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MerlinScopes for the week of Nov 23, 2014

Hello my friends,

I hope you are all in a great space and enjoying the holiday season. I know that we are all struggling with the state of the world and especially with the issue in Ferguson, Missouri.

I find myself asking, why Ferguson? There are so many other situations that seem as bad or worse and no one seems to be rioting. When I ask my Divine Presence and Master Teachers about this I am shown a scene of a group of souls in or about the year 1829. This group of souls were slaves and treated poorly as you can imagine. I see a great injustice that took place that has lingered in the consciousness of all those involved for all generations to follow.

I am also being told to expect other situations of this sort to take place over the next two years. I am showed this as little fires exploding in different areas of the country as well as something larger in The U.K., Spain, Canada and Russia just to name a few.

I am being told to tell you to turn inward to your heart which is where your divine Presence live. This will help keep you in line with your part in the unfolding of the New World. Do this when you are alone and especially when you are in groups. Remain as non judgemental as possible. Just open your heart and neither try to send or receive light. Just be that light.

Sending you love and blessings,


Here are the Scopes for the week

MerlinScopes for the week of Nov. 23rd Aries… The week of November 23rd

Don’t look at the glass and see it half empty. See it half full of blessings and know that there will be enough. Just use common sense in dealing with resources and don’t allow someone else to make all the decisions. If you allow others to make the decision and things turn out poorly then it makes it all too easy to lay blame for the outcome on someone else.

You may be tempted to see the down side of situations and of people around you this week. Try not to take your frustrations out on others even though they may not be living up to your expectations. Find ways in which you can offer a new perspective on a situation or perhaps a nonjudgmental understanding of another’s behaviors.

Taurus... The week of November 23rd

You have the opportunity this week to take a situation of a personal nature and see it through rose colored glasses. I see a vision of you holding up a beautiful kaleidoscope and turning it as you raise it to the sun. Then you turn directions and raise it towards the moon and then directly in front of you as you gaze through a big picture window in what appears to be a store front.

The message I am getting from this is that you are being given the gift of looking at situations through different colors and in a different light. Each color brings out a different emotional feeling for you and each feeling is positive. With blue you feel calm, red you feel full of energy and passion, green healthy and prosperous. The list goes on and on.

This may be a magical week for you. There may be some uncontrollable circumstances but you can color them and see them in any light you choose and make that your reality. It can see this as a positive situation and build something beautiful or you can choose to see it a less fortunate way. The choice is yours.

Gemini... The week of November 23rd

Pull yourself back to center as you might find yourself getting caught up in other people’s drama. Keep your opinions and judgments based on your experience and not what other people are telling you.

You may feel like you are being left out of some situation but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Don’t allow yourself to become envious or let others achievements or activities bruise your ego. Your part of the journey has yet to be seen and the more you focus on other people’s stuff the less likely you are to see the opportunities that will be laid out for you when the time is right.

Keep your focus on your daily physical activities and especially pay attention when you are walking and driving. You may feel like the world is spinning and lose your balance. That’s just your mind jumping to far ahead in the future and /or spinning backward into the past. Stay grounded.

Cancer... The week of November 23rd

It seems that you are in a transformational period this week. This could be in a job, a relationship or a way of seeing something that you were very passionate about. I see taking a few steps back from a situation that you would generally be in the middle of. I see everyone in the room stop to see what you are going to do as you are still standing in the doorway carefully looking over every part of the room and the activities of the people involved.

It almost looks like these people are re-modeling the room. I see you pulling a pocket watch out and as you look at it, you carefully turn around and walk in a different direction with no plan in mind or any mission.

It is almost as if you are saying this is not what I want to do right now. I don’t want a part in this play anymore. Allow some time for retrospection because something new and a bit different is just around the corner. It doesn’t mean that you are going to cut and run, rather use this experience that you have had to this point and transform it into something even more meaningful.

There may be someone in your personal or business life that is self-motivated in an aggressive manner who may try to persuade you to get involved in something that you feel a bit sketchy about. No matter how charismatic this person is I would encourage you to wait on all decisions especially involving your money.

Leo... The week of November 23rd

You may still be feeling a bit emotional and edgy this week. This is a good time to get in touch with the mind/body connection and be more realistic about your goals. There is a time for everything and now is the time for you to focus your thoughts and energies on nurturing yourself. This will help you get back in touch with your own personal connection.

It seems as if you have been in touch with everyone else’s needs but you have left your own to twist in the wind. You might hear stories of how everyone else does something or how someone’s personal journey changed their life in a meaningful way. Others may try the same thing and get good results. Remember, you are here on your own journey and you require a delicate balance that may not fit into other people’s formula for happiness. Don’t feel out of place because you don’t fit into their mold.

Finances are also in the forefront this week. Keep your finances and emotions in different compartments and don’t mix the two as one has nothing to do with the other.

Virgo... The week of November 16th

This may be difficult to hear this week but it would be to your benefit to put your own financial burdens on the back burner and see the blessings in what you have. This may remind you that sharing with others in need will bring not only the spirit of the season forward for you but also send a message to the universe that you are ready to play the “Give and Receive Game.”

When you think of it as a game it makes life more fun and removes the blocks to prosperity through charity. It doesn’t have to be money. It can also be service of time or labor or just spending time with someone.

You may be struggling with worries and feelings of lack and the only way to help your mind shift into a more prosperous state of mind is through giving as if you have more than enough to share

Libra... The week of November 23rd

Take note of your energy this week. If you feel like you need a nap or rest then give yourself the rest it needs. This is a time to slow down a bit and look back over the summer months.

You have covered a lot of ground and need a bit of time to re-generate and formulate what your next move will be. You learned a lot over the past year and have some wisdom to share with others. I see the possibility of younger people or those who could benefit from some of your wisdom. Others will be attracted to your sweet Libra energy. If you are single this may be a good time you to meet someone who is on the same vibration as you.

Scorpio... The week of November 23rd

Ask yourself if you are keeping your integrity concerning someone that you have had dealings with in the past. Don’t let your ego give way to obsessive thinking and acting out of character.

Avoid letting yourself get pulled into a situation. Don’t get lost in someone else’s world of woe. If you want to be of assistance to them or help them, I would use caution in what you say as anything you say may be used as a weapon or some form of support for this person. This may not reflect favorably on you. Ask you guides and higher self to alert you to any yellow or red flags that you need to see. Chances are that you are not getting the whole story.

Go easy on your body. You may be having some aches and pains. Be gentle and use salt water baths, oils and scented candles to help ease the aches away.

Sagittarius... The week of November 23rd

What’s the harm in asking? Instead of sitting back and hoping or simmering under a strained smile just ask! If you deserve a raise, say so. If you need more help around the house or on a project, say something.

Your cheerful day to day attitude hides so many disappointments and sadly somewhere in your mind, you believe that this is all you deserve. Eventually the lid will blow off and you may do something that makes you seem passive aggressive. Then you will feel guilty and try to do too much to patch things up and the cycle will start again. Sound familiar?

Expect a fun filled holiday and surround yourself with those people and things you love the most. You need lots of hugs right now.

Capricorn... The week of November 23rd

I keep hearing the Christmas song”Joy to the World.” It seems that you are already in the holiday mood. This is a good week to accept invitations especially to go to places where you have the possibility of meeting new people.

You may have the opportunity to meet someone new in your life that has a message or that might open new doors for you. I am hearing that this could be in the areas of finances or communication.

Be open to hearing about opportunities with unusual people but always take your time before jumping into anything. Don’t sign anything until you have all of your questions answered I am seeing small print written in red ink.

Aquarius... The week of November 23rd

Open your crown chakra and listen to the information that your guides and teachers are giving to you. I can see this lovely communication and it feels so sweet and intimate. There may even be some messages from those who have passed over coming to give you news and getting information from you as well.

You may feel like things are moving slowly. You are correct and this is as it should be. I am being shown your aura and your crown chakra again. I see a large down load of information and energy passing through your energetic and physical body.

There may be some headaches and sinus issues as old energy is moved out and pushed through your field. Use a humidifier if you live in dry environments and try to breathe the moist air outside if you live near an ocean or lake.

Pisces… The week of November 23rd

Oh yes, it has been a long strange trip for sure. There has been some movement in your energy that may feel uncomfortable emotionally and physically.It is almost like sand shifting and resettling in new areas of your life.

Are you recovering from a stressful or disappointing situation? There may be some residue holding space in your cells and auric field. Drink lots of water and exercise if possible. The holodays may leave you feeling a bit sensitive. Reach out to those who know and understand you.

There is however, a memory of a powerful alliance that may be felt and tuned into on the inner most levels of your heart.

You are being guided to breathe in and raise your vibration to the highest and best of life and all of its offerings. When you breathe out let it be gratitude for all that you have and for all of your experiences. Repeat to yourself,”I am ready to allow life to take me to the next step.” As you surrender a feeling of completion fills your heart and you slowly start to build a new from the ashes.

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