relationships need tending to right now as I am being show a vision of you looking at a garden and the plants are encouraging you to come spend time with them. This is in all areas of your life. Part of you seems to have been missing in action lately due to other projects that needed to be considered. Your presence and participation in your relationships has been missed by those who hold you ion their hearts

Saint Frances of Assisi is making his presence known in your life and he would like you to remember his Prayer of Peace and say it softly and often as your Mantra this week.

Taurus... The week of November 9th

Take a little tip from those who provide service in life. That could be your food server’s or anyone else who provides a service on a personal level. Reward those who provide you with service and you will also be rewarded. Food is especially important to you this week as you will be craving good tasting food that fills that place in your body that sometimes can be overwhelming.

I know that we are told to bless our food and this may seem redundant but this is the message that is coming through for you this week. Not only do you need to bless and give gratitude for your food but in your heart and mind but also for those who prepared and grew the food as well as the Earth and elements that made this lovely fuel for your life possible.

Food is not the only thing that you are craving. This is a week of desires and wanting sensual connections concerning touch and affection. This may be in the form of the obvious such as lovemaking or perhaps massage, a trip to the salon for a pampering or just good hugs.

Gemini... The week of November 9th

You are being reminded to center yourself and keep good boundaries this week. Sometimes it is easier to take on other people problems and join their cause than it is to work on your own stuff.

Use disgression in dealing with those who thrive on lower energies. I am not saying that they are bad people, just that they seem to get caught up in their issues which are like revolving doors. This could result in enabling unhealthy behaviors and end up being a waste of your time.

Create a harmonious connection with your divine self and make your choices based on what is best for all involved. Sometimes you just have to be brutally honest

Cancer... The week of November 9th

You finally have a bit of time to unwind from the previous six weeks of intense energies and emotions. Now I didn’t say you would have all week but probably about 3 days. You may decide to plan a time out or your body and spirit may just flat line and let you know that it is time for a bit of a rest.

There are many things and perhaps people who have been demanding your attention and now it is time for you to pull some of that attention and especially love back to your heart.

Take a few moments to yourself, especially in the morning to focus your attention on your heart and see yourself pulling some of the love you have giving out back to your heart. This does not mean that you would deny someone else of this love as this love energy lives forever. This just means that you are bringing back to you for some needed healing and nurturing. When others need it, then as much as they need will return to them.

Leo... The week of November 9th

Emotions run high this week and you seem to be having difficulties in organization. Your thoughts seem to be scattered and don’t seem to fit in with the coming and goings of the rest of the planet right now.

Take a chill pill and remember that all will happen when it is supposed to happen and you don’t have to like it but getting anger and frustration is a waste of time. If possible, go to the gym, clean house or walk it off.

You need to release these energies of they may result in high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as indigestion.. I see a vision of you trying to hold on the world and control the spin. Your arms are latched on tight and your feet are dug in. I wonder if you’ll wake up with sore shoulders. Relax, let go and allow the Universe to move forward because it will no matter how hard you try.

Virgo... The week of November 9th

I keep hearing an Aerosmith song;” Back in the Saddle Again.” Hold on because this week, everything is about to pick up. It is almost as if you have been sleeping but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You are coming out of a period that appears to me as a or a whirlpool in the middle of a great wave swirling round and round and you are in the middle of this being tossed an twirled with no other choice but to surrender. It has seemed as if you haven’t been moving at all but what you don’t realize is that the you are in the middle of a great wave that started in the middle of the sea and is now back on shore and spitting you out on solid ground miles from where you started. You shake off the water and notice that you are all shiny and renewed. Maybe even more shiny and better than before you caught this wave.

Re-group, organize and put yourself on a schedule to balance all of the activities and opportunities that will be coming forth in the next few months.

Libra... The week of November 9th

I see a vision of you petting a big black dog and you seem to be petting it against the natural direction of the way the fur grows. This seems to be uncomfortable for you as well as the dog. Even worse, you are also looking at some things that are hidden under the fur that makes you feel compelled to turn your head away and yet you continue to pet this creature in the same manner.

Your soft gentle spirit is having a bit of trouble justifying some of the thoughts and judgments that you are feeling right now. With this being said, it is perfectly normal to choose to avoid people and situations that make you feel uncomfortable or feel like it goes against your grain. Most times you can handle awkward situations and people that don’t feel in line with your way of thinking but this week you are urged to politely bow out and be selective about who you share your energy with.

I want to add a little disclaimer here as I am a huge dog lover and in no way mean this to sound as if it reflects negatively on dogs. I am just explaining to you what spirit says and shows me.

Scorpio... The week of November 9th

This is a great week in terms of assistance and support from others. Things just seem to fall into place. Pay attention to the little things. It would benefit you and others if you let loose of the reins a bit and allow another to have some control.

You can delegate to others without losing your position of power or your place in line. Everyone has their own Divine light and allowing another to shine will not take anything away from yours. In fact it will increase it. It is the simple law of gratitude and service as you open a door for someone else another door will open for you.

Be open and receptive to excellent new opportunities in your career and personal life. If you are thinking about a new job or a new way of promoting your business this is an excellent week to start putting these plans into place. Don’t discount ideas and offers to help from others.

Music plays a big part in your life this week so listen, play, sing or dance as this will only increase your affirmations and your ability to manifest wonderful things.

Sagittarius... The week of November 9th

Trust your intuition this week. Your higher self and guides are trying to get messages through to you but you have been blocking the flow lately. You hold yourself to very high and strict expectations. Much more so than you would ever ask of anyone else.

This type of thinking keeps you in your head and out of your heart. Actually it is abusive behavior when you think about it. When you are abusive to yourself you are actually being abusive to everyone in your life and beyond. Have you forgotten that we are all connected?

Try to create a bit of space for yourself and address your fears. There are changes coming up and your higher self is whispering in a sweet soft voice that only you can hear. Look inward and ask for help. This is where you will find the strength you need.

Capricorn... The week of November 9th

Take extra precautions when traveling and especially if you are driving. Your thoughts may be racing in many different directions instead of focusing on what you are doing as well as other folks on the road. This also pertains to walking and biking.

You are being urged to bring it down a notch or two and allow your body, mind and spirit to be as one again. Back off of caffeine and energy drinks as this might test your nerves and interrupt your sleep patterns.

Take some time out of your busy day to “just be” and receive the many blessings of the universe. This will assist you in manifesting blessings which could be in the form of financial rewards. Just breath in the gratitude and give thanks and trust all is well.

Aquarius... The week of November 9th

Prayers are answered as I see angels floating around you ministering to any physical or emotional problems that you or a loved one may have been experiencing in the past few weeks. I see you taking a deep breath and as you release anxieties and distress from your entire being.

Oddly enough I see many animals who have passed on into spirit around many of you. They are here to show their undying gratitude and support. In some cases forgiveness, as animals hold no grudges and only grant forgiveness from the spirit level.

Pay attention to who you share your energies with this week as some may have tendencies to drain your energy and look for any red flags of unhealthy associations that you have shared in the past.

Pisces... The week of November 9th

This has been a time of strong boundaries which can be good in some circumstances yet unfortunate in other ways. On the positive side, boundaries can help you avoid getting caught up in other people’s emotions and destructive and addictive behaviors. It can give you the grit to say ”enough is enough” and stay true to yourself.

On the flip side boundaries can show themselves as stubbornness and refusal to see or listen to the opinions and wisdom of others who wish to assist you. This may make it difficult for you to reach out for help as you don’t want to appear weak or show your vulnerability.

There are some things in life that cannot be changed or altered and the undeniable truth can be hard to swallow. It is how we handle these situations that define us and create amazing new insights and opportunities to grow and share these bits of wisdom with others.

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